Solaris' Heroes Events (season 1: 1-13)

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Return to Solaris' Heroes

Session 1:  A Gathering of Undead Haters (16 Smofena 785 to

15 Praemon 785)

  • Over the course of three weeks, Solaris travels the world at the guidance of Hemator.  He collects a variety of allies that will help him overcome the undead that were released in Pacyr in response to the rise of Solaris.  They gather in the Rosetree Forest.  Solaris explains the objectives.  The group is introduced.

  • Solaris tells the group that first, they will go to nearby Barnstenagor.  Two of his allies, Koth and Malek, need help with undead in their land.  After a battle a year earlier, some creature of necromancer has arrived and is creating undead from the dead.  The group agrees to help and after three days they plan on leaving.  Daron, the great swords maker of the elves, offers to give the group magical weapons to aid them.

  • Solaris travels with the group for three days and then leaves them, because he can be easily detected by any undead.  The first night after he leaves, the group is attacked by Wyverns.  They kill one of the Wyverns and drive off the rest, narrowly escaping death.

  • Two days later, as a storm approaches, the group finds odd mounds in the ground and uncovers an entrance to an underground something.  After a few minutes, they open the ramp and see two large zombie trolls.  Isi flies into a rage and charges.


Session 2:  Tested by Zombies (15 Praemon 785 to 18 Praemon 785)

  • Isi charges down the

    ramp and attacks.  Olokas and Saren follow.  Emmerick waits outside and Ri remains out to hold the ramp open.  After moments, two more troll zombies join the fight.  Ri lets the ramp begin to close and enters to join the fight, as does Emmerick.  The troll zombies are being lead by a skeleton, which remains behind them.  The fight does not go well.  The group is forced to hold the ramp open at the last moment and climb out.  After

    healing, they leave towards the town of Hilltops.
  • The rain comes and the sun sets.  Hours later, Saren's house dismisses.  Saren senses the approach of evil from behind and soon they see four troll zombies and a skeleton nearing.  They spread out and Olokas entangles the group.  Magical rays leap out from the skeleton.  The trolls escape the entangle.  The group fights towards the skeleton.  Isi is knocked out.  Ri is magically exhausted and retreats, drawing two trolls away.  Olokas is paralyzed.  All three are damaged but they could not destroy the skeleton.  Emmerick throws holy water and burning oil.  They finally destroy the skeleton.  Ri and Saren lure the now mindless trolls away while Emmerick heals Isi and Olokas becomes able to move.  They regroup and flee.  Later, they reach the town of Hilltops and ask to stay.  The guards take their weapons and allow them to stay in the guard house.

  • They awake to discover that the trolls reached the town but were driven off by the guards, although not destroyed.  They send a message to Solaris.  Saren goes out looking for the remains of the skeleton.  He does not find them.  The next day, Isi and Olokas go out to find them as well.  They recover the skeleton and its evil helmet.  After returning, they learn that the skeleton is that of a soldier from the town that died in the battle a year ago.  Its helmet allows the creator of the undead to communicate with the skeleton.  It also turn the skeleton into a leader of the trolls and grants it strategic intelligence.

  • Solaris arrives the next day and they tell him what has happened.  After some discussion, they decide to let Koth and Malek knoe what they have learned and move on to Pacyr.


Session 3: A Strange Place this Pacyr (18 Praemon 785 to 25 Praemon 785)

  • The group arrives

    near the northern border of the nation, close to Hertoplowis.  After a night of prayer, they travel west towards the coast.  They arrive at the port town of Kermeny.  Once there, Solaris is immediately recognized as the 'Blessed One' and afforded every comfort by the temple of Hemator.  The group speaks with Aaron, the mayor, as well as the two ranking clerics of Hemator.  They learn the direction and travel time to Mydir.  They also learn that Pacyr has many laws and rules they were not aware of, such as no alcohol.  Much of the group spends the entire night searching out meat to eat.  Solaris learns that his presence is being made know quickly, as everyone is excited for his arrival.  The group decides to leave quickly and use Solaris' presence as a distraction to get out unnoticed by whatever force is opposing them.  Solaris sends a message ahead to a temple cleric in Mydir by the name of Gloria.  They are given horses and head south towards

  • The Four day trip is uneventful.  Olokas goes hunting each night, but instead of killing anything, he befriends a small bear and a deer.  They follow him.  The group reaches Mydir.

