The Character of Solaris' Heroes

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Ri - The redeemed mindflayer that is now a devout follower of Hemator and a cohort of Solaris. (sessions 1-19)

Emmerik - A member of the clergy of Falan and a scholar. He is helping Solaris uncover the powerful undead that threaten Pacyr. (sessions 1-19)

Isi - A bugbear whose family was slaughtered by the undead who has agreed to go with Solaris for a chance to defeat more undead. (sessions 1-7)

Olokas - A half-orcish ranger who spent several years in the orcish military as a tracker. He is known as the Undead Tracker and has agreed to help Solaris. (sessions 1-19)

Saren - A young human paladin from the Great Forest who is on his own quest against evil. He has been led to aid Solaris. (sessions 1+)

Tchau - An elven spellcaster from Iott who was sent on a mission to Pacyr after a diplomatic request for assistance. (sessions 8-19)


  Dovan - A member of the guardian temple sent to investigate the goings on south of Pacyr regarding the deities of Cald (sessions 15-19)


  Bandrig - A dwarf and a member of the embassy of the Dwarven Kingdom in Mydir, he was recruited by his friend Gram to help rescue Emmerick. (20-29)

Marston - One of the residents of the plateau that Gram found to help rescue Emmerick. He is a human ranger and firearm user devoted to Falan. (20-29)

Artemus - Another human from the plateau, he is a tinker and a genius cleric of Falan. He also joins in the rescue mission for his fellow cleric. (20-29)

Gnevil - A gnomish tinker and ranker of Falan, he runs a shop with Artemus in the town of Grimhold. He too is recruited by gram. (20-29)

Harrick - A cleric and wizard of Falan that joined the search for the kidnapped member of his religion. (20-29)