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Symbol of Tfop

Pronounced [t fop']

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Tfop exists in the way one would expect the champion of the underdog to exist.  He is at times the world’s greatest hero and at other times the fool.  He takes on noble causes that have little or no chance of success.  He does this not out of ignorance,

but out of a deep optimism that things can always be better.


Tfop and his twin ascended at nearly the same time.  They were two of the greatest thinkers ever.  Alchemy, architecture, and wizardry were just a few crafts they mastered.  By the time of their ascension, virtually every civilized being had used one of their concoctions.


Tfop was always the riskier of the twins.  He took chances that his brother scoffed at.  Although many failed, those that resulted in success made Tfop the more acclaimed of the two.  He was revered for his bravery, lauded for his generosity, and heralded as the champion of the long shot and the underdog.


His clerics became some of the most loved in the world.  They took up causes no one else would, and had an endless stream of hope.  When the Doggeden War came upon the world, Tfop’s religion was strong.  It took up the fight wholeheartedly.  When it appeared that Amat and his monsters were on the verge of victory, Tfop confronted Amat.  Not a warrior, Tfop was given no chance.  The other deities did not come to his aid, but Tfop did not falter.  He brandished his greatest weapon, a mithral potion bottle.  While Amat laughed, Tfop shattered the bottle, expecting to kill them both.  Instead, Amat was weakened so severely that the Counsil was able to banish him and Tfop was so badly injured that he would never be able to fully recover.


When Tfop returned to the Counsil, they applauded him.  He responded with bitterness and scorn for their refusal to aid him in the fight against Amat.  He left the Counsil.  The judges condemned him and began a crusade that over the next 300 years would nearly wipe out the religion of Tfop.  It was not until Amat’s return that the Counsil would come to Tfop for help and he would be allowed back on the Counsil.


Tfop’s once mighty religion struggled to make it back to its former prominence.  It has not done so yet, and probably never will.  The religion is based in the massive twin city of Port Talp, one of the few places where magic and technology coexist with each on a high level.  Much as they have done for as long as the religion has existed, the clerics go out upon the world to take up the cause of the underdog.


The older deities still hold a grudge against Tfop, while the newer members of the Counsil hold him in high esteem.  Since the death of his twin, he has picked up the full worship of alchemists and has lost a constant antagonist.


The cults see Tfop as a shining example of what an outsider to the Counsil can accomplish.  Tfop, having been one for a few centuries, gives the cults more leeway than the other Counsil members.


Tfop is seen as a middle-aged human.  He is of average build, average height, never is completely shaven, and his presence puts all around him at ease.  He is often dressed in fine but casual clothing.  He never wears armor, and only rarely is seen with his long sword.  The wound that he received from his battle with Amat manifests itself as a noticeable limp when the deity is seen.


Power:  Lesser God

Symbol: A glass alchemy bottle with a glass cross stopper.

Alignment:  Chaotic Good

Aspects:  Alchemy, Underdogs

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Courage, Craft, Liberation, Luck

Prayer Time: After morning meal

Favored Weapon:  Rapier

Turn Undead:  Brew Potion (ignore prerequisites) feat AND Skill Focus (Alchemy) feat AND add caster level to Craft (Alchemy) skill checks

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  none


High Temple Port Talp

High Cleric:  Tobin Reckwel

Number of Faithful:  350,000

Associated Groups:  The Silverswords


            Dogma:  The best way to assure one’s place in all eternity is to be good in life.  To help those in dire need is the noblest of deeds.  The greater the risk, the greater the reward..

            Feast Day: 16th Baston Sun (The Day Amat was banished)