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The following is an abbreviated history of Habololy.  The two versions are interwoven to demonstrate the differences.  The two styles of dating are used to show which events are used in each chronicle.  In other words, an event that has a date in the Habastlian style is considered accurate by the Habastlian chronicle.  The same can be said of the Asticlean chronicle.  When a date is not precisely known, a “c.” is placed before it.  Although the history is documented, that does not mean that it is common knowledge to every being.  Only the most learned loremasters and historians would have a working knowledge of all the events in the chronicle.  Even they would pass over smaller events that were only important for one nation, race or region.  To determine if a character has knowledge of an event, or its date, each event has been given a difficulty rating.  This can be used when a character is attempting to call on that particular knowledge.  For more on that check, see the<a href="../Other%20Information/Skills.htm">Skills.</a>

Additionally, there are histories written for each nation and many of the areas of the world.  These histories are avialable in books written for each area or nation.  An example of the extensive histories available can be found <a href="../Nations/Yellowia%20History.htm">here</a>, the history of the Kingdom of Yellowia.





c. Pre-2963

Habololy is created

by Habastly, Smofarf, Treetop, and Lakius.  There are only elves and humans. (35)

c. Pre-2863

Gnomes appear for

the first time. (35)

2500 BC

Habololy is created

by Habastly, Smofarf, Treetop, and Lakius.   Only the main continent exists.  Humans, gnomes, and elves are the only races. (10)

2499 BC/ pre-2712

The elves crown the

first Rosetree and form the first sovereign nation. (40)

c.2250 BC/ pre-2463

The Oldest Orc

appears.  He brings with him the orcs and dragons. The orcs settle on the eastern side. (15)

2222 BC/ pre-2435

The first elves

reach the eastern jungles.  They found a new kingdom. (25)

2214 BC/ pre-2427

The first orcish

emperor is crowned. (25)

c.2210 BC/ pre-2423

The orcs conquer

the great forest. (20)

2161 BC/ pre-2374

The Gnom-Orc

Accord, grants the orcs control over the great plateau.  No war is fought. (25)

2150 BC/ pre-2363

Smofarf creates the

String Mountain continent. (15)


Smofarf promotes

Novine to the status of deity. (40)

2101 BC/ pre-2314

The orcs conquer

the lands of Yellowia. (40)

c.2000 BC/ pre-2213

Dedestroyt and

Gruweas appear with a mighty explosion from the ocean.  (18)

1950 BC

Gruweas creates the

Gree. (30)

1910 BC/ pre-2123

The Vinsaise War. 

The orcs are defeated by the desert elves, although they still rule the northern half of the main continent. (40)

1872 BC/ pre-2085

The “Blazing West”

occurs.  The desert elves’ realm is destroyed. The orcs do not investigate. (50)

1804 BC/ pre-2017

The first

appearance of Amat in any records. (40)

1800 BC/ pre-2013

Smofarf creates the

dwarves and the frost giants and places them on the String Mountain continent. (15)  The two groups live in peace. (40)

1799 BC/ pre-2012

The revolt against

the orcish empire begins.  It is lead by Amat. (30)

1797 BC/ pre-2010

The first king of

the String Mountain dwarves is crowned. (30)

c.1790 BC

Novine is promoted

to the status of deity by Habastly. (30)

c.1740 BC/ pre-1953

The elves encounter

the race of gremlins for the first time. (25)

c.1700 BC/ pre-1913

The elves venture

into the lands that are now known as Pacyr, Hertoplowis, and Thynkizland.  They encounter the deity Celetal for the first time. (20)

1695 BC/ pre-1908

After another

explosion in the ocean, the deities Level and Lavad appear. (30)

1690 BC/ pre-1903

Treetop rewards the

gremlins Compture and Gremdelivian with immortality.  They become leaders of the gremlins.  (30)

1681 BC/ pre-1894

Lakius allows the

deity Frostine to usurp some of his followers and become a power in his own right on Habololy.  (30)

1680 BC/ pre-1893

The revolt against

the orcs is finally complete.  They are confined to a small area on the eastern side of the main continent.  The gnomes, led by Amat, assume control of all the former orcish lands. (20)

1677 BC/ pre-1890

Amat banishes most

of the dragons to the ocean. (40)

