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Allar -  The leader of the Day Turned Dark.  He was a rival of Daane that killed Daane first group of friends, except Keldan who only survived after having much of his life force drained.  None of the others have ever seen Allar, even though he has tormented them for years.  He lives in Port Springs, even after his apparent

death at the hands of Daane.



Ettude - One of Allar's three apprentices.  He was turned into a were-wolf by Allar.  After his master's death, Ettude lived partly at Allar's old estate with the other apprentices, but he also made a home among the wolves in the forest nearby.



Bender - A once-lame hook horror that was chained in Allar's basement and kept as a guard.  The group encountered him on their first trip into Allar's estate.  They freed and befriended him, mostly due to For'Jeck.  They put him in a cave nearby Port Springs and tended to him regularly since his lack of lower legs prevented him from taking care of himself.  Bender helped the group out several times over the year until For'Jeck was arrested and the group couldn't tend to Bender.  When they finally returned to him, he was controlled and they once again had to free him.  They were successful and took him on a hunt into the mountain.  During the hunt, the lame Bender could not keep up and had to be left behind.  When he returned to nearby his cave, For'Jeck had permanently left and the group tried to tend to him as best they could.  After four year of living uncomfortably, Montaron was finally able to grow Bender's legs and the hook horror was able to help the group again.



'Cromnar'Mountainmagic - Suspected corrupt dwaven judge in Port Springs.  The groups believes him to be connected to the activities of the day turned dark, as well as setting up Enzo and company for his own attempted murder.  He is a cleric of Everentual.



Koddan Stonespell - A city representative and known member of the day turned dark.  He has mislead the group and often tried to have them arrested.  

'Harptorn'Mountainmagic - Montaron's brother who was sent to find Montaron.  After successfully returning Montaron to their father, he then had to chase his brother again when Montaron and the other escaped the family home town.  Harptorn finally tracked them down in Port Springs with the help of the bounty hunter Breach.  In the fight that ensued, Harptorn was killed by a raging For'Jeck.  This caused Montaron's family to disown him



Daraph - A knight of the white sword stationed in Port Springs.  His investigations into the day turned dark lead him to be captured and held at Allar's estate.  The group used his form to mislead the group.


Gnellis - A gnomish warrior of the guardian temple that traveled with the group trying to rescue Dovan.  He is a crafter and archer.