Vishtoo (deity)

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Before there was a distinction between religions and cults and before there was a Counsil, Vishtoo was an outsider.  He was not asked to come to Habololy, nor did he ascend from its populous.  The world was thin with beings when he arrived, and few mortals took notice to the home he had set up for himself and the creatures he had brought with him in the corner of the



Vishtoo and the race that shares his name have one goal, to conquer the world so that they may control it.  Vishtoo pursues any means bring it to that end.  He cares no more or no less for any other deity than the other.


The Counsil takes the view of Vishtoo as the old squeaky wheel that is troublesome but not immediately dangerous, of which has been said again and again: take care of that tomorrow.


His cult is small outside of the Vishtoo.  Those in it do not look to spread his influence, but instead worship him for his strengths.


'Power:  Demi-God' 

Symbol: Crossed Vishtoo arms making fists.

Alignment:  Chaotic (neutral) Evil

Aspects:  Vishtoo, Evil Monks

Plane of Existence:  Carceri


Domains:  Destruction, Martial, Terror

Prayer Time: Any time, but only once every 24 hours

Favored Weapon:  none

Turn Undead:  Improved Unarmed Strike'feat*'

Back from the Dead:  Reincarnate

Favored Class:  Monk


High Templenone

High Cleric:  The Badman

Number of Faithful:  250,000 

Associated Groups:  Deathfists


            Dogma:  The strong rule the weak.  The strong possess glory and power. Become strong or submit to those who are.  Death only comes to the weak. 

            Feast Day: none<![endif]>