Mounted Events (season 2: 12-22)

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Return to Mounted

Session 12:  Men as Big as Monsters (3 Leenot 781 to 17 Leenot 781)

  • The group decides to travel south first to meet with General Steelblade and talk with him about the king's recent decisions and actions.

  • On the road south, they encounter a Bullette.  They kill it and are tempted to find its lair, but decide against it.

  • Farther south on the road, the group is assaulted by giant beetles.  The group realizes the insects were summoned, but once again decide to continue south instead of finding the cause.

  • When the group reaches the northern edge of the pass, they are confronted by a large human who announces himself to be Lord Wyrmhawk.  He says that the group are known criminals and that the king has ordered their arrest.  He is there to take them it.  Lord Wyrmhawk oddly suggests a fight between three members of the group and himself.  If he wins, they surrender, if they win, he will guide them through the pass.  The group quickly agrees.  Ash, Daane, and Vor'Ruk fight Lord Wyrmhawk.  As Daane distracts the Lord will his dazzling swordplay, Ash fires dozens of arrows and Vor'Ruk charges.  The Lord quickly kills Vor'Ruk.  The battle seemed lost, but Daane's skill was displayed as truly impressive.  The Lord wore down, unable to finish Daane off.  Finally, after the eighth arrow drove into the Lord's armor, he conceded.

  • Lord Wyrmhawk sent word to an ally cleric to come and help Vor'Ruk.  he then took the group through the pass, explaining that he does not support the king's current orders, but is forced to accept them.  Lord Wyrmhawk challenged the king's law and in turn the king's champion, and lost.

  • The group reaches the southern entrance to the pass.


Session 13:  Follow the General (18 Leenot 781 to 19 Leenot 781)

  • After talking to the

    townsfolk south of the pass, the group learns that the General for whom they are searching is with his army to the west.  They are hunting the hill giants as ordered by the king.  The group goes

  • They reach the encampment and are soon brought to speak to General Steelblade and his advisors.  After some discussion over the legitimacy of the mission, the general has some doubts, but insists on seeing the mission through.  Vor'Ruk suggests that he and the rest of the group take the place of many of the soldiers, to both prove their honesty and to prevent unneeded hardship for the soldiers.  General Steelblade agrees.

  • They plan their assault into the hills.  Before they begin, however, the general insists on the completion of an old tradition whenever a Silversword meets a Knight of the White Sword, of which the general is one.  Daane and he compete in a non-lethal duel.  Although the general looks to have the duel won, at the last moment Daane is able to disarm the general and win honor for the Silverswords.

  • The next morning, the group moves into the hills, accompanied by the general and one unit of rangers.  They get into position for the battle and put the plan in motion.


Session 14:   Giants as Big as Hills (19 Leenot 781 to 2 Mafeeti 781)

  • The general and the group battle the Hill Giants in their village.  After luring the giants out of the town, they defeat they, including the giant carrying the relic of the Cult of the Slaughter that they had sought.

  • The group returns to the camp where they rest before heading back towards Yellowia.  They convince the general to take a trip to see the king, who had sent him on this mission.  The general is not convinced that the giant was nearly the threat that the king's orders had made him out to be.

  • After the group reaches the town on the southern side of the pass, they begin to rest, but are soon told that there is man waiting to see Ajax.  The group quickly discovers the man, who turns out to be a Hobgoblin, and a Tyradin of Sutyr.  The Tyradin and Ajax meet along in a stable to talk.  The Tyradin has been sent to stop Ajax.  They agree to fight an honorable duel.

  • The duel begins outside, and even though Ajax tells is friends to not interfere, Ty does.  The Tyradin, angered but not foolish, retreats from the field after the interference.


Session 15:  Trolling Along (2 Mafeeti 781 to 21 Mafeeti 781)

  • The group begins its long journey north towards the Orcish Empire.

  • They travel through the pass and into central Yellowia.  Along their way, they come across a unit of Yellowian soldiers battling a over a dozen trolls.  The group decides to help the soldiers.

  • The battle is long, but the soldiers and the group are victorious.  In the troll's possession, they find an old sword baring the marks of the Truheart.  The soldiers explain that a troll attack is uncommon.  The group debates whether they should track any more trolls in the area to improve their tarnished reputation, or if they should continue north to the empire.

