Skadigav Events (season 1: 1+)

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Return to Skadigav - Where All Paths Meet

Session 1: A Trouble with Water (19 Suka 571)

• Much of the city goes to the town plaza to attend an announcement by the mayor. He tells the people that a saboteur has struck and damaged the water supply, which is a danger in the dry season. He offers a reward for anyone that can find and capture the perpetrator.

• Lanissa, a local cleric of Arsuranyodel, begins to move through the crowd guided by her deity looking for those that might help. She is drawn to Valentino, Kain, and a halfling.

• Lanissa convinces the others that they should help find the saboteur. They agree to go with her. After discussions, they head to the cisterns on the western edge of the city, a decision that is helped by Lanissa's divination. Once there, with the help of Kain's strength and Larrisa's parasol, they are able to descend into one of them. Val can't climb down himself, so Kain carries him. The halfling nearly falls to his death, but hangs on to the ladder.

• At the bottom, the two sees a glowing creature and are confronted by a lava mephit.

Session 2: Who Benefits (19 Suka 571)

• The halfling runs out of the cistern and flees. Nearby, two others hoping to collect the reward sense the chance to claim it a rush over. Fet, an Nipit rogue and Sliv, a Tyrog monk. They reach the cistern and descend as they hear the sound of battle.

• In the cistern, Val and Kain engage the creature, which belches fire and flies to attack them. Sliv drops into the fray and despite the pain, smashes and bites the creature. Fet tries to hang from the ladder and fire his arrow, but can't quite do both at the same time. The three finally overwhelm the mephit and it fades away.

• The group climbs out of the cistern and introduces themselves. Lanissa thanks and congratulates them, but says there is more to do, as that creature could not have planned this on its own. Thinking about who would benefit from a lack of water, the group decides to look around for places selling water and drinks.

• After investigates and looking around for hours, the group decides to go to a tavern called Luder's. At the tavern, they meet a entertainer and ask the bartender for drinks and what the cost is. Fet finally discovers that they are selling barrels of water out of the back of the tavern, a suspicious act.

Session 3: Under New Management (55 Suka 571 to 56 Suka 571)

• Ulfric arrives in the city looking for work, led there by a band of Pale Gnome travelers.

• Once in the city, he goes to Luder's, and meets the new owner Gopal who offers him work watching a shipment. Gopal arranges that he will travel with his nephew and Valentino the next day to guard several wagons.

• Meeting the next morning, the three head east along the road at double time. They come across the two wagons and set a trap for the bandits.

Session 4: Hired to Stop the Bandits (56 Suka 571 to 58 Suka 571)

• Val and Ulfric spring their trap, but are quickly defeated by the bandits. Only the compassion of the wagon drivers saves their lives and they are returned to the city.

• After the failed attempt to trap the bandits, the mayor gathers a force to go and find them. He puts a young local noble names Chad in charge of the group which consists of Ulfric and the four that stopped the saboteur from destroying more water.

• The group makes a plan and heads west with a wagon. After traveling to the area where the bandits have struck, they leave three to hide and move out farther. Making their way back, with Val disguised and Kain hidden, they camp not far from where wagons have been attacked before.

• While they sleep, Ulfric is attacked by a beast and the others must rush to his rescue.

Session 5: Two Encounters for the Price of One (58 Suka 571 to 59 Suka 571)

• The beast knocks out Ulfric in a dash to get to the others near the wagon, but not before Ulfric slashes it on its way by him. The other rain down bolts, arrows, and fire as it charge the wagon. Chad jumps down to meet it in combat, but falls on his face. Sliv charges in to wrestle the beast, slapping, punching, and biting it. Val burns it again and again. Kain joins the battle and finally, the beast retreats as it is surrounded by foes. Sliv gives chase and the others fire bolts and arrows knocking it to the ground. Fet approaches looking to finish it off and skin it, but it lunges and drives him back. Again, Sliv charges in unafraid and after delivering a thunderous blow to its head, bites down on its neck and kills it.

• They heal Ulfric, who skins the beast. They all rest and camp for the night. When they wake, they set their plan in motion again. With Fet going from tree to tree, Sliv stalking to the north and Ulfric to the south, the wagon makes its way along the road. Kain is hidden in the wagon, while an illusioned Val and Chad drive it. After several miles, the bandits attack. One manages to sneak close to the wagon on their camouflaged, long legged mounts and throw a spear wounding Val. He responds with a ball of ire from his wand which sends the mount running and the halfling hiding into the grass.