  • The city is massive.  Almost every building is in a fabulous state of cleanliness and appears relatively new.  The streets are paved and clear.  The citizens are happy and welcoming, even to Ri.  The group heads towards the Temple of High Health where they are greeted by Gloria, a monk and cleric and the high cleric of the temple.  She greets them, answers their questions, offers them a place to stay, and asks them to pray with her.  Her prayers, in the mold of Tyrogatore not Hemator, are exercises.  The group spends the night at the temple.

  • The next day, the group decides to visit the temple of Falan, known as the University, where Emmerick has some contacts.  It is a rainy day in Mydir.  Once there, they meet Joseph, a skeptical member of the clergy of Falan.  He speaks with them about his belief that nothing is wrong in Mydir.  Soon after, a gnome named Gram arrives.  He is from the Great Plateau and is also a cleric of Falan but he believes there is something amiss in Mydir.  They all argue and finally agree to go to the temple of Saint Toppin's where the group can enter the catacombs.  Gram wants to go with them, Joseph grudgingly goes.

  • En route to the temple, the group is trailed by a strange independently moving shadow.  They confront it, but it flees.


Session 4: Wandering for Answers  (25 Praemon 785 to 26 Praemon 785)

  • They arrive at the

    temple of Saint Toppin's to find that a burial service is going on at the temple.  They are forced to wait in the rain for over an hour.  When the service is over, they go into the temple.  They soon meet Tamani, the nipit paladin caretaker of the temple.  He listens to them and allows them to enter into the catacombs.  The group goes down into the tunnels, towards where Gram found the invisible wall.  It is not there.  They continue into the older parts of the catacombs.  They reach the oldest levels, and there find another invisible wall.  They eventually get under the wall and find nothing on the other side.  Olokas notices that the dust on this side of the wall has been produced to cover anything that may have happened.  When they return to the wall, it is gone.  Nine hours after entering, they make their way back to the temple.  They report their findings to Tamani

    and return to the other temples to spend the night.
  • The next morning, it continues to rain.  The group gathers at the University, the temple of Falan.  While walking through the city, they see campaigners for the upcoming election.  They decide on three courses of action this day.  Go learn about other catacombs from the engineers, go to the market, and talk to the high cleric of Falan.  They first go to the market.  There they see an orc speaking on behalf of the orcish candidate for president, who claims to be an oracle.  They question him, but move on.  Olokas buys a dog that can track by scent.

  • On their way to see the city engineers, they once again notice a shadow out of place.  Emmerick attempts to banish it, but instead reveals a black cloaked figure that runs away from them and dimension doors.  With the help of Gram's spells, they find the creature.  It turns down a side street.  The group follows and finds itself trapped between shadowy walls.  Specters appear around them.  Olokas sends the dog through the wall after the creature and Emmerick follows.  The others fight the specters.  Ri is almost drained of all his life in the fight.  Emmerick confronts the creature on the other side of the wall, then returns after the creature flees.  They destroy the specters and the walls vanish.


Session 5: The Group and the Shadow  (26 Praemon 785 to 28 Praemon 785)

  • Saren rushes Ri to the High House of Health where Gloria restores him.  They later rejoin the group at the engineers office.  At the office, Emmerick speaks with an engineer named Louis to have him research the information on the old catacombs.  He agrees to have the info the next day.  Fearing for his safety, Saren agrees to stay and keep watch over the city engineer.

  • The group meets with Clement at the University.  Emmerick convinces him that there is indeed a problem.  Clement agrees to help and provides the group with some items.  Isi is given a ring, Olokas is given a ring, and Emmerick is given a circlet.  It allows the wearer to tell if someone was controlled or possessed.  They also agree to meet the next day, when Clement can provide more information.

  • The group visits several of the places where the shadow was thought to be.  They stop in a spice shop and a carpenter.  While at the shop Emmerick buys several jars of garlic oil.  At the carpenter Emmerick buys several hickory stakes.  During their travels in the city, the shadow is spotted several times but nothing comes of it.

  • The group returns to speak with the engineer the next day.  The information from the engineers office establishes that there are indeed two other catacombs in the city.  One is beneath the army base and the other's location is not known.

  • The group meets again with Clement, he is unable to determine the answers that the group needs, and is not able to even remember casting the divination spells moments later.  The group leaves the University.