1651 BC/ pre-1864

The continent of

Icefia is created by Frostine.  He also brings the first inhabitants, gnomes, to the continent. (15)

1648 BC/ pre-1861

The human, known as

Highlander, is deified by Smofarf for his ingenuity and intelligence. (15)  Smofarf hopes that the new deity will draw power from the growing armies of gnomes under the banner of Amat. (40)

c. Pre-1815

Amat coins the term

“tinker”, it is more of a derogatory term then anything else. (35)

c.1600 BC

The term “tinker”

is coined by a cleric of Highlander.  The gnome uses it to describe his deity. (20)

c.1500 BC/ pre-1713

The Grean Republic

is established. (35)

c. Pre-1640

The Vishtoo wipe

out a village of Gree.  It is the first known encounter with the Vishtoo by any civilized race. (45)

c. Pre-1620

The first

barbarians settle in Icefia. (30)  They are the first humans to inhabit the continent. (40)

c.1400 BC/ pre-1613

Amat ascends to the

status of deity without the aid of an already existing deity. (10)

c.1400 BC

The first Vishtoo

are seen by dwarven explorers in the String Mountains.  They are called “badmen” in the dwarven language.  This is the name they would be known by for centuries. (25) 

1372 BC/ pre-1585

The Tri-War

occurs.  The dwarves and frost giants fight together against the Gree and the Vishtoo.  (35)

1312 BC/ pre-1525

The Tri-War ends. 

Territorial lines are drawn.  None of the three sides have gained any sizable portion of land. (35) 

1296 BC/ pre-1509

The first

Dedestroytian emperor is crowned. (30)

1202 BC/ pre-1415

The beginning of

the Great Revolution against Amat and his gnomes. (10)

1157 BC/ pre-1370

A group of varied

races founds Pacyr as a nation of peace, as they try and avoid the Great Revolution. (30)

1142 BC/ pre-1355

The king of the

frost giants is slain in battle with the gnomes.  A warlord takes over. (35)

1111 BC/ pre-1324

The Great

Revolution ends.  The last of Amat’s gnomes are banished to the northeastern corner of the main continent. (10) Amat is banished from the main continent, Icefia, and the String Mountains. (15)  The orcs are penned into the same corner as the gnomes, as the rest of the world fears any great empire. (25)

1083 BC/ pre-1296

The gnomes of the

plateau crown a king in an attempt to avoid the influence of Amat. (40)

1082 BC/ pre-1297

The long-standing

relationship between the dwarves and frost giants breaks down.  The dwarves are driven from most of the mountain top cities. (30)

1052 BC/ pre-1265

The dwarves return

to the mountains and attack the frost giants.  After fifty years of off and on war, they reclaim some mountains. (30)

1023 BC/ pre-1236

The first city is

founded in Intoria, the great desert on the western coast of the main continent.  It is named Reus. (25)

c.1000 BC/ pre-1213

The Kingdom of

Nomagrok crowns its first king. (30)

973 BC/ pre-1186

The Grean wizard

Rutorn creates the first elemental projector. (40)

c.965 BC/ pre-1178

The first king of

the ice gnomes is crowned. (35)

c.900 BC/ pre-1113

Everentual is

created by Celetal to judge over the souls of mortals. (20)

871 BC/ pre-1084

The Kingdom of

Yellowia is founded. (20)

863 BC/ pre-1076

The first Grean

battleship is seen by a human merchant ship. It is made of metal instead of wood. (35)

c.850 BC/ pre-1063

Tyrogatore is

promoted to the status of deity by Celetal to judge over the bodies of mortals. (20)  The rise of the Halfling kingdom. (35)

813 BC/ pre-1026

The second

Tri-War.  The frost giants are not involved. (30)

703 BC/ pre-916

Han~Sui is created

by Celetal to bring justice to the mortals who have been judged by the deities. (20)

c.700 BC/ pre-913

The feuding deities

Frostine and Lakius each promote a mortal to deity status.  The two humans are Tfop and Pfot, twin brothers. (30)

693 BC/ pre-906

The jungle elves

consent to become a protectorate of the Kingdom of Yellowia. (20)

630 BC

The first human

city is founded in Icefia. (35)

611 BC/ pre-824

Sailors encounter

the first intelligent creatures from below the waves.  Lakius reveals that he has created races under the sea. (30)

505 BC/ pre-718

The first Graplore

is held. (20)

501 BC/ pre-714

The Oldest Orc

commissions the Counsil of the Gods. (10)   It is built by the finest mortal crafters of the time.  The deities create Forsha to protect the Counsil.  She is a deity, but does not have a seat on the Counsil. (20)  Every deity is offered a seat, except Amat and Vishtoo.  They all accept. (30)


The human Icefian

cities join together and elect a ruler.  They are called the Icefian Confederation. (30)

481 BC/ pre-694

The third Tri-War.


