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Season 1

Razk - Gnoll- Terrorshard - a self described deserter of the mission that defeated Kallark, he is thankful to be out of hell after two years.

Gmax - Gnome - Whitesword- recently freed prisoner who had been incarcerated for trafficking contraband in Layraedia.

Gnickle - Gnome - Hero - a Marcanist whose shop was invaded by the teleporting group who helps only to get them out of his business.

Falcon - Elf - Valdis - a sailor who recognizes some of the group when they appear on his ship and helps after the ship is wrecked.

Wake - Elf - Windblade - shipwrecked and half crazed, he is thankful for the rescue and immediately takes to attacking the Nipit who stole the Guardian when he arrives.

Cordaro - Dwarf - Zunder - Freed from jail, he goes anywhere to get out of the cell

Grognoth - Frost Giant - Malchia - faithful servant of Stasis who feels a duty to protect these poor souls that fell into his lap. Surviving attack after attack during the tireless teleporting, Grognoth was finally laid low by a magical giant boar in the fields between the Destroytian Republic and Thalmeret. (sessions 1 and 2)

Chase - Drow - Malchia - Captain of his own ship and former crewmate of many of the others, he finds the group when they arrive in Magenthia. (sessions 3+)

Season 2

Levi - Human - Terrorshard - A member of the religion of Dresta who takes on the mission at the request of his kingdom, Southern Yellowia.

Kowalc - Chosen of Frostine - Whitesword - Far from home and training to compete in the Graplore, he goes on the mission after being offered a slot in the competition if he succeeds.

Miya - Sakor'akai - Hero - Offered citizenship in Amansky if she goes on the mission to LOAHK. She was afflicted by necromancy an now uses its power.

Artur - Human - Valdis - An unarmed combatant from Layraedia who is seeking competition and coin and agrees to go on the mission for the Orcish Empire for pay.

Ragoth - Fire Giant - Windblade - A noble warrior from Baenrl who is looking to defend his people from a threat.

Ender - unknown - Zunder - A cleric of Compture out to change the landscape of the world, one nation at a time.

Lance - Human - Malchia - A knight of Yellowia is goes on the mission for his kingdom.