Cults of Law Season 2: 12-23

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Session 12:  A Kingly Mount (16 Leenot 778 to 7 Mafeeti 778)

  • After setting up the shrine to Drunnbar at the northern mines, they travel south to head back to the king and report what has happened.  They also want to check on the status of the new shrine in Messada.

  • On the road south, they are attacked by a pack of wolves.  The wolves are lead by several winter wolves.  They defeat the wolves, but are surprised by their appearance deep in the summer. and so far south.

  • The group overtakes a caravan heading south as well.  They caravan has captured a dire mountain lion that it is taking to a zoo.  Grimdrek sees a scar on the lion that resembles a rune of Drunnbar.  He buys the lion from the caravan and begins to train it. 


Session 13:  All Hail the Queen (8 Mafeeti 778 to 19 Mafeeti 778)

  • The group reaches the city of Degalas, where the Queen of the West lives.

  • After exchanging pleasantries with the queen, word arrives that the group is wanted by the High King for unnamed crimes.  They are to be escorted to Messada.  The queen does not agree with the king's decision and lets the group travel south to Cape Tolya.

  • On the trip south, the group is forced to defeat several Icefian units.


Session 14:  What a Mess You've Gotten Into (20 Mafeeti 778 to 15 Napay 778)

  • When the group reaches Cape Tolya, they discover that the Wayward is at port in the city.  The go to the ship, where they discover that the captain will not disembark to talk with them because he is wanted for crimes.  He tells them that he believes the charges against them, the murder of the ships wizard and cleric of Lakius aboard his ship, are trumped up charges.

  • Before they can decide what to do, a large squad of Icefian soldiers arrives to arrest the group.  As the first is about to begin, the captain disembarks.  He tells the soldiers who he is, a former Icefian captain wanted for several crimes.  He says that if they will allow the other to go, he will turn himself in without a fight.  As the soldiers discuss, the captain tries to formally sell his ship to Grimdrek, so as to avoid it falling in to the hands of the government.  Grimdrek and the others refuse, except Gno, who becomes captain.

  • The group quickly embarks and sails out.

  • On the ship, they meet a former Yellowia soldier named Faylin.  He is traveling the world in search of adventure.


Session 15:  Pick Your Poison (16 Napay 778 to 14 Progonust 778)

  • After quickly realizes that he has no idea how to captain a ship, Gno begins to learn from the first mate and other crew.  He agrees to continue the Wayward's standard routes, the next of which will take the ship to Megenthia.

  • While sailing, Gno's curiosity gets the better of him and he takes the ship off course.

  • They sail dangerously close to pirate waters, and are attacked by three ships.  One of the pirate ships attempts to board the Wayward, and is so quickly and easily repelled that the other back off.

  • The damaged Wayward puts anchor at an uncharted island.  When the group goes on to the island to gather supplies, they encounter vile undead, who appear to be the remnants of the crews of other ships that came near the island.  Dovan and Solaris lead the attack and defeat all of the nearby undead.  They guard the others while they gather the needed supplies.

  • After the repairs are made, they set sail.


Session 16:  Enter the Stalker (15 Progonust 778 to 25 Progonust 778)

  • The Wayward heads to the closest port to make permanent repairs.  They arrive at Port Talp.

  • After several days of rest and touring the city, the group is accosted by a lone figure in the street.  He announces that he is the <a href="../NPCs/Vistrani%20Fell.htm">Stalker of the Dead</a> and that he is there to kill Solaris.  The group objects and a fight begins.  The Stalker kills Harris and nearly kills virtually everyone else when the city's constables arrive.  The constables simply try to stop the fight, but the Stalker kills several of them.  Finally, the city's golems arrive to break up the fight.  Although the Stalker destroys one of the golems, he is finally forced to flee.

  • Solaris is able to convince the cleric of Hemator in the city to quickly return Harris to life for dying defending him.  The cleric agrees and Harris is revived.

  • After seeing the horrors the group has encountered after little more than a month, Faylin decides to return to Yellowia.

  • The group leaves of the Wayward towards Megenthia.


Session 17:  Giant Siege (26 Progonust 778 to 18 Baston Sun 778)

  • As the Wayward nears Megenthia, they notice large fires north of the city.  As the ship approaches, they see that the harbor is blocked off by a massive chain, and ballista and catapult shot nearly destroy the ship.