479 BC/ pre-692

The first Suian

competition is held. (20)

422 BC/ pre-635

The return of the

frost giant monarchy. The king allies the frost giants with Drunnbar and Clan Sledgehammer. (35)

c.300 BC

The first encounter

with a being from another world is made by the gnomes on the Great Plateau.  The being arrived on what is said to be a sailing ship that can move through the skies and beyond. (50)


The first peaceful

travelers from another world are met on the Great Plateau. (50)

282 BC/ pre-495

The mortal Tommimao

takes an adventurous crew on a ship into the sky.  (35)

176 BC/ pre-389

The “Elven

Slaughter” occurs in Yellowia.  The Umanin, a rogue Yellowian noble family, massacres thousands of jungle elves.  Foundation laid for the Cult of the Slaughter. (25)

154 BC/ pre-367

Amat returns from

exile with Doggedens, massive titan-like creatures he created to fight the deities, and an army of gnomes.  It is called the Doggeden War. (10)  He also has allies in the Grey Dragons and the deity Novine, who abandons the Counsil. (25)

150 BC

Lavad is slain by

Doggedens. (25)


Lavad is trapped by

Amat, after being weakened by the Doggedens. (40)

133 BC/ pre-346

Level is slain by

Amat.  (25)

c.130 BC/ pre-343

The Halfling

kingdom falls apart when the young king is slain in the war with no heir.  The rule of the halflings falls to the dukes of the forest, known as the Woodukes. (30)

105 BC/ pre-318

Novine is betrayed

and banished by Amat in an attempt to increase is personal power. (20)

100 BC/ pre-313

Tfop meets Amat in

battle.  He is almost beaten when he unleashes a horrifically powerful potion, which banishes Amat from Habololy.  It leaves Tfop lame.  The armies of Amat fall apart. (10)  The Umanin become the royal family of Yellowia. (20)

99 BC/ pre-312

The Doggedens are

banished to an island, which Habastly creates for them.  The gnomes are once again imprisoned in their small corner of the main continent. (15)

99 BC

Tfop leaves the

Counsil. (20)


Tfop is forced to

resign from the Counsil after he calls on reform of the laws of the Counsil. (40)

56 BC/ pre-269

The Harticutt

family takes control of Yellowia after deposing the Umanin, who found their own kingdom. (20)

13 BC/ pre-226

Thynkizland is

colonized.  It is to be a place of study for wizards. (25)

6 BC/ pre-219

The fourth Tri-War.


BC0AC/ pre-213

Habastly bans the

creation of any new lands, races, or creatures. (10)  The Counsil fears a repeat of the Doggeden and the world becoming overcrowded. (25)

15 AC/ pre-198

Hemator is promoted

to the status of deity by the Counsil for her service to the world during the Doggeden War. (20)

21 AC/ pre-192

The nation of

Thynkizland is founded by wizards. (40)


The Icefian

Federation of cities breaks down. (30)

101 AC/ pre-112

The first sail less

Grean battleship is seen. (30)

200 AC/ pre-13

Amat returns from

banishment. (10)  He returns by deceiving Tommimao, who has miraculously returned from his voyage that started nearly 500 years ago, into bringing him back. (25)

201 AC/ pre-12

Tommimao is

promoted to the status of deity.  He is tasked with defeating Amat. (20)  

204 AC/ pre-9

Amat is defeated by

the combined forces of Tommimao and the mortals Falan, Stasis, and Mouser.  He is banished, but continues to bring misfortune to Habololy. (20)

206 AC/ pre-7

The Kingdom of

Icefia is founded by Stasis. (25)

207 AC/ pre-6

Falan is promoted

to the status of deity by the Counsil for his role in defeating Amat. (25)  The first sighting of a mindshadow on Thynkizland. (40)

