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Symbol of Everentual

Pronounced [ev er en tu' al]

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The high judge of the deities, Everentual is a servant of the Counsil in much the same way Forsha once was and Han~Sui currently is.  Unlike those deities,

Everentual has garnered few faithful.


While his position grants him much power over what is done with the deities, that power has not given him a great many faithful.  Only the elite worship Everentual.  He appeals to those that are in power, ruling over others.  Since there are always more taking orders than giving them, Everentual’s pool of possible followers is small.


Those that worship him are fanatical and demanding.  They enforce every edict he declares.  They are pitiless to the cults.


The other deities of the Counsil abide by Everentual’s decisions.  While some do not agree, the mandate to the judges is final and unwavering.  To Everentual, any deity that does not agree with a decision the judges have made is in error.  His clerics are no different.


The other religions respect but avoid the clerics of Everentual, who are seen as impractical and always find some flaw with clerics of other deities.  The cults despise Everentual’s clerics, who take nothing into consideration before condemning them on principle.


The great judge has never graced his followers with an appearance.  Many renditions of his appearance have been created, but none have ever taken hold as the definitive version.


Power:  Lesser God

Symbol: The scales with a hammer and a bell replacing the two scales.

Alignment:  True Neutral

Aspects:  Judges, Impassive Equality & Fairness, Neutrality

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Judgment, Knowledge, The Law, Time

Prayer Time: Any time of the cleric's choosing, but must be consistent each year

Favored Weapon:  Hammer

Turn Undead:  Command Race (same as command undead, but usually against members of the cleric’s own race)

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  none


High Temple Hertoplowis

High Cleric:  Grant of the Scales

Number of Faithful:  300,000

Associated Groups:  The Judges Guild


            Dogma:  Everyone is judged at all times.  The soul cannot be hidden or changed and is therefore the ultimate measurement.  To be fair and equal in all things is the goal.  Action should only be taken after long deliberation, and even then only when absolutely necessary.  Only the foolish take extreme views.  Death comes the same to all.  Only the soul returns to life after death.  The actions of a soul in one life affect its station in the next.

            Feast Day: 20th Coustus  

Everentual Proverb - "Everything forbidden is sweet."