  • They finally agree to travel north.  The stop at Lord Poed's estate before continuing.


Session 16:  College Collection (21 Mafeeti 781 to 1 Napay 781)

  • The northerly trek takes the group to the Bardic College.  Once there, they rest.

  • After a day, the lady of the college and the head of the Truheart Estate demands the sword they have discovered.  With her is an friend of hers from Icefia named <a href="../Player%20Characters/Cloud.htm">Cloud</a>.  The group refuses to give up the sword and a battle begins.  The college's guards are no match for the group, but Cloud is a powerful Elemental Caster who mostly subdues them.  When summoned creatures finally wrestle the sword away from Vor'Ruk, Lady Truheart tries to teleport away.  Instead of her Teleporting, however, the spell is co-opted, and a giant Slaadi, known to Daane as the Collector, appears.  It demands the Ring of Chaos worn by Ty.  Ty tries to evade the Collector, but to no avail.  The creature drags Ty and the ring away despite the rest of the group's efforts.

  • Lady Truheart and most of the college guards and residents quickly disperse.  The head guard, and orc, tells the group that soldiers are on their way.  At that point, the elderly, retired Grandmaster of the Order of the Truheart arrives.  She dismisses all charges against the group on her lands, but bids them race north away from the soldiers.  The group leaves.  Susaana remains at the college.

  • After days of travel north, avoiding any large towns, the group makes it to the road connecting the kingdom and empire.  They meet up with a caravan and ride together.

  • Three days on to the road, they see a horde of Muletvlen rushing towards them.  They prepare to battle the creatures.  Right before the battle is engaged, Malchia transforms into a dragon, causing most of the Muletvlen and most of the caravan to flee.  Vor'Ruk, who is unflinching, and Malchia are able to finish off the remaining Muletvlen and collect the caravan members.


Session 17:  Back to the Empire, Back to the Drow (1 Napay 781 to 16 Napay 781)

  • The caravan reaches the city of Lépcsõfok.  From there, they decide to first go to the town of Hiver'Tuk, where the Gor'Mot is waiting for them to return his sword and tell them of the dead Bullette.

  • On the road west, they are again ambushed by the drow hunter and his gang.  This time, the drow does not escape, and is not captured, he is finally killed.  Most of his gang runs off, but the liche vows vengeance.


Session 18:  Diseases Mundane and Arcane (16 Napay 781 to 25 Napay 781)

  • The rest of the road to Hiver'Tuk is a hard one.  While constantly harassed by the liche's spells, Wilham and Ash become ill from the bite of the waste mites.  The orcs are naturally immune to the disease they carry.  Malchia also falls ill, but Ajax is able to heal him.

  • The group reaches Hiver'Tuk.  The healers learn that Ash and Wilham need to be healed or they will die within weeks.  Gor'Mot sends for a healer, but it will take ten days for one of the needed power to arrive.  Gor'Mot tells the group that there is a hunt on for some fugitive Stone Giants, and that many thousands of soldiers are within days of Hiver'Tuk.  He says that one of those divisions must have a healer capable of saving their friends.

  • Ajax, Rompei, Malchia, and Vor'Ruk set out to find soldiers.  After several days, they find a a group lead by Lowtor Fangor Firk Tuskenhammer, a dwarf.  He agrees to send aid to Hiver'Tuk, if the group will then help him find the giants.  The group agrees and the healers are sent to Hiver'Tuk.

  • Ash and Wilham are healed.  After the sword is given to Gor'Mot, he agrees to allow Malchia to keep his gauntlet.  A short celebration commemorating the death of the Bullette is held before the group and Firk leave.

Session 19:  Giant Prey (25 Napay 781 to 12 Baston Sun 781)

  • The group begins to pay off its debt by tracking the rogue giants.  Wilham and Ash lead the army for weeks in search of the giants.

  • Finally, the army and the group trap the giants on a well-fortified hill top.

  • The giants demand that a cleric of Tyrogatore be brought to settle the claim.  Firk refuses, saying he already has the warrant.

  • The group and Firk draw up a battle plan.  The soldiers will advance, using all of there anti-giant techniques.  The group's task will be to occupy the giants long enough for the army to reach near the top of the hill.

