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ALIGNMENT: Taffers are typically good and either neutral or chaotic. Morally neutral Taffers are common as well. There are rarely Lawful or Evil Taffers.



Male: Alban, Elouan, Iouen, Ewen, Tangi, Yann, Loig, Mahé, Edern, Hoél, Pierig

Female: Bleuenn, Solenn, Léna, Maiwenn, Enora, Gwénola, Katell, Klervi, Tifenn, Naig, Loeiza, Privla


Taffers are small-sized

Taffers have low-light vision

Taffers have a base speed of 25ft., they have a climb speed of 25ft.

Taffers receive a +4 bonus to all Hide checks in any wooded setting

Taffers receive one free rank of climb and it is always a class skill for them

Taffers have the Scent ability

Taffers favored class is Ranger

Taffers may make a bite attack once per round at their base attack bonus for 1d2 points of damage, not modified by Strength

Taffers are immune to Lycanthropy

Taffers receive a +4 bonus to Dexterity and a –4 penalty to Strength

Taffers may select from the following racial feats: Dark Vision, Dexterous Feet, Tiny Fighting, Wild Heart