The Tournament of Palumbton 782 AC

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Return to Children of Tyrogatore

After the death of the Bane, a nearby cleric was appointed by the halfling Korda preside over the high temple.  (See the <a href="Palumbton%20Events%202.htm">events</a> of Sons of Palumbton).  Shortly after, Korda and the Graplore champion Jake realized that the local cleric was not capable of maintaining the temple.  He was too old and not skilled enough.  On the advice of clerics from Jaswap, Korda announced a tournament to crown a new temple cleric.  He sent messengers in all directions and gave six weeks time for entrants to reach Palumbton.  First, a powerful Vass cleric of Tyrogatore from Habastalai arrived and agreed to act as the judge of the tournament.  Then, over the next six weeks, twelve competitors arrived to take part in the tournament.


  • Roy O'Baneon - The heir apparent of the 'Bane'.  Few knew that he existed until he showed up one day before the tournament began.  He immediately became the crowd favorite, eliciting many chants and adulation.  He proclaimed a return of the ways of the 'Bane' if he were to win.  He is a pugilist.
  • <a href="../Player%20Characters/Shadow.htm">The Silent Shadow of Lynkeed</a> - A white-clothed and masked human who came alone representing the temple at Lynkeed. 
  • Gluz - One of two lizardfolk that came with a large contingent from the temple in Lowlas.  He is known as 'the Ram' and uses Jaegenklars.
  • Valizar - From parts unknown, this large Gatori was selected by the judge of the tournament to fight for him.  He is trained in Boronk ek Korda.
  • Vississ - A raging Vass from the Intorian desert.  He came with a contingent of humans and lizardfolk that treated him as one would treat a slave.  Vississ' near feral attitude makes slavery seem the best thing for him.  He uses the skills of the Jaswapan Striker.
  • Yukimura - An elderly pugilist from a small Horarian town on the western coast of the main continent.  He arrived with a group that all appeared to be related to him in some way, from parents to grandchildren.
  • Xaraak - The second lizardfolk cleric from Lowlas.  He is a friend to Gluz and also uses the Jaegenklars style.
  • <a href="../Player%20Characters/Grant.htm">Grant Heldoran</a> - The representative of the Great Forest, Grant bested a dozen different halflings to earn the honor of competing in the tournament.  He is a human and uses the Emenotan style.
  • Linquin - Sent from Ekarude by his master, the inventor of Mentanjuang Kalehe Vae, Linquin is an Islander fighting for his master.
  • Cobalt 4th Sledgehammer - Colbalt barely made it to the tournament.  He traveled night and day for over a week.  He arrived with a dozen other Sledgehammer dwarves to make sure he reached Palumbton and to cheer him in the tournament.  He knows the style of Saoi Callum, the warrior of stone.
  • Maunus Saddleborn - A one time soldier in the Armus, Maunus had retired to teach fitness and strength at a temple of Tyrogatore in the Orcish Empire.  His size, speed, and human blood prevented him from advancing far in the military.  He was approached by an orcish commander that had just led the taking of Lynkeed asking if Maunus would go to Palumbton and claim the temple there for the empire by winning a tournament to crown a new high cleric.  Maunus agreed and was led by a contingent of 50 soldiers to Palumbton.
  • Ecari - Sent by the temple of Undrile to compete in the tournament and to look for skilled and trustworthy clerics of Tyrogatore to tell of the events in Undrile.  She is an elven practitioner of Feyali-Treyla, the style created by Swali Vineleaf.




Grant v. Yukimura (Yukimura defeated Grant in a drawn out first battle and then quickly in the 2nd with a speed combination)

Maunus v. Vississ (The devastating charge of Maunus wrecked Vissis twice and broke his arm)

Ecari v. Linquin (The clever wrestler Ecari was able to get close to Linquin both times and defeat him even blind and sickened)

Roy v. Xaraak (The Bane's apprentice nearly killed the lizardman twice)

Cobalt v. Shadow (Shadow's tricks and dancing were no match for the stone brutality of Cobalt in either fight)

Gluz v. Valizar (In two of three rounds, Gluz's quickness helped him deal damage faster and score the win)



Valizar v. Yukimura (after beating beaten up in the first fight, blinding strikes allowed Yukimura to gain a victory)

Maunus v. Cobalt (The overwhelming strength of Maunus beat up Cobalt twice and prevented the dwarf from pinning Maunus)

Ecari v. Roy (The speedy pugilistic combination was too much for the Feyalin to handle)

Grant v. Gluz (Grant's elusiveness prevented the charging lizard from connecting)

Vississ v. Shadow (Vississ's rage was delayed by the Shadow, but when the battle was joined, the Vass tore up the human)

Xaraak v. Linquin (The Islander could not handle the punishment dealt out by the Jaegenklars)


Valizar, Shadow, and Linquin were eliminated in this round.



Cobalt v. Yukimura (In three of the longest fights in the tournament, dwarven endurance won out with the help of many spells)

Maunus v. Roy (Three short but sweet fights gave the edge to Maunus)

Vississ v. Xaraak (The furious assault of the Jaswapan striker proved mightier than that of the Jaegenklars)

Ecari v. Gluz (Skill overcame brute force and Gluz was choked out twice)

Grant wins the bye after lots are drawn.


Xaraak and Gluz were eliminated in this round.



Vississ v. Grant (The raging lizard barely overcame the crafty human and then stunned him into defeat)

Cobalt v. Roy (After absorbing a beating in each fight, Corbalt survived to win)

Ecari v. Yukimura (The old man was not fast enough to avoid the deadly grip of the lady elf)

Maunus wins the bye after lots are drawn.


Roy, Grant, and Yukimura were eliminated in this round.



Vississ v. Cobalt (Stone skin overcame a furious assault and wore down the scaled monster)

Maunus v. Ecari (No trick is good enough to stop the charging orc)


Vissis and Ecari are eliminated



Maunus v. Cobalt (Unprepared for the clever dwarf, Maunus is unable to withstand the dwarf's assault twice, but does break Cobalt's leg in one of the three fights.  They are forced to fight again a week later.)



Maunus v. Cobalt (The mighty orc used some wisdom and his overwhelming size to push the small dwarf far enough away for him to allow for his devastating charge.  The fight went three rounds and brought the total number of fights the two competitors fought in the tournament to 8.)