Sons of Palumbton - Season 1: sessions 1-11

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Session 1:  What the Tide Washed In (26 Mafeeti 779 to 30

Mafeeti 779)

  • Malek discovers a dwarf clutching a sword on the beach on evening.  He tells Koth and they take him to Koth's home to rest.

  • When the dwarf awakens, he says that his name is Daane and that he and another slave, a Sandoo named Rhyssh, escaped from a slaving ship.  He doesn't know what became of the Sandoo.

  • Malek and Koth ask Ward for help.  Ward, who is bored, agrees.

  • Malek and Koth go to Barry, a young cleric of <a href="../Counsil%20Deities/Tfop.htm"> Tfop</a> who is a friend, and ask him to care for Daane while they locate the Sandoo.

  • They find that the Sandoo is being held by the town guards until a group can arrive from Palumbton to take him away.

  • Koth goes to his father for advice.  His father tells him that the group from Palumbton will most likely kill the Sandoo, and the dwarf is they find him.  He says the only way to save them is to get they out of North Palumbton.

  • While Daane recovers, they plan an escape.


Session 2:  Running Away From Home (1 Napay 779 to 5 Napay 779)

  • The night before the group from Palumbton is set to arrive, Koth and company attempt to rescue Rhyssh.  They lore one of the three guards out of the building he is being kept in and knock him out.  The other two come out and fight with creatures Malek has summoned while Ward and Daane free Rhyssh.

  • With Rhyssh freed, the six go to Koth's home.  Koth's father gives them some advice, and when the guards come to Koth's home, he delays them until Koth and others and get away.  They flee towards nearby Mount Fury.


Session 3:  A Huntsman, A Grovetender, and A Flamemaster (6 Napay 779 to 10 Napay 779)

  • The group reaches Mount Fury and begins the long trip around it.  Before they can clear the mountain, they are caught by a Huntsman named Scain from Palumbton.  They manage to fight Scain off after killing his Vass apprentice.

  • As they continue their journey wounded, they are attacked by two Ettin.  While they are able to survive the attack and learn of the existence of a cleric of <a href="../Counsil%20Deities/Habastly.htm"> Habastly</a> in the mountain, they are also badly wounded.

  • They find a cave which they believe to be the home of the cleric of Habastly, but is actually the home of Gainer, a Flamemaster of <a href="../Counsil%20Deities/Sutyr.htm"> Sutyr</a>.  He tricks them into coming in and almost captures them all.  Daane stays behind to give the others time to escape, but is captured.

  • The others watch as a Daane is taken to a cave in the mountain.  While they are deciding what to do, a human approaches them from high on the mountain and bids them come with him.  He is Mortin, the cleric of <a href="../Counsil%20Deities/Habastly.htm"> Habastly</a> and <a href="../Prestige%20Classes/Grovetender.htm"> Grovetender</a> for the area.  He offers them healing and a place to rest.  They agree.

  • The next day they return to near Gainer's cave to plan a rescue.


Session 4:  Become the Hunter (10 Napay 779 to 13 Napay 779)

  • As the group watches the cave, they see Scain and some others approach.  Rhyssh discovers that Gainer is going to sell Daane to Scain.

  • They plan to attack Scain after he leaves Gainer's cave.

  • As they are trailing Scain, they notice some Ettins not to far away.  Rhyssh is able to lore the Ettins near and then trick them into attacking Scain.

  • During the battle, the group rescues Daane and leaves.

  • After the battle, they rest with and thank Mortin.  He suggests they go east, to the city of Habastalai, home of his religion.  The group agrees and leaves.


Session 5:  Habastalai to the East (13 Napay 779 to 23 Napay 779)

  • While traveling east through the rough lands around Mount Fury, the group encounters many Ettin as well as several other dangerous creatures.  Some they run from, some they fight.  They recognize the Ettin that had captured Daane, and try to track him down.