  • The group, without captain Gno, rows to the city in a life boat.  The quickly discover that the city is being held hostage by a dozen fire giants that have built a fort north of the city.  They are preventing ships from entering the harbor and cutting off trade.  The city has sent word to nearby <a href="../Nations/Jaswap.htm">Jaswap</a> for aid, but they say it will be days before help arrives.

  • The group decides that it will aid the city.  Solaris, Reik, and Grimdrek want to spread the good deeds of their deities, while Harris simply agrees to do it for a good share of the loot in the fort.  Along with the bravest of the city's guards and the Wayward's artillery from the sea, they set out a plan to take the fort.



18:  Giant Siege Part 2 (19 Baston Sun 778 to 29 Baston Sun 778)

  • After days of planning and scouting, the group attacks at night.  The Wayward launches barrages of catapult and ballista towards the fort, which returns fire.  Harris and crew charge the fort on foot.  The fight is long a brutal.  A dozen guards from Megenthia die and the Wayward is forced to withdraw, but not before it knocks down one of the fort's walls.  Harris and the group fall back after defeating half of the giants.  With the fort severely damages, half of their soldiers unable to work,  and the knowledge that the soldiers of Jaswap are coming, the giants retreat into the desert.


Session 19:  Fire in Jaswap (30 Baston Sun 778 to 16 Smofena 779)

  • The leaders of Megenthia heap thanks and reward on the group for their aid.  The Wayward docks while it is repaired.

  • The soldiers from Jaswap arrive, lead by Gamnin Trace, and are told of the events of the past month.  They ask the group if they will come to Jaswap where the giants are mounted one of their yearly attacks.  Seeing an opportunity to continue to spread the word of Drunnbar and Hemator, they agree.  Gno stays behind to work on the Wayward.  Rathos and Harris agree to continue for a fee.

  • When they reach Jaswap, they are told of the giants massing miles from the city.  They are shown the city and introduced to the leaders.  The group finds boarding in the city and begins to learn and plan.

  • After several weeks, Grimdrek and Reik are set upon by a wizard named Leo the Torch.  He almost kill them before Harris and the others arrive.  The torch challenges Grimdrek to a duel of magic versus mundane.  Grimdrek agrees.  Five days later, the two meet in one of the city's many arenas.  Grimdrek kills Leo.

Session 20:  Hulks in Jaswap (16 Smofena 779 to 7 Kiusta


  • After his defeat of the torch, Grimdrek is allowed to build a shrine to Drunnbar.  For months, the group preaches to those who will listen.  Harris and the others wait for the giants to attack.

  • During this time, the group meets to others the city has hired to help against the giants, Ajax and Knot.  The orcish paladin and bugbear warrior take a liking to the others and the new larger group continues to wait and plan.

  • Months after they arrived, the clerics of Jaswap discover that a tunnel is being dug under the city.  The group is sent to investigate.  They find the giants have enslaved a dozen umber hulks and are forcing them to dig a massive tunnel into the city.  While they are able to kill most of the hulks, it is not without loss.  Dovan is killed, and the giants escape with Grimdrek and Knot as prisoners.


Session 21:  Taken from Jaswap (7 Kiusta 779 to 19 Kiusta 779)

  • Harris and the others rest for a day, and then set out to find their companions.  They catch up to the giants after nearly a week.  Along with some Jaswapan soldiers, they kill the giants and collect their friends.  They then rush back to Jaswap.


Session 22:  Efreeti in Jaswap (19 Kiusta 779 to 27 Kiusta 779)

  • Several days after returning, news reaches the group that a fiery creature has driven the miners out of the new tunnel.  The miners were preparing to collapse the tunnel when they were attacked.

  • Some quick investigation reveals that the creature is an Efreeti.  The group readies itself and they head back into the cave.  The battle is quick and the Efreeti is defeated.  Just as they are about to leave the cave, the giants attack.


Session 23:  Leave it all Behind (27 Kiusta 779 to 9 Mafeeti 779)

  • The battle in Jaswap plays out as it has many times before.  The giants attack is repulsed, thanks in some part to Grimdrek, Harris and the others.

  • Gamnin offers most of them a chance to stay in Jaswap, a rare reward from a city official.  Only Knot accepts.

  • Everyone except Ajax heads back to Icefia.  Ajax heads back towards his homeland to the east.