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Although many of the classes of Habololy are similar to those found elsewhere in the multiverse, there are several that are unique. There are also slight differences the old classes, and some old classes that don’t appear anywhere on the planet.


ADEPT: There are NO Adepts on Habololy.

ARISTOCRAT: They are replaced by Nobles.

BARBARIAN: They are called Berserkers. On Habololy, it is more of a gauge of fighting style than anything else. A Berserker relies on raw ability and rage to win a battle. They are not expertly trained, nor do they care to be. There are no changes in their rules.

BARD: They are the same.

CLERIC: Although they are the same in theory, there are minor differences in a cleric’s abilities dependent upon their deity.

COMMONER: There are NO characters with the Commoner class on Habololy.

DRUID: There are NO druids on Habololy.

EXPERT: They are replaced by Crafters.

FIGHTER: They are the trained and skilled warriors. The only difference is in their starting proficiency with weapons, which is based on their training.

MONK: Monks are warriors that prefer unarmed combat. They lead a focused life, which often leads them to a devout life style. They are somewhat different in their role.

PALADIN: They are the same.

PSION: They are very rare, but remain the same.

PSYCHIC WARRIOR: They are as rare as the Psion, but also remain the same.

RANGER:  While Ranger’s fulfill much the same role, the nature of Habololy changes the way some of their abilities work. In addition, some Rangers have migrated into the cities, where they put their abilities to a somewhat different end.

ROGUE: They are the same.

SORCERER:  All Sorcerers’ have a background that has led to their innate ability. This background has an effect on their abilities. They are considered by many to be dangerous, because their powers come from strange and unknown sources.

SOULKNIFE: There are NO soulknives on Habololy.

WARRIOR: There are no characters with the Warrior class on Habololy.

WILDER: They are the same.

WIZARD: They are the same.



CRAFTER: Many people of Habololy do not take an adventuring career. The farmers, smithies, merchants, and everyday peoples of the world have little need to know the intricacies of magic or swordplay. That does not mean, however, that they are less skilled or talented than the fighters, wizards, clerics, and rogues of Habololy. Their expertise lies in everyday work that is just as important.

NOBLE: The mere presence and words of a noble can be more devastating than any sword or spell. Whether out for their own greed or looking to aid the peoples that they look over, the noble’s life can be just as dangerous as anyone else’s.

SHAMAN: Much like a Sorcerer, the Shaman has powers from an unknown source. Their ability lay in communication with spirits that are around them. Where the Wizards see the Sorcerers as abominations, the Clerics view Shaman in much the same way.

TINKER: The masters of technology. Tinkers single-handedly try to push the world further and further forward, often to places it does not need to go. They are scientists and inventors. Few cultures are accepting of their ways.