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The Vishtoo are the most feared humanoid race on Habololy.  Their existence has been a constant plague on the world.  Their obsidian-like skin and featureless faces are the stuff or nightmares.  Their living sucks the life out of any area they inhabit.  Religions and cults alike tell of a time when the deity Vishtoo brought creatures formed in his image to Habololy to plague the world.  Since that time, the Vishtoo have coveted all the lands that have reached.  They attack those that live on the lands and either kill those creatures or die themselves.  Luckily for the races of the world, the Vishtoo have only ever managed to control the badlands between the String Mountains and the Grean Republic. As a player character, the only Vishtoo available are the few that avoided the ceremony at birth which both granted them unnatural powers, such as flight, and connected them forever to the deity Vishtoo. APPEARANCE:  The typical Vishtoo male is over six feet tall.  They appear as humanoid, but have little it the way of detail on their face and body.  They appear to have no eyes, no mouth, and no nose.  Their ears are short and pointed and are closer to the top of their head than other humanoids. Stranger still is that every Vishtoo has a cloak that appears to grow out of their skin near the top and back of their torso.  Female Vishtoo have only holes for ears, no actual ears.  Other

than that, they appear the same as males.

ALIGNMENTVishtoo are overwhelmingly chaotic and evil.  Occasionally neutrally ethical or moral Vishtoo are found.  Good or lawful Vishtoo are extraordinarily rare.


RELIGIONTheir creator, patron, and namesake, the deity Vishtoo, has the devote worship of nine in ten Vishtoo.  Of the rest, most still pay him respect, even if they worship Dresta, Loomashyn, Sutyr or Corahakar.  There one in a hundred that worship some other deity.



Given below are the rules for playing a Vishtoo that has for some reason not undergone the vile rituals which the deity Vishtoo imposes upon his children.  These are the only suitable for a player character to use.

  • Vishtoo are medium-sized

  • Vishtoo have a base speed of 30ft

  • Vishtoo Fly at a speed of 30 (perfect)

  • Vishtoo have 60ft. darkvision

  • Vishtoo have a natural armor class bonus of +3

  • Vishtoo have the Fire subtype (immune to fire; +50% damage from cold)

  • Vishtoo have a Frightful Presence as described in the Monster Manual

  • Vishtoo receive a +4 to all poison saves against ingested and injected poison do to their foreign metabolism.  That same foreign metabolism causes them to receive a -4 penalty to all saves against contact or airborne poisons.

  • Vishtoo receive a +4 to all Hide skill checks

  • Vishtoo receive a +2 to all Intimidate skill checks against non-Vishtoo

  • Vishtoo receive a -4 penalty to all Diplomacy skill checks against non-Vishtoo

  • Vishtoo receive a -2 penalty to all Bluff skill checks against non-Vishtoo

  • Vishtoo can not wear normal clothing on their torso due to the cloak, or remnants of, on their back.  The following magical items do not function for them: cloaks, capes, shirts, tunics, vests.

  • Vishtoo dislike clothing and armor.  When clothed in more than just boots and belt (or the equivalent), they suffer a -1 penalty to all skill checks and attack rolls.  Any armor check penalties are doubled.  Any chance for arcane spell failure due to armor is also doubled.  They have no problem using shields and suffer no additional penalties for using them.

  • Vishtoo distain non-thrown ranged weapon.  They never learn to use them.  Any class they take that would normally grant proficiency in non-thrown ranged weapons does not.  A Vishtoo may take a specific Weapon Proficiency feat to learn a non-thrown ranged weapon.

  • Vishtoo are immune to Lycanthropy

  • Vishtoo may never take the Technology feat

  • Vishtoo may never take a level in any of the following classes: Paladin (LG) or Tinker

  • Vishtoo favored class is Berserker if they are Chaotic; Monk if he is Neutral

  • Vishtoo receive a +2 bonus to Strength

  • ECL +2