Session 6:  Tracking Basics (24 Napay 779 to 29 Napay 779)

  • They find that the Ettin comes from a tribe of hundreds that lives on the base of Mount Fury.  Rhyssh discovers that they are trying to perform some great summoning ritual.  Partially for revenge and partially to stop the summoning of what the group assumes is a dangerous creature, they plan to attack.  After days of reconnaissance, they find a tribal leader.

  • They send for the Mortin to help them.


Session 7:  Double the Prophet (30 Napay 779 to 24 Progonust 779)

  • They begin their assault at midnight.  Malek's summoned creatures and Mortin's called lightning cause mass confusion, while Rhyssh's arrows come from all directions from outside the village.  The Ettins are confused and disorganized.  Koth, Daane, Malek, and Ward rush towards the home of the leader.

  • Reaching the leader's home, they charge inside and are greeted by Dire Wolves and a praying Ettin.  They kill the wolves and attack the Ettin, who yells that they cannot stop his prophecies, and that his glory will come to pass.  Koth then crushes one skull, while Ward splits the other.

  • The group leaves the town and collects Rhyssh and Barry.  They continue their trip to Habastalai.

Session 8:  City of Life (25 Progonust 779 to 28 Progonust 779)

  • Shortly before the group reaches Habastalai, and now moving through a forest terrain none of them has ever been in before, they fall into the web of an Ettercap and its spiders.  The group is immobilized and nearly killed when two clerics of Habastly, hearing the battle, arrive.

  • A gnome and a bugbear, named Fitzgnwitz and Ooma, drive off the Ettercaps and spiders.  They introduce themselves as guardians of the forest around Habastalai and offer to take the group the rest of the way.  They agree and go to Habastalai.

  • For several days, they rest and heal in the overgrown city of life.

  • It is in Habastalai that Daane tells the rest of the group of a cabal known as the Day Turned Dark.  He says that he plans to continue to the port of Northut where he can sail to his home of Port Springs and continue to battle the cabal.  He offers the other a chance to come with him and see the world, gaining knowledge so that they can one day return to Palumbton and challenge its bigoted ways.  They agree, and Rhyssh concedes to go as well, since he has no way of reaching the desert alone.


Session 9:  Summoned to Hunt (28 Progonust 779 to 8 Baston Sun 779)

  • After leaving Habastalai, the group is set upon by Gargoyles, Wyvern, Spiders, and Mephits.  Malek quickly determines that all of these creatures are being summoned.  For days, they are harassed until Rhyssh finally catches sight of their tormentor.

  • The summoner brings every creature he can to fight off the group, but it is not enough and he is forced to flee.  Daane says that he believes the summoner was a member of the Day Turned Dark.

  • The group continues their journey more peacefully.


Session 10:  A Hag in the Way (8 Baston Sun 779 to 27 Baston Sun 779)

  • For weeks, the group travels more or less peacefully through the forests and plains.

  • As they near the city of Northut, they approach the coast.  One night, a hag attacks the camp.  Once again, the group's unfamiliarity with the land put them in harms way.  Although they survive, Ward loses his eye in the fight.

  • The group reaches Northut.


Session 11:  The Biggest City They've Ever Seen (28 Baston Sun 779 to New Year's Year 780)

  • Once in the city, they quickly discover that there is a bounty on Daane and quickly go into hiding.

  • Trying to stay hidden, Daane attempts to find passage on a ship.  He encounter Evanni Silverheart, a member of the Horari-Taka Corsairs and a captain that agrees to take them to Port Springs.

  • Before Daane can get back to the others, they are attacked by bounty hunters.  They drive off the bounty hunters, but kill one in the process.

  • When Daane returns, they are attacked again, this time they are forced to run to the ship to escape.  When they reach the ship, Evanni drives off the bounty hunters.

  • As they are about to leave, Ward announces he has had enough.  He plans to return to Palumbton and abandon Daane's quest.  He asks if anyone will join him.  Barry, homesick and fearful of the open seas, agrees.  The group says farewell, and goes their separate ways.

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