209 AC/ pre-4

The Bardic College

of Icefia is founded. (25)

212 AC/ pre-1

The islands south

of the Kingdom of Yellowia are sunk by Amat.  The dwarves that live there are wiped out. (30)

213 AC/ year 0

After eight years

of plagues upon Habololy, Amat returns.  The Counsil gives mortals the magic with which to permanently stop him.  Amat is defeated and trapped in the moon, which was created as a prison as part of the magic given to the mortals by the Counsil. (10)  The Horarians, who were brought to Habololy by Amat to fight for him, are placed on Red Island.  Their deity, Quan Yin, arrives to aid them in their time of need. (35)  A wild caster and the cult of Chaos control Thynkizland. (40) 

214 AC/ post-1

Dresta arrives and

proclaims that she is the maiden of the moon, which is named Asticlan. (15) 

215 AC/ post-2


arrives and claims that she is the maiden of the moon. (20)

216 AC/ post-3

The nation of

Amatom is discovered to exist on the island of Ekarude. (20)  It has existed, hidden by the power of Amat, for over a millennium. (45)

221 AC

Hemator leaves the

Counsil. (15)  She wants more power than any one deity should be granted.  (25)


Hemator argues that

the Counsil will continue to have problems with cults until they become more involved in the world.  Before the Counsil can stop her, she escapes to another plane. (25)

222 AC/ post-9

The first Borkonic

War. (40)

248 AC/ post-35

The Bardic College

of Yellowia is founded. (25)

250 AC/ post-37

The emperor Keifer

Vewslay III forms the Destroytian republic, ending over 1500 years of the empire. (20)

258 AC/ post-45

The second Borkonic

War. (35)

260 AC

The Counsil, for

his role in the imprisoning of Amat, promotes Stasis to the status of deity. (25)


Fearing another

cult as popular as Hemator’s, the Counsil allows Stasis to have a seat despite his views. (40)

261 AC/ post-48

One year after his

mother was killed by a dragon, King Gideon of Icefia begins The Hunt, placing a hefty bounty on the head of every dragon. (20)

265 AC/ post-52

The first War of

Indecency.  It is the Destroytian Republic’s civil war between those who want a return to the laws of the empire and the supporters of the Republic. (30)

274 AC/ post-61

Drunnbar ascends to

godhood without the help of the Counsil. (20)  He follows the path of Hemator after realizing the Counsil will never recognize him as a deity. (45)

312 AC/ post-99

The nation of

Borkondof is officially recognized by the Orcish Empire.  The rest of the world follows suit. (35)

349 AC/ post-136

Clan Frozensky

breaks ties with the dwarven king.  They form their own tribal nation. (35)

371 AC/ post-158

The last king of

the plateau dies.  He has no heirs and the kingdom falls apart. (25)

383 AC/ post-166

The Kingdom of

Icefia and the ice gnomes join forces and begin the Gem-Ice war against the chosen of Frostine. (30)

385 AC/ post-168

The first crusade

for magic.  The String Mountain dwarves launch an invasion into the lands of Clan Sledgehammer.  Many dwarves die on both sides, and neither side claims victory. (35)

388 AC/ post-171

The Gem-Ice war

ends with the chosen of Frostine being all but wiped out. (30)

390 AC/ post-177

Gnarion is promoted

to the status of deity by the Counsil. (20)  This comes after centuries of vying for a seat. (35)

402 AC/ post-189

The great Umanin

fortress is destroyed by the Kingdom of Yellowia, and the Umanin Kingdom falls apart. (20)  Borkondof aids in the war against the Umanin. (40)

414 AC/ post-201

The king of the ice

gnomes retires so that a new government based of the religion of Gnarion may be installed, it is known as Gnarland. (30)

435 AC/ post-222

The jungle elves

form their own sovereign kingdom after a short war with the Kingdom of Yellowia. (20)

494 AC/ post-281

All of the

seafaring nations unite against the Grean Republic, which has controlled the ocean for centuries.  The Battle of the Spotted Eagle marks the largest naval battle ever and the end to the conflict.  Over four thousand ships take part in the battle.  The Gree are defeated and relinquish control of the sea. (30)

504 AC/ post-291

The Bardic College

of Icefia presents most of the nations of Habololy with the first world map. (40)  The map’s maker goes missing within a week of the presentation. (50)

506 AC/ post-293

The fifth Tri-War.


