The Rogues of Port Talk

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Maxim - An Amatine gnome working his trade in the city. (sessions 1-11)

Remy - Part drow, part human, all scary. (sessions 1-11, 16-32)

Ayva - The noble daughter of a wealthy family, she runs a shop that the guild uses. (sessions 1-11, 16-32)

Vincent - A classic human burglar. (sessions 1-11, 16-32)

Natsu - A collector of items and a Horarian spellcaster. (sessions 1-32)

Schurke - Every group needs a lackey. (sessions 1-32)

Forza - The guild's muscle, he is a massive orc. He is arrested at the end of the first season. (sessions 1-11, 23-31)

Tragona - One of twin brothers that have lived and worked in the city their whole life. (sessions 1-22)

Tragorum - The other twin brother that has lived and worked in the city their whole life. (sessions 1-22)

Gansuhk - A goblin alchemist long time resident of the city that specializes in methane production. (sessions 1-32)

Istvan - A drow hunter that has worked in Port Talp for several years. (sessions 1-32)

Profit - A Kobald creation of the Collector that helps the guild and serves Natsu. (sessions 1232)

Gnickle - A gnome hired by Gneon, the rogues' latest employer, to go with them and provide support. (sessions 16-32)