String Mountain Adventures season 1

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Session 1: The New Mayor of Thot (Spring 816)

• Our characters came from different parts of the world to meet in the small city of Thott in the String Mountains. Each of us represents a faction of interested parties in the appointment of a new mayor of Thott. I don't remember character names, but everyone can fill in the gaps and describe their characters once we all return in person. My character is a young graduate of the Bardic College of Yellowia who is apprenticing with a Dwarven Wizard in town. He sent me as his emissary for the ceremony. The other characters are either representing other people or came with the new mayor as guards.

We all met each other, stayed in town and attended a welcoming party for the mayor, attended the ceremony, then went to an afterparty at a pub. While drinking, flirting, and arguing amongst ourselves in the pub, one of our companions (a blind Orc) heard a splash from the basement and smelled a putrid scent. Turns out a bunch of Troglodytes made their way out of the well in the basement of the wince cellar. We all went down to investigate and got caught up in a fight. There were six total. We killed three and three escaped, including the leader. That's pretty much where we left off. DM posted about loot, items, and one that we left alive for questioning.

you met in the town of Peak - outside of Port Springs - but he was Appointed the mayor of Thott - as the city has recently grown about the required 2500 residents.

Session 2: Troglodytes on the Loose (Spring 816)

• The group met with the owner of the bar after coming down to the cellar and seeing the carnage. He thanked us for helping and told us there were more Troglodytes coming out of the well by the stables. We all went outside to intercept them. One of his guards and the blind Orc stayed behind in the basement to watch the prisoners.

Once outside, we could see a new group of Troglodytes and the dual dagger wielding leader that escaped from the wine cellar. After a round or two, another more fearsome Troglodyte emerged with a longsword and nice armor. The group engaged in battle almost immediately and tried to stop the gang from advancing.

The Troglodytes seemed to be interested in one of the wagons that Gnome was driving during our caravan journey. They tried to light it on fire with alcohol, but between us and the guards, we were able to stop them before doing any serious fire damage to the cart. After several rounds of battle, we defeated the Troglodytes and knocked out the leader for questioning.

We later found magic weapons and armor on the leaders, some money, and a letter written in Drow stating directions on where we were headed, what cart to assault, and instructions on what to destroy. After questioning the leader, he basically confessed to being hired by Drow to carry this out. He was executed shortly after.

The new mayor eventually made his way to our position and told us a generic description of how he needed to make a "deal" in order to get the position of mayor. It seems it's just the way Dwarven politics work. We discovered the gold the Troglodytes were paid with was minted in the Dwarven Kingdom, so it appears this is some sort of political hit.

After being healed, the mayor invited us to his personal quarters and offered us all jobs as his personal entourage. We would be helping him secure his position as well as help defend the town of Thott. He said he'd pay us all 1000 GP for a year's service. 500 now and 500 at the end of the year. Several of us agreed right away and others said they'd sleep on it. That's where we left off.

Session 3: The Long Road Home (Spring 816)

Session 4: The Long Road Home (Spring 816)

Session 5: The Long Road Home (Spring 816)

Session 6: The Long Road Home (Spring 816)

Session 7: The Long Road Home (Spring 816)

The group rescued two dwarves that were going to be sacrificed to Loomashyn to complete some evil summoning.