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Characters on Habololy have some different options than those from other settings. Listed below are some of the new features that a Habololian character can select.



There are many new feats on Habololy. Below is a chart with a brief description of the feats. For complete descriptions, go the Feats




Always on the Move

Gnome (Plateau or Tinker)

Less Sleep Required, bonus to Endurance

Armor Familiarity

Armor Proficiency

Bonuses to using a particular armor type


Nipit, Wug, Elf (Jungle), Sakor’akai

+ 4 to Hide checks, Hide always a class


Born for the Saddle

Yellowian, Orcish Empire

+2 to Ride and Handle Animal, Ride always

a class skill

Chilling Growl


+2 to Intimidate, bonus intimidate result


5 years lived in city of choice

+4 Knowledge (Local) checks, always a

class skill

College Educated

Graduates form a college

Three Knowledge skills are always class

skills, 1 rank each

Crafting Tradition

National or Racial (see description)

Crafter becomes a favored class

Dark Vision

Bugbear, Elf (Scaled), 1