Cults of Law Season 1: 1-11

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Return to Cults of Law

Session 1:  Friendly Hammers (7 Praemon 778 to 8 Praemon


  • Harris and Grimdrek meet in Port Springs.  While Grimdrek is chasing some criminals, Harris sees the ruckus and jumps into the fight.

  • The two realize that the targets of Grimdrek's justice and Harris' fun are part of a guild that is not to be fooled with. 


Session 2:  Typical Dwarves (10 Praemon 778 to 11 Praemon 778)

  • Grimdrek's friend Reik arrives in Port Springs.  He meets Harris.

  • The dwarves tell Harris that they are on a diplomatic mission for <a href="../Cult%20Deities/Drunnbar.htm">Drunnbar</a> and <a href="../Nations/NOMAGROK%20Main.htm">Nomagrok</a>.  They must sail to Icefia.

  • After arranging for passage on a ship named the Wayward, the three survive a series of attacks over several days while waiting for the ship to leave.

  • They make it out to sea. 


Session 3:  Treachery at Sea (12 Praemon 778 to 19 Wavery 778)

  • On the ship, the three meet a crazed female human named Meela.  They believe that she has bad intentions towards them.  They also meet a young ship hand named Jimmy, who takes a big brother liking to Harris.

  • Although they first thought it was Meela, the three discover that there is a cleric of <a href="../Counsil%20Deities/Lakius.htm">Lakius</a> and the <a href="../Prestige%20Classes/Shipbound.htm">Shipbound</a> wizard that are out to get Grimdrek and Reik.

  • After several days of cat and mouse aboard the large ship, the three along with Meela kill the wizard and drive the cleric off the ship.


Session 4:  Port Phiam Life (20 Wavery 778 to 21 Wavery 778)

  • After disembarking, Harris tells the other he has business to attend and leaves.  Jimmy follows Harris.

  • Reik and Grimdrek meet a fellow cultist named <a href="../Player%20Characters/Solaris.htm">Solaris</a>.  He is a follower of Hemator that is looking to make a better name for his deity.  He shows the two dwarves around the city.

  • After several days, they are stalked and attacked by town officials who dislike the cults.  Although they are able to repel the assaults, the three decide it would be best if the left the city.

  • On their way out, they run into Harris who agrees to take them through the rest of Icefia, for a small fee.


Session 5:  Treachery at Sea Again (22 Wavery 778 to 30 Wavery 778)

  • Harris takes them to the docks the long way and back to the Wayard, which is now sailing for Colonye in Icefia.

  • While on the ship, a variety of strange incidents occur, nearly sinking the ship.  They discover that some force is looking to sink the ship, or at least kill most on board.

  • After the discover that it is the cleric of Lakius that they had driven off the ship, the captain and his new ship mage track down the cleric.  He is hiding in the sea caves along the shore.  Grimdrek and company offer to go deal with the cleric.

  • In the cave, the are forced to fight in and under water against a variety of summoned foes.  But they overwhelm the cleric and kill him.

  • They reach Colonye.  As soon as they disembark, they are met by <a href="../NPCs/Martine%20Vanyar.htm">Martine Vanyar</a>, who tells them that their arrival is well known and that they will accompany him to see the king.


Session 6: 

A King and a Bulette

(1 Trest 778 to 17 Trest 778)

  • After a short trip from Colonye to Messada, the group is given an audience with the king and his court.

  • Grimdrek tells the king of his mission from Nomargok.  The king agrees to allow him to set up a shrine to Drunnbar in the city as a show of good faith.  In return for this favor, the king asks that Grimdrek and Reik join a group that is investigating problems at the newly re-opened northern mines.  Grimdrek agrees.

  • Solaris agrees to help, to spread the good deeds of Hemator, and Harris agrees to help for a fee.  They are joined by Rathos, Gno and Dovan.  Rathos is a representative of the Bardic College; Dovan of the Guardian temple, and Gno of the Ice Gnomes.

  • The group sets off for the north.  After two weeks of travel, they are attacked by a Bullette, which hunts them for several days before they kill it.  It is obvious for the actions of the normally simple minded beast that it is following the orders of some other intelligence.


Session 7: 

The Roads are Even Wild (18 Trest 778 to 6 Huenti 778)

  • For weeks, the group continues their march to the northern mines.  Although they run into few real dangers, they are constantly harassed by small predators that should not be bothering them.

  • Before they reach the town, the find that the main bridge over a chasm to reach the town has been destroyed.


Session 8:  Near Frozen Stiff (6 Huenti 778 to 9 Huenti 778)

  • When the finally reach the northern mine, and its sister town Fraullope, they discover that the town is in fear and the mine has been all but abandoned.  They tell Grimdrek and company of strange beardless dwarves they haunt the tunnels.

  • After some investigation, Solaris determines that they are not undead, and the group decides to go into the mines.

Session 9:  What Awaits Below (6 Huenti 778 to 15 Huenti 778)

  • A week of investigating the mines leads them to only one encounter with the strange dwarves.  The group kills two that appeared to be scouts.  They discover a meeting hall that looks to be in use.

  • After long hours of planning and preparation, the group awaits the next meeting from a hidden cave.


Session 10:  What Awaits Below Part 2 (16 Huenti 778)

  • As the strange dwarves are about to meet, the group springs into action.

  • Solaris demands they surrender and explain themselves.  The dwarves reply with fiery magic and a fight ensues.

  • The group works well and defeats over fifty of the dwarves, killing a dozen and driving the rest off.  Unfortunately, they are not able to capture any.


Session 11:  Comes the Festival (16 Huenti 778 to 15 Leenot 778)

  • The group exits the cave and tells of what they saw.  The miners decide to collapse certain areas where the strange dwarves were seen.

  • The town leaders praise the group and invite them to stay through the Day of Light celebrations.

  • Grimdrek and Reik are allowed to establish a shrine to Drunnbar.