  • The group seeks to draw out the shadow.  They find a deserted side street.  They call out the creature but it does not show itself.  When the group tries to leave, walls of force trap them.  A ghostly figure in armor wielding a sword appears along with a group of ghostly animals.  The human ghost nearly kills Olokas.  Saren is frozen in place but managed to escape the grips of whatever had him.  The group focused on the figure and he is destroyed by a well placed sword that Saren threw.  As the battle was winding down, Isi scaled the buildings to have a look.  Upon reaching the top, Isi encountered the shadow, it said something and Isi still furiously attacks.  From below, Olokas sees Isi melt into the roof and disappear.


Session 6: Nondetection is all its Cracked up to Be  (28 Praemon 785 to 29 Praemon 785)

  • Olokas and Gram move on the roofs to look for Isi, while Saren goes into the nearby building after Gram determines the direction of their friend.  Saren asks the residents to leave and searches the house.  Gram and Olokas make their way into the attic after seeing nothing of the roof or nearby streets.  Ri comes to help but scares the residents and causes a crowd to form outside the building.  After a few minutes, they find nothing and exit.  They talk to the crowd, who call the constables.  The go into the next side street, and find Isi unconscious.  Olokas slaps Isi.  Isi wakes up and tells them about the shade creature and what it said, but Isi's memories of the last few minutes are not good.  The constables arrive, and more after a few minutes.  The constables ask for a statement and the group agrees, but they must do it after they get healed at Saint Toppin's.  The constables escort them to the temple.

  • At Saint Toppin's, the speak to Tamani, who first heals them.  They give all of the information that they have gained to Tamani.  The constables collect a report and leave.  The group asks Tamani to look into the catacombs.

  • The group returns to the University and speaks with Clement.  He is able to determine that the group is always being watched, when not in one of the temples.  After a long discussion, they decide to allow Clement to make the undetectable the next day so that they can go out and search without being watched.  Also, they hope to find and meet the shade without prying eyes watching over them.

  • The next day, they leave the University with Clement's magical protections.  They search out the shade.  After a half an hour, they come to an alley and finally convince the shade to speak with them after convincing the shade they are in fact not being scryed.  They have a long conversation with the shade in which many of their suspicions are confirmed.  They learn that bodies are being smuggled into Mydir from outside the country and turned into undead and hidden somewhere nearby.  After continuing the conversation for a while and learning more, they decide to use the protections they still have for the rest of the day to search for the undead outside the city.  They collect horses and decide to first search the forest to the west and north.  After several hours and miles of searching the edge of the forest, Gram and Olokas come across a section of woods that appear odd.  They move into the forest and determine that someone has come through the area recently, something odd.  A half mile into the forest, Olokas sees a tree move where it shouldn't.  Moments later, as the group nears, the trees fade to reveal over one hundred skeletal ogres in place of the trees.

Session 7: Undeath,

Near Death, and Death (29 Praemon 785 to 2 Wavery 785)

  • Isi charges, followed quickly by Olokas.  They begin to smash their way into the skeletons.  Emmerick and Saren try to turn the skeletons, with some success.  Ri rushes in and begins to tear the skeletons apart one at a time.  Gram moves in a fires his Rockshot.  Before the skeletons react, they have destroyed and driven off a dozen.  There are still one hundred or more.  Emmerick suggests a retreat, which everyone considers, except for Isi.  Saren calls for his horse.  The skeletons attack and begin to surround the group.  Emmerick summons a holy rain.  The skeletons, after blindly attacking for a while, begin to try and grapple the group.  Saren is trapped, but only briefly.  Olokas is knocked out and his swords taken.  Emmerick turns himself and Gram invisible and they begin to heal the others.  Isi is knocked out and then brought back, as is Olokas and Ri.  Club wielding and gem wearing skeletons arrive.  Spells come from the gems, and knock out Ri.  The group decides to flee.  Isi is killed trying to leap away.  Ri dies on the ground after being bettered by spells mere feet from escaping.  Saren arrives at his horse just as he is grabbed and drained of life by a gem bearing skeleton.  Olokas is knocked to the ground after trying to fake his way out of trouble.  Emmerick makes it out, but Gram is spotted.  He fights on for over a minute as Emmerick watches helpless from the outside.  Ten cavalry arrive and the skeletons march away.

