Humans of Astilan

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There are two branches of humanity on Astilan. The common humans, who are typically just referred to as humans, and Caucasian colored skin and live in most of the regions of the world. The second branch of humanity are called the Rivermen. They live only in places where there is often water; which leaves out the deserts. They have brown skin.


When it comes down to basics, the lines of humanity are only slightly different from each other.

• Humans are medium-sized

• Humans have a speed of 30 feet

• Humans gain proficiency in one skill of their choice

• Humans receive a +1 to two ability scores of their choice

• Humans gain one feat of their choice

• Humans speak their own language and one of the following: Elven, Dwarven, Grwees, Halfling, Nipeete, Gnomish, and Tyrag.