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The clearest example of cultures influencing each other can be found in the race of Bugbears.  The Bugbears of Habololy began as uncivilized, brutal, and barbaric.  No laws existed to bring them together into anything more than small hunting tribes.  They were nearly wiped out by the Orcs, then by the Gnomes.  It was only when no single nation dominated the main continent that the Bugbears began to find their place.  In the centuries since, the Bugbears have taken on the aspects of the nations that surround their homes.  Slowly beginning to understand the need for unity and order, they began to develop a society of their own.

The Bugbear culture revolves around three important ideals: physical ability, remembrance of the past, and the coming of death.  They spend their lives in hard exertion.  They battle, wrestle, build, hunt, and do anything that keeps them strong.  Bugbears hold on to any old item, seeing them as links to the past and reminders not to forget what has happened.  Everything that a Bugbear does is with the knowledge that ultimately death comes for all, and when it does, it will judge.  No Bugbear wants to be on the wrong end of that judgment.


Most Bugbears live in the nation of Borkondof, named for the greatest Bugbear warlord of all time, who was also its founder.  He was large, even for a Bugbear, and wielded an ancient Orcish blade known as City Clever.  Many legends say that the next great warlord will be whoever finds Borkon’s lost blade.  Until that day, the nation is ruled by the strongest Bugbear, who is given another magical blade known as the Legacy.  He rules until death, which usually occurs in a challenge from another Bugbear.  The nation is poor and horrific by many races’ standards, but certainly above the old ways.


Females are given every opportunity to succeed as a male would.  Unfortunately for them, very few are strong enough to ever gain any respect or power.  Cubs are well tended to, being seen as the possibility for one to pass on a legacy.  One’s lineage, if it can be proven, is very valuable in Bugbear culture.


Bugbears prefer the night, but are active during the day as well.  They wander away from Borkondof if the need arises.  Usually that need is food, and the goal is the cattle of another land.  Hobgoblins and Kobolds also live in Borkondof.  Both races are considered below Bugbear standard, but necessary for the overall survival of the nation.  Other races rarely visit, but are not attacked on sight.


Bugbears are seen around the world very differently by the races.  Some see them as a threat to be dealt with harshly.  Some see they as a race struggling to escape their natural instinct.  Others see them as just another humanoid.


APPEARANCE:  Bugbears are massive creatures.  On average, they stand near 6½ ft tall, 4 ft. wide and weigh 400 lbs.  Their eyes are big and round, and usually yellow and dark blue in color.  Their ears are big, come to a long hairy point, and stick out above the head.  Thick hair covers 90% of a Bugbears body, including below the chin and around the ears to form a circle around the face.   It ranges in color from black to gray-blue to almost yellow.  There have even been white Bugbears seen.  Their face is long, with nose upturned.  They have a big jaw, but it does not protrude out.  Their fingers are thick and are without claws, as are their toes.


Bugbears are a very cleanly race.  They are known to bath in oil at least once every three days.  They also use a great many perfumes.  Clothing is kept in the best state of cleanliness as possible, although its quality isn’t very good.  Leather is the material of choice in Bugbear clothing.  Weapons are carried at all times.


Female Bugbears are noticeably smaller than the males.  Their hair grows twice as long over their entire body.  Their eyes are bigger, and their coloring is darker.


ALIGNMENT:  Most Bugbears are chaotic, with some neutral and no lawful.  They are also mostly neutral, with some tendencies towards both good and evil.


RELIGION:  The three major faiths among the Bugbears are those of The Oldest Orc, Tyrogatore, and Dedestroyt.  The Oldest Orc is revered for his knowledge of and reverence towards ancestry.  Tyrogatore is seen as the physically strongest of all of the deities.  Dedestroyt is seen as the judge upon death and the guardian of that realm.  The Bugbears fear Lakius above all others for he is the bringer of water, the element that Bugbears fear above all others.



  • Bugbears are medium-sized

  • Bugbears have low-light vision

  • Bugbears have a base speed of 35ft.

  • Bugbears have a +2 bonus to armor class because of the thick hair and tough skin

  • Bugbears receive a +4 bonus to all Hide checks while in the wilderness

  • Bugbears receive a -2 penalty to all Diplomacy checks when dealing with humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, gnomes, halflings, Nipits, Sakor'akai, and Gree.  This penalty extends to other civilized similar races.

  • Bugbears may never take the Technology feat

  • Bugbears may not be Wizards or Tinkers

  • Bugbears favored class is Berserker

  • Bugbears receive a +2 bonus to Strength, a +1 bonus to Constitution, a –1 penalty to Intelligence and Wisdom, and a –2 penalty to Charisma

  • Bugbears may select from the following racial feats: Chilling Growl, Dark Vision, Freakish Size, and Scent


Bugbear – “Seven is a feast, nine a brawl.”