  • The cavalry, led by Minor Tenan Jarod, patrol the western side of the city.  They heard noises that could only be a firearm and came to investigate.  They heal Gram, Emmerick, and Olokas.  The others are dead.  Two go off after the skeletons, they return minutes later with no memory of what they were doing.  They all return to Mydir.  Once there, they report to Clement and Tamani.  Jarod reports to the military what has happened.  For two days, they wait.  They contact Solaris, who cannot come to help.  They deicide to bring Ri and Saren back, but the Isi cannot be brought back in Pacyr because of the stance of the Oldest Orc.  After two days, many of the individuals that have been told of the events, have forgotten.  They discover that only non-Pacyrans do not quickly forget about the undead.  The military asks its foreign allies for help, considering that information.  The nation of Iott responds by sending a wizard named T'chau.


Session 8: Candidates for Many Things (2 Wavery 785 to 5 Wavery 785)

  • The group spends the better part of three days at Saint Toppin's meeting with the five candidates for president of Pacyr.  They look to ask each to assist in their mission.  They meet with varying levels of success.  Lodurmus agrees to look into how the ogres gathered in the forest.  The Classical party leader Lord Avantel, knows where the old catacombs are and agrees to have the group lead there.  The Austere party candidate, Sir Thasser, has his party come up with advanced plans to helping the citizens should the undead attack.  The president agrees to give them general help in looking for an associates of the undead.  They decide not to ask anything of Lady Sarah from the Happiness party.

  • Solaris' lieutenant, Jonathon, arrives to take Isi's body to Solaris.

  • They group goes on the 3rd day to collect armor Saren had made.  On their way back, they see the shadow lurking behind them.  Unlike before, it appears to be evil and does not contact Ri mentally.  They decide to lead it into an ally.  It follows and appears to them telling them it has found a way to take them to the catacombs.  Emmerick notes that it is being controlled.  He dispels it, while Gram tries to anchor it.  Tchau follows up with a more powerful dispel, eliminating many of its spells, including the anchor Gram put on it.  Many wraiths suddenly appear.  Olokas manacles the shade.  The wraiths and the group fight in the alley.  The holy weapons cut through the creatures and Tchau's fiery spells burn them away until the remaining wraiths disappear.


Session 9: Fighting Their Way Out (5 Wavery 785)

  • After the wraiths are defeated, the shade is left.  The group shackles and enchants him to prevent him from leaving.  They begin to question him.  Gram notes that he has a magic ring, Emmerick says they should remove it, and Tchau does.  Immediately, Gram, Ri, Saren, and Olokas, as well as Tarn the dog are teleported away.

  • Tchau and Emmerick knock out the shade and rush back to the University.  Once there, they get Clement out of a class and begin to tell him what happened.  Within minutes, they question the shade and learn that he is not the shade, but a man from Hertoplowis that has been duped and controlled.  They lock him away and discuss ways to get to their friends.  Clement rushes off and returns with a magic item for Emmerick.  He says that he will be able to track him as long as he has it.  The best Clement can offer is to send Tchau and Emmerick to wherever the others went.  They agree and disappear soon after.

  • Meanwhile, the others appeared in a stone room about forty feet on a side.  It has no light except for the light they brought.  In the center is a sarcophagus, with no writing or symbols left on it.  Everything in the room has been removed and defaced.  There is one sealed exit.  They soon detect evil and undead outside the doorway and all around.  They find no other way out.  After more than a minute, they hear the door shift.  Gram makes them invisible to the undead and they wait.  After the door opens, dozens of human and humanoid mummies march into the room.  The group quickly realizes they will not be able to hide for long, even invisible.  They decide to attack and bottleneck the entrance.  They charge after Gram fires his Rockshot and destroys a few.  For over a minute they fight to drive the undead out of the room and into the hallway.  Paralyzing gazes and rotting attacks nearly kill them, but they manage to drive them out.  Gram seals the doorway.  They wait and search.  Minutes later, Ri collapses.  The undead begin to break through the stone.  Gram turns them and fires at them, but there are so many that they keep coming.  Finally, Tchau and Emmerick arrive.  Their turning and fire spells decimate the undead and drive them away.