519 AC/ post-306

Gremdelivian is

tricked, trapped, and slain by Highlander and his followers. (15)

525 AC/ post-312

The Day of Falling

Death occurs, the technologists launch their assault against the world. (10)  The Tinkocracy is formed on the Great Plateau. (15)

525 AC

The deity Sutyr

petitions for, and is granted, a seat on the Counsil. (15)


A fire giant tricks

the Counsil into believing he is the deity Sutyr from another world.  When they give him a seat on the Counsil, his rise to the status of deity is complete. (50)

545 AC

The high priests of

Celetal and Everentual are killed in Hertoplowis, the city that held their high temples.  The new high priest of Everentual assumes control and establishes a new system of rule. (35)


The high priest of

Everentual betrays the high priest of Celetal and allows the Tinkocracy to kill her.  With her out of the way, he takes a new identity and forms a new government. (50)

530 AC/ post-317

The Hunt officially

ends, although dragons continue to be hunted for another century. (20)

541 AC/ post-328

The Tinkocracy

annihilates the eastern side of the Great Halfling forest. It becomes known as the boiled forest. (20)  An army of orcs, halflings, and humans had been amassing there. (25)  The cult of Loomashyn moves into the area, along with the Wugs. (40)

569 AC/ post-356

The third Borkonic

War. (30)

580 AC/ post-367

The Horarian

islands declare themselves independent of the Kingdom of Icefia. They form Kathow-tio-Horari.  Red Island is renamed Masl-tio-Horari. (30)

588 AC/ post-375

Highlander is slain

by the Han~Sui on orders from the Counsil. (10)  Highlander had violated one of the laws they had set for him on inventing items. (35)

590 AC/ post-377

Without the

guidance of their deity, the Tinkocracy begins to splinter and fall apart. (25)

591 AC/ post-378

The Kingdom of

Icefia attempts to reclaim the Horarian islands, but their war fails. (25)

596 AC/ post-383

As the forces of

the Tinkocracy retreat, a group of Nipits and Sakor’akai form the nation of Amansky. (40)

597 AC/ post-384

The second War of


603 AC/ post-390

Lavash-Ki is

promoted to the status of deity. (15)


Lavash-Ki is the

reincarnated spirit of Lavad. (50)

604 AC/ post-391

A weakened

Destroytian Republic cannot hold its eastern lands.  Thalmeret is organized in those lands. (25)

609 AC/ post-396

The second crusade

for magic.  The dwarves once again invade the lands of Clan Sledgehammer.  The result is ten years of death on both sides with neither side gaining an advantage. (30)

612 AC/ post-399

Pfot is slain in

the crusade against technology.  He is considered a collaborator with the tinkers. (25)

626 AC

The last of the

members of the Tinkocracy is executed in the Destroytian Republic. (25)


The last member of

the Tinkocracy escapes into Thalmeret. (40)

684 AC/ post-471

The Fire Giants

begin a conquest of the lands around the Desert’s Edge Mountains.  They fight under the banner of Sutyr, and conquer in his name. (25)

702 AC/ post-489

The scaled elves

win their independence in a war with the Kingdom of Icefia. (20)

704 AC/ post-491

The Battle of the

Burning Jungle occurs.  The Fire Giants assault the jungles.  The Destroytian Republic and Thalmeret defeat them, but not before they burn 100,000 acres of jungle. (20)  The gremlins aid the humans’ armies. (40)

705 AC/ post-493

The Scaled Kingdom

is formed. (25)

722 AC/ post-510

The fourth Borkonic

War. (20)

731 AC/ post-518

The Padwell family

becomes the 4th royal family of Yellowia. (20)

738 AC/ post-525

The Fire Giants

begin the siege of Jaswap. (25)

755 AC/ post-542

The Merchant Ship

Order of Rights is signed by most of the seafaring nations.  It is written in Hertoplowis, where diplomats from the signing nations designed it.  It is an attempt to promote trade and stop the Horarian pirates. (20)

760 AC/ post-547

The third War of

Indecency. (20)

768 AC/ post-555

The Kingdom of

Icefia launches the Wyvern Crusade, which is an attempt to reclaim the land won by the scaled elves. After two years fighting, the scaled elves defeat the crusade. (25)

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