Day Turned Dark Events (season 1: 1-11)

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Return to The Day Turned Dark

Session 1:  The First Apprentice (10 Trest 779 to 13 Trest 779)

  • Having gathered new friends to fight the agents of the Day Turned Dark, Daane tells them that they must search an estate near the edge of Port Springs.  It was home to a wizard named Allar, who he and Keldaan and others killed a few months ago.  The wizard was a member of the Day Turned Dark.

  • For'Jeck, Daane, Keldaan, and Montaron go to the house and look around.

  • At the house, they are attacked by a were-bat.  Daane and Keldaan notice the creature is familiar and determine that it is one of Allar's appretices.  They are able to kill the apprentice and leave the house.


Session 2:   The First Arrest (13 Trest 779 to 15 Trest 779)

  • After a day of rest,

    the group returns to the estate.  Before they can get there, Daane is arrested for trespassing.  Someone had seen and recognized him the night before on Allar's estate.  The others go back to the estate, accompanied by Vega and Mathias.  They find another entrance, this one leads into the basement.  While entering, they are trapped in the entrance hall.  They solve the riddle that opens the door ahead just in time before they are

    buried alive.
  • In the basement, they discover several rooms, each with the name of three apprentices.


Session 3:   A Wizard's Cellar is Called a Dungeon (15 Trest 779 to 17 Trest 779)

  • They group continues to investigate the basement, spending a night in the massive underground labyrinth.  They discover a summoning room and a hook horror which is trapped and has had in feet removed.  The horror is trapped behind a pit and appears to be in bad shape.

  • They are then attacked by the second apprentice, this one is a were-rat.  They are losing the fight until For'Jeck decides to unleash the hook horror.  The creature attacks one of its captures, the were-rat, and kills it.  For'Jeck names the creature Bender.

  • They leave and return the next day to search further with the newly released Daane.


Session 4:  Dangerous Pets (17 Trest 779 to 19 Trest 779)

  • The group comes across the name of a dwarf who they know to have been kidnapped not long ago.  He is nowhere in the estate.

  • The group is then attacked by the last apprentice, a were-wolf, and his wolf minions.  Once again with Bender's help they claim victory.  They do not kill the last apprentice, Ettude, who escapes into the mountains.

  • While still in the basement, they discover a room with barrels of beer and some coin.  When they go to collect the coin, they are attacked by a giant snake, which kills Vega.  The group quickly leaves and has to use all that they found in the basement to pay for Vega to be brought back to life.


Session 5:  The Search is On (19 Trest 779 to 21 Trest 779)

  • The group searches the city for the dwarf named Thaggar. 

  • The search takes them to the docks and an inn named Matnard's Hook.  While asking questions at the inn, the group is assaulted by some sailors.  A friend of Daane's, a dwarven bard named Thoma steps in and helps them.  The fight is finally ended when the Dock Warden, a Sledgehammer dwarf and constable stops the fight.

  • The next day, the group returns to Maynard's Hook to search around more.  Vega finds a hidden room that appears to hold prisoners in the basement.  The group goes to investigate the basement when they set off an arcane trap.  Giant animated ants begin to step out of two guardian statues in the room.  The group flees and tries to fight them off.  Once again, the Dock Warden arrives to help them and defeat the creatures.

  • They find out that he will be transferred to a ship and taken from Port Springs.


Session 6:  The Trial is On (21 Trest 779 to 23 Trest 779)

  • They find Thaggar and begin to ask him what has happened.  Thaggar stays at Mathias' home.

  • The rest of the group is arrested for trespassing and other crimes at Maynard's Hookthat night by the Constable Chief Dargoo.  Two days later they are tried by Judge Cromnar Mountainmagic in a trial that the chief constable deems unfair.  As they are being lead off, Mathias and Dargoo tell them that help will come.

  • The group is sent to the prison, which is a week's walk north.  This is odd, since their sentence is a short one.  Also strange is that For'Jeck is not sent north with them.


Session 7:  A Shortened Sentence (24 Trest 779 to 2 Huenti 779)

  • On the road north, a rock slide knocks the group off the path and away from the hundred or so other prisoners and guards.  The rock slide is so precise, that none could believe it was anything but magic.

  • Vega, Daane, Montaron, and Keldaan decide to continue north as they believe the prison is closer than Port Springs and they have little to survive on in the wilderness.  While walking, they are attacked by a shadow panther.  It knocks out both Daane and Montaron.  Vega and Keldaan fight it off from atop a large boulder until it retreats.  The groups now rushes north and reaches the prison.

  • Once there, they explain their situation to Kort Onlyeye and Ponmot Stonespell, a frost giant and cleric of Han~Sui who act as the wardens.  They do not believe the group until a dwarf tries to kill them on night.  From then on, Kort and Ponmot put them in protective custody.  After a month, they are sent back to Port Springs.

Session 8:  The Pale Beards (28 Kiusta 779 to 30 Kiusta 779)

  • When they return to Port Springs, Thaggar is gone.  They are approached by a city representative named Koddan.  He tells them that he knows of Allar's organization, which is called the Day Turned Dark.  He also says that he knows of a group that is allied to them called the Pale Beards.  Koddan suggests that they find and talk to some Pale Beards.

  • With Vega leading, the group goes to find some Pale Beards, who they learn are a guild of thieves and the like.  They are able to subdue and interrogate a few, but learn nothing of the Day Turned Dark or Allar.


Session 9:  The First Bounty (1 Leenot 779 to 3 Leenot


  • While at Mathias' home discussing what has happened, they group is attacked by a Pale Beard assassin, known as a Shaver.  The group fights the shaver and his associates to a draw.  Vega and the shaver talk and the group learns that the Pale Beards don't like the Day Turned Dark.  Whoever sent them after the Pale Beards has a different agenda then believed.  The Shaver also tells them that Daane has a bounty on his head.

  • The next day, as the group begins to piece things together, they are attacked by a bounty hunter, a Horarian monk.  They are able to defeat him, and interrogate him.  His name is Ca'mashi and he is a sailor aboard the Three Ways Home.   He tells them it was a dwarven carpenter that came to his ship and told the captain of the bounty.  Vega tells Ca'mashi that they will not turn him into the constables if he helps them.  Ca'mashi agrees.



10:  A Time for Politics (3 Leenot 779 to 13 Leenot


  • The group goes to their ally the Dock Warden and enlist him to help find the ship which takes the dwarves away from Port Springs.

  • Meanwhile, Mathias begins to investigate the representative Koddan.

  • The Vega spends time with the Shaver to determine who their allies and enemies are and where they can go next.

  • After a week, the group finds out that Ca'mashi's ship is the one that has been transporting the dwarves kidnapped by the Day Turned Dark.



11:  The First Bad Plan (14 Leenot 779 to 15 Leenot


  • Having discovered the ship which is taking the kidnapped dwarves away from Port Springs, Daane and the other decide to investigate the ship.

  • They make a plan in which For'Jeck will create a distraction with the Dock Warden.  Mathias can't get involved, so he goes home.  The others will sneak on and look around.  The distraction works and Daane, Keldaan, Ca'mashi, Vega, and Montaron get aboard.  While on the ship, they discover the destinations for the ship and where they keep the captives.

  • Below deck, Ca'Mashi leads them to the captains room.  It is not the right room, but is trapped with a tentacles spell.  An alarm is sounded and the fight begins.  The group is trapped below decks, with only Vega able to sneak off the ship.  Montaron and Vega are captured after being knocked out.  Keldaan and Ca'Mashi are forced to jump over board and swim away.