  • The tell the newcomers what happened.  Olokas demonstrates to Tchau his unhappiness at being teleported.  They finally decide they need to get out of wherever they are.  They realize soon after leaving the room that they aren't under Mydir in the catacombs.  After several minutes of moving up and out, and trying to keep Ri alive, they get to the exit.  Stepping out, they see they are in a desert bowl near the top of a ziggurat.  By the time of day and temperature, they determine that they are in Intoria.  Tchau flies to look around, while Saren and Olokas make their way out of the bowl.  A minute later, as they reach the edge, they see a large bird carrying a humanoid flying towards them.  The bird dives away from Tchau and drops the humanoid, who appears to be a woman, near Olokas and Saren.  She turns out to be a cleric of Tfop named Jezzalia.  Her bird, Scout, watches this place and alerted her to noises and odd movement.  They tell her about Ri, and she rushes up the ziggurat.  She is able to stop the rot and although he remains comatose, Ri does not die.

  • Jezzalia begins to tell them about the place when Tchau and Olokas spot creatures approaching from the north, where Olokas had seen tracks leading from the place.  Jezzalia says they are lycanthropes and she places on going back to her shrine, three miles to the east.  They agree.  Before they get far, an elven spellcaster appears on top of the ziggurat and calls out for Tchau to face him in combat.  Tchau has kept the lycanthropes at bay with spells as the other retreat.  Olokas and Emmerick wait to see what happens.  The two exchange spells until a swarm of scarabs attacks Tchau.  Undead begin to creep out of the sand, but Emmerick destroys many of them.  After a minute of battle, they realize that although they can defeat the lycanthropes and undead, the swarm is more than they can handle.  Tchau covers their retreat.  They meet the others, who had actually started to move back towards them.  After a discussion, they decide to go towards the shrine.  The Lycanthropes follow at a safe distance and finally stop when they get within sight of the shrine and the town.


Session 10: Fighting Their Way Out - part 2 (5 Wavery 785 to 8 Wavery 785)

  • The group reaches and rests in the shrine, while talking to Jezzalia.  Talking to her, they learn about: the town of Bemord, the elven wizard called El, the Jackalweres that are allied with the wizard, slavery in the town, the Umanin nature of the town, the recent history of the ziggurat, the visit several years back by the children of Tyrogatore that changed things, the mummies, amongst other things.  They heal everyone, and Ri so that they are not on the verge of death but still hurt.

  • Clement contacts Emmerick and tells him that he cannot scrye them and that he is sending help the next day.  The group decides resting and waiting is not a bad idea. 

  • Saren goes out with Luke, Jezzalia's husband, to buy food.  They are confronted and questioned by a cleric of Tyrogatore representing the town.  The same thing happens that following day.  The others don't leave sight of the shrine, for fear the town may rise up against the non-humans.

  • On the second day, an <a href="../Monsters/Anklelent.htm">Anklelent</a> arrives, the messenger from Clement.  It offers to help.  Also arriving with the Anklelent, who is called Swift, is a young Hound Archon named Aker.  He says that he has come to answer the prayers of Olokas and aid in his mission.  The group debates.  Solaris contacts the group, and after a few sendings, it is determined that there is valuable information at the ziggurat.  They decide to plan a way to assault it.  Jezzalia suggest Swift go to retrieve an expatriate of the town named Korda.  The group agrees and Swift leaves.  They also contact Raygen, Jezzalia's master who agree to help, but is three days away.

  • On the 3rd day there, Korda arrives.  The halfling agrees to help defeat the slavers.  The group send Swift to retrieve Raygen and plans their attack for the next day after he arrives.  On the third night, as Tchau watches on the roof, he sees mummies advancing out of the sand towards the shrine.  He begins to alert everyone.  A fireball engulfs the room.  Arrows come down onto the roof.  The lycanthropes are in the cover of the town.  Tchau tries to respond, but his spells are dissipated.  Olokas put up a windwall, but it is quickly dispelled.  Tchau is paralyzed after a giant mummy appears and attacks him.  Saren charges out and attacks the giant.  Korda charges the mummies.  Aker is badly hurt as is Gram.

  • Saren manages to turn away many normal mummies before being knocked out.  Emmerick climbs to a higher roof to avoid the arrows and the giant.  He turns away dozens and dozens of mummies.  Tchau comes out of the paralysis and unleashes fire and lighting at the giant, which has been attacked below by Ri and above by Olokas.  It is destroyed.  The wizard is heard but not seen on the roof and begins to attacks Tchau, Olokas and Emmerick with spells and staff.  Aker is knocked out.  The lycanthropes charge the shrine.