  • Wilham and Ajax refuse to take part in the battle.  Malchia circle above, trying to deiced what to do.  Ash sneaks on to the hilltop.  As the soldiers approach, the giants begin to bombard them.  Almost immediately, Vor'Ruk charges up the hill, protected by blessings and enchantments.  As he begins his charge, Ash moves into position.  Almost simultaneously, Ash drives three arrows into the back of an unsuspecting giant, who collapses; and Vor'Ruk and Vigor leap the fortifications, driving his lance through the chest of a giant.

  • With two of their ranks slain in seconds and from nowhere, the leader of the giants quickly surrenders.


Session 20:  Undead Barrage (12 Baston Sun 781 to 5 Coustus 782)

  • The group and the army lead the giants towards Melg.  On the way there, they are set upon by a variety of undead.  One attack involves a gang of specters and the spells of the Liche.  While the assault is terrifying and lengthy, the group and the army destroy the specters and drive off the Liche.  And handful of dwarves are killed in the battle.

  • After two more weeks of travel, they all reach Melg.


Session 21:  An Emperor's Command (5 Coustus 782 to 20 Coustus 782)

  • The giants part ways with he group and the  soldiers once they reach Melg.  Firk orders his troops south to Lépcsõfok.  Then he and the group wait for an audience with the emperor.

  • They are finally granted a meeting, and they discuss all that they have learned about the Muletvlen.  The emperor does not seem impressed by the story, but finally relents to allow Firk to take 2,000 soldiers into the wastelands to ascertain the threat posed by the Muletvlen.  The group agrees to travel with Firk.

  • The group and Firk travel south to Lépcsõfok where they collect their troops and leave for the wastelands.

  • After several days of searching for the perfect position, Wilham and Malchia find a valley that fits the description Firk had given.  It has a large base with two relatively narrow entrances on either side.  The walls are too sheer to climb.  The army makes for the valley.

  • One their way, they are followed by a gathering group of Muletvlen.  The creatures attacks as soon as the army reaches the valley and stops.  The battle is quick and decisive.  The outnumbered Muletvlen are decimated before retreating.  Then the drums begin and the Muletvlen horde begins to form.

  • After a day, Wilham and Malchia report that near 20,000 Muletvlen have gathered.


Session 22:  The Battle of Muletvlen Gorge (20 Coustus 782 to 2 Smofena 782)

  • The group plans the battle with the Lowtor Fangor.  Vor'Ruk will lead the cavalry.  Ajax is to remain with the artillery and defend against any evil or vile intruders.  Wilham and Malchia will fly above and do what they can with arrow and spell.  Ash will join the archers.

  • The engineer's pile the dead Muletvlen from the first battle into a V shape, funneling them to a five foot gap.  Lartan, after being enchanted heavily, waits in the gap.

  • When the Muletvlen begin their charge into the valley from both ends, Malchia and Wilham systematically pick off the glowing leaders.

  • The horde on the western side hits the wall of dead bodies and stone, funneling towards the killing machine that is Lartan.  Over that wall pour hundreds of bolts and arrows.

  • When the wall collapses, Firk retreats and the horde hits the front line.  The other side is already engaged.

  • As Wilham and Malchia kill all the glowing leaders, the Muletvlen begin to lose organization.  Vor'Ruk leads a cavalry charge to the side of the collapsed wall, which is weaker.

  • A gargantuan Centipede emerges from the ground under the army.  Ajax and Ash attack it with the help of some soldiers.

  • Vor'Ruk's return charge is much more successful, and the Muletvlen left charge is nearly broken.

  • The centipede is killed and the soldiers are able to focus again on the Muletvlen.

  • The sound of horns announce the arrival of Yellowian cavalry.  There are only one hundred, but they throw the back ranks of the Muletvlen into complete disorder.

  • The Muletvlen break ranks and flee.  The battle is won.  The Yellowian captain says that he had been ordered by Lord Poed to guard a caravan traveling north to the Orcish Empire.  It is clear Lord Poed had other intentions in sending them.

  • The group and army travel to Lépcsõfok, where they are rewarded and praised for the accomplishment.

  • Vor'Ruk is given a promotion and is put in charge of Firk's cavalry.  Ajax says that he will travel to Lynkeed, where the orcish army is planning to go next in hopes of helping the population deal with the change.  Ash and Wilham leave for Yellowia.  Daane and Malchia leave to go to the Bardic College of Icefia.