• Chad and Kain climb down and give chase but fall into a trap as four others surround them once the are in the grass. Riding around, slinging stones and attacking with spears, the bandits attack. Val is knocked out by stones. The paladins go back to back and fight off the others, nearing beheading one and wounding another before they flee. Sliv, who had been hiding in the grass, knocks out and captures the first one that fled. The group gathers itself at the wagon and returns to Skahdigav.

• Once they return, the group sends for Ronit. He arrives, congratulates them and tells them the mayor will arrange for them all to get their payments as agreed upon. He takes the wagon and the captured bandit. The group quickly heads to the veiled market where Chad is able to find a buyer for the skin of the beast.

Session 6: To End that Bandit Threat (59 Suka 571 to 62 Suka 571)

• With their new coin, the group decides to rest for a day and spend their earnings. Val goes to meet up with a gnome arcane crafter named Egnpo to blend his wand into his newly found spear. Chad asks his family to help him have armor made, and they agree, but it will take time. Fet continues his search. Kain goes to visit Many Paths, the temple of Tommimao. Sliv goes with him. At the temple, he is able to negotiate for a warhorse, thanks to the reputation he and his master have with the cleric of the temple, Panjay.

• The group again dines with the mayor, who tells them what the halfling bandit revealed about his accomplices and their hideout. The mayor asks the group if they would be interested in going and getting the bandits. They agree, and after some debate, decide to take on a tracker to help them find the hideout; instead of some hounds. Val returns to the crafter to get his spear wand and has Chad go with him. Unfortunately, Egnpo does not like nobles and the interaction does not go well. Val has equally poor luck when he goes to the temple of Tommimao to get a horse, as Panjay will not tolerate a Warlock of The Tyrant at his temple. Val is able to buy a riding horse at another location.

• The group meets Ronit and the tracker right outside of the city and they begin they search for the bandit hideout. They head out, with the tracker in the lead, followed stealthily by Fet. After a few hours, the tracker finds the hideout. The group sends him to find the entrance, which he does. They decide to wait until nightfall to go and get the bandits. When night comes, they come over to the entrance, a cave in the grasslands, and move closer. The plan is going well, with Val providing an illusion to distract the guard when they make noise. Sliv is able to wrestle the guard on duty to the ground and quiet him. But before he knocks that guard out, Chad and Kain grow impatient and move in for the cave.

• Making a lot of noise, the others are alerted and rush to the cave mouth. A fight begins, with Sliv still in the grass grappling one guard. The fight is going their way until a ominous song is played from the cave. A violin playing human steps out and the music drives away everyone but Sliv. Finally, Sliv knocks out the halfling in time to be surrounded by four halflings and the human. They begin to overwhelm him when the human is hit by an arrow and the song is disrupted. He flees and they others return to surrendering halflings. The group debates, but finally decides to let them live.

Session 7: Different Paths to Gain Followers (72 Suka 571)

• Returning to the city after distributing what they collected from the Bandits, the group takes them to the mayor, who has them put in custody. They are paid for their services and spend a month doing a variety of things on their own. Kain helps the poor of the city and gains a reputation for his good deeds. Val convinces and forces citizens into his service while summoning an imp familiar. Sliv performs, using his new found celebrity to bring in an audience. Ulfric leaves the city. Fet goes into hiding. Chad returns to his family, earning them more prestige.

• A month after they return, Val finds that one of his gang, Gloaver, is missing. He begins to search for him and enlists the help of Kain. Kain, who is followed by an adoring young halfling named Aaron, agrees to help. He goes to the people of the city he has helped and they spread out to search for the missing human. A milkmaid says she saw him leave the city early in the morning. Getting their mounts, Kain and Val race off into the fields to find him. Several hours later they see two men moving away from the city. They call out and charge forward. One of the two draws his bow to attack.

• Arrows come in at both of them, hurting Val but bouncing off Kain's armor. Val falls to the ground as he tries to avoid the arrows and returns fire with an eldritch blast. Kain races forward, leaping from his horse, but his foot gets caught in the saddle and he too tumbles to the ground.