  • Emmerick turns away the lycanthrope mummies, freeing Ri and Gram to engage the lycanthropes.  Soon Korda joins them.  Gram is put asleep.  Aker, having been healed by Jezzalia, in turn heals Saren.  They finish off the mummies before moving to fight the lycanthropes.  Aker is put asleep.  The lycanthropes are difficult to hurt and Ri begins to charm them.  Some climb the roof and attack.  Olokas turns to fight the lycanthropes and is the most effective at killing them.  Tchau, exhausted of spells that are effective, attempts to grapple the wizard and is successful.  He pins the wizard and chokes him.  Olokas seizes the opportunity and tries to behead the wizard, who is saved by his spells, but mutters a surrender after almost being decapitated.  He appears.  The lycanthropes call a retreat.


Session 11: Investigation and a Retreat to Pacyr (8 Wavery 785 to 14 Wavery 785)

  • The group uneasily rests for the rest of the night.  The shrine is burned out and uncomfortable.  They question the charmed lycanthropes, who Ri commands to keep watch.  They find out that they are called Fallipsons.  They tell them of the time at the tomb before and after the arrival of the other master, the master of Lezaraonsi.  They talk about their home, and their relationship with Bemord.

  • The group wakes in the morning, still not healed and rested.  They decide they will wait for Swift and Raygen before going back to the tomb.  Tchau's mistress, the Marshall of Iott, arrives and takes him away.  He has violated his mandate by leaving Pacyr.  Ri charms and questions Lezaraonsi, with some success.  They learn much from the wizard, but there are holes in his memory.  They send one charmed Jackalwere back to his home to warn the others not to interfere anymore.  Raygen and Swift arrive late in the day.  They talk about what the plan is going forward, and Raygen is informed about what has happened.  Emmerick appears disturbed and sick.  They spend another uncomfortable night at the shrine.

  • The next day, they start off for the tomb.  Solaris contacts them, and they tell him what is occurring.  Clement contacts Olokas after failing to communicate with the addled Emmerick.  Clement says that he and help will arrive in three days.  Swift attempts to leave, but the group convinces him to not and they discover that he is being affected by memory loss as well.  They reach the tomb, taking the two remaining Jackalweres with them.  They spend the day searching inside.  Lezaraonsi leads them around, but there is nothing to find other than the items in his room, a spellbook and some potions.  The tomb has been cleared of any writing or symbols.  Emmerick puts on some of Lezaraonsi's items and is almost drawn away mentally, but resists.  They leave the tomb and return to the shrine.  The leaders of Bemord confront them that night, and Raygen and Luke speak with them and get them to leave.  They send the Jackalweres away.

  • In the morning, Raygen agrees to take Lezaraonsi away to a prison.  They all bid farewell.  The groups waits for Clement.  Near midday, a lone figure walks from the southern road towards the shrine.  Swift spots him and describes him to the others, a cleric of Dedestroyt.  Emmerick and Olokas go out to meet him.  He is Mortimur, Stalker of the Dead, there to finish Saren.  Swift teleports away to get Clement.  They tell him to leave, and he prepares to fight.  Olokas attacks, Emmerick attacks while singing a battle song, Ri attacks mentally, Saren charges with Korda.  They only scratch the stalker as he nearly kills Saren, Olokas, and Emmerick.  The fight continues for anxious moments until Clement arrives.  He tells the other to back away from the stalker and he encircles him in stone.  Before the stalker can break free, Swift carries Korda away and all of the others shift magically to Pacyr.  Two days walk later, they are in Mydir.


Session 12: A Backlog of Missed Meetings in the City (14 Wavery 785 to 19 Wavery 785)

  • After arriving, the group rests for a day.  They give the items to Clement.  A few days later, he tells them all about the items and they divvy them up, deciding to have Clement trade a few.

  • Tchau meets up with the group the morning after they arrive.  He has been allowed to resume his mission, with more clarity about what he is allowed to do.  They go to the Paladin Academy and look for a meeting with the headmaster.  They missed a previous meeting.  He lets them know that he will meet with them as soon as he has an opening.

