String Mountain Adventures Characters

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Season 1

Oda - Crustal Dwarf - Hero - An underdark hunter on the trail of troglodytes and other creatures that have come to the surface

Frederik - Human - Malchia - A Yellowian college graduate wizard serving at the wishes of his master

Mugrin - Crystal Dwarf - Valdis - A representative of the Crustal Dwarves near Thot. He is a mentalist.

Yannis - Dwarven - Whitesword - An apprentice wizard and sculptor from a dwarven family living in Icefia.

Oratio - Grekku - Windblade - A warrior sent by his people to meet with the new mayor and represent their interests.

Kai - Human- Terrorshard - A martialist hired to protect the new mayor.

Beorn - Frozensky Dwarf - Asinjin - Sent to represent the Frozensky clan in meeting with the new mayor. He is a orator and warrior.