Session 8: Different Paths to Gain Followers (72 Suka 571 to 74 Suka 571)

• Val hides in the grass while he sends his Imp to watch over their attacker, who fires an arrow an at illusion of Val, destroying it, and then an arrow at Aaron the halfling who is still on the horse. Kain uses the magic of his shield to draw the arrow to him and takes a glancing shot. Rising to his feat, Kain moves in and nearly kills the attacker with a mighty smite. He falls back and rolls into the grass hiding. The Imp gives chase and locates him for the others, who pursue. Kain knocks him out and ties binds him with rope. Once everyone has gathered, Kain heals Gloaver and then the attacker to question him. The attacker quickly tries to escape again and its takes a rolling brawl and the warhorse to keep him pinned. They collect him and head back to the city.

• At the edge of the city, they question him and after agreeing to release him if he tells them why, they let the attacker go. He tells them that he was paid by the gnomish enchanted Egnpo to kill Val. The group agrees that after resting for a night, they will go and confront Egnpo. The next day, the go to the market and shop and plan more before deciding to wait until the following morning and to go with a group including the halfling Aaron and two of Val's gang. Kain trades the magic pin he had found for a magic longsword. He gives Aaron the coin he got from their attacker, who gave they the name Palon.

• The next morning, five and the Imp go to Egnpo's. They knock and question him only to learn that it wasn't him at all. The Imp, who had followed the attacker through the night, said that he had ended up at the Temple of Many Paths. Egnpo agrees to look into it and tells them to come back the next day.

Session 9: Enemies, Friends, or Something in Between (74 Suka 571 to 78 Suka 571)

• When the group returns the next day, Egnpo tells them that he is confident that Panjay the cleric, or at least someone from the Temple of Many Paths had Palon kidnap Gloaver. With that information, Kain and Val plan to confront the cleric.

• They gather Aaron, and several of Val's gang members to go to the temple. Marko, Rizla, and Tichel all join them. Getting to the temple, Demiurgus the imp scouts from above while Aaron climbs to the top. Seeing no one around, the gang surrounds the building while Kain and Val go to the front door. After knocking, Kain enters followed by Val, who is struck down by pain. The sound brings Panjay from upstairs to investigate. He see Kain, and then Val. He goes over to Val and begins to talk to him. Val gains control of his body and lashes out at Panjay, stabbing him. Kain intervenes and stops more bloodshed.

• An angry conversation begins and Panjay admits to having sent Palon out to kidnap Gloaver to test Val. Val wants Kain to arrest to attack Panjay, but he refuses. After more debate, Panjay offers to leave Val alone if he can prove that he is not as bad as suspected. He offers him the chance to free several Pale Gnomes from servitude to some hunters. If successful, Panjay will leave Val to live in the city at peace. They agree and Kain blesses the deal.

• The group prepares for the day before making their way on to the road. Only Aaron accompanies them. After two days of travel, the begin to search the forest where the hunters and halfling are supposed to be. They find several camp sites, and use the third to rest for the night. While Demiurgus searches, they sleep and watch the camp. Shortly after midnight, a rabid large raccoon creature attacks Kain, surprising them in the night.

• Kain fights to keep the beast off of him while smiting it again and again. Aaron sneaks in, stabbing it from the side. Val tries several times before successfully breaking the beasts leg with an eldritch bolt. Even Cora the horse kicks it for good measure before it flees. Val mounts Cora and gives chase, killing the beast.

Session 10: Getting Found Finding the Hunters and Gnomes (78 Suka 571 to 82 Suka 571)

• Val decides to keep the beast, called a Toodadni. He manages to keep it on Celemon tied up and fed. After resting, the group is told in the morning by Demiurgus that the camp with the gnomes is several hours away. Kain charges off in that direction, leaving Val to slowly follow.

• Separately, they make their way. Kain goes too far, nearly dies falling out of a tree, and makes his way back, spreading out Aaron and Cora to look. Val is set upon by a hunter, who questions why he has a Toodadni. Val surprises the hunter by attacking, and he and Demiurgus make quick work of the man, although he yells out before dying. The cry brings another hunter, who Val and Demiurgus also kill, amazingly without magic. Kain arrives to find two dead hunters. Demiurgus directs him to the camp and the split up again.

• Again, a hunter finds Val. This time it is the hunter who surprises Val, who runs after a frightened Celemon while Demirugus manages to drive off the hunter.

• Kain finds the gnomes tied up, but before freeing them he is attacked with magic. He sees a Riverman and chases he, dodges spells as he does. After several rounds of chasing and fighting, the spellcaster gives up and he free the gnomes.

• They return to the city, where the gnomes are given to Panjay, who agrees to allow Va to live freely in the city. He also takes the hunter into custody.