  • The group meets with Lodurmus, who they had assigned to find the smugglers.  His followers found the smugglers and confronted one of them.  He tells the group where the smuggler can be found.  The group goes to the warehouse but finds no incriminating evidence.  They have Aker stake out the man for several days.

  • The group meets with Anvantel, the elven candidate for president.  He tells them that he has found the catacombs and that he can have them lead to them if need be.  He also relays what little knowledge he has about the desert elven symbols they found.

  • The group meets with Alanda, who arrives from the Bardic College of Icefia.  She discusses with the group the symbol and the deities of the long gone desert elf empire.  They are shocked to see her, and somewhat scared at what her arrival portends.

  • The group has several meetings with Clement over the days, discussing all that is happening.

  • Finally, Aker tells the group that the man has moved he is bringing people into the city tied up.  They are taken to the warehouse.  When the group arrives, they are already inside.  Gram opens the lock and the go in, soon finding a sleeping man that fits the description of the one who lead the people here.  Below, they find a golem guard, that Gram had encountered in here before.  They manage to take it outside and shackle it before activating it.  Ri and Olokas did that, and they run back in to escape it.  The group find the prisoners and frees them.  On their way out, the run into the golem, now free of its shackles.  They fight it in the hallway and Olokas, Saren, and Ri are able to destroy it.  They rush back to the University and alert the authorities.


Session 13: Game Changer (19 Wavery 785 to 5 Trest 785)

  • The group spends the day questioning the warehouse owner, Riles.  They find his associates, search his house, talk to his wife, capture his associate that knows what is going on, and find evidence to convict him.  They map out the entire path by which people are brought covertly from Hertoplowis into Mydir and end up in the catacombs.

  • Saren talks with Dean Leveire of the Paladin Academy.  He learns information about the desert elven deities and about a paladin that disappeared a few years ago that belonged to Saren's order.  Saren also goes to find Ajax, who they learn has come to Mydir to preach about the candidates for president.  The two talk and Saren bring Ajax back to the University, where he meets the others and offers to help.

  • Tchau is able to trade the items they took from El to Iott for a variety of useful items that will arrive in five days.

  • The next day, they go to the warehouse and find that the basement had a wall that had been moved to remove prisoners.  They dig through it and find a wraith, which is quickly destroyed.  They discover that there was a tunnel here, but that it has been filled in with dirt.  They begin to dig, but after eight hours realize that it will take them too long to get where they are going.  They prepare another plan, with Clement's help to have an elemental show them where the hidden catacombs are.  The next day, the plan works, the the group knows where they need to dig to find them.

  • Clement and the group plan for an assault on the catacombs.  The combined might of Mydir is brought.  For five days they prepare.  Then, near noon, they move out.  The group, including Ajax, does little but watch as an army of spellcasters and holy warriors assemble.  Magic opens up the catacombs and with skill they defeat all manner of undead that creep out.  From the forest to the west and gully to the east, word comes that more undead are coming to the city.  The Mydiran army is waiting for the ogre skeletons in the forest, but little is defending the city from the undead in the gully.  Clement teleports the group with Ajax to the gully.  Clement returns to the main force and sends aid to the group.

  • The group finds hundreds of zombies, which they begin to destroy easily until a massive bone undead, known as a Boneyard says the professor, emerges from the mud.  It is formidable.  Ajax, Tchau, Ri, and Olokas fight it, while the others fend off the remaining zombies.  Olokas summons a Hippogriff and swoops in to attack.  Ajax unleashes sunbursts and rays to damage the thing.  Tchau hits it with endless fire.  Ri launches his divine weapon until he can charge it.  It is powerful, but Ajax stands tall against it.  Olokas drops down onto its back and its swallows and nearly kills him.  Ri finally gets close and ravages it with gold, slowing it down.  Ajax smites it, Olokas attacks it from within its mouth, and Tchau burns it more until the creature collapses.  The others destroy the zombies.

  • Back in the city, the battles go well.  Word spreads that undead have attacked and were defeated.  Word also spreads that Lodurmus was right, his prophecies were true, and the election begins to turn his way.  The group rests.  Ajax campaigns.  Days pass and the group finds no other traces of undead in the city.  The election draws near and after a surprise endorsement by the Classical party, Lodurmus wins the election and becomes president.  He thanks the group for their help and gives them each a taste of their futures.

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