NPC's for the Unexpected Companions

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Return to Unexpected Companions

Season 1

- Harmon, a young halfling that stile a valuable family heirloom basket in hopes that it would help him find the heroes that destroyed Kallark.

- Kamari, jungle elven grovetender of the elven jungles who finds the group near the pit of spiders and helps them out of it.

- Elaina Alaraygen, the human cleric in charge of the temple of Tfop in Magenthia.

- Tansin, the human grovetender of Magenthia who gives the group information about the basket.

- Hessen, the Amatine Gnome Duke of Arbuckle who was hired by Malchia to collect the group.

- Evanni, former captain of the Guardian of the Tides who the group finds with Veronika.

- Tomas Greatforest, high cleric of Habastly who shelters and helps the group since they brought the basket to the high temple.

- Dootin, cleric of Smofarf in Habastalai.

- Tomin, cleric of the Oldest Orc and librarian of Habastalai.

Season 2

- Justene, an agent of Hertoplowis who collected information about LOAHK for the companions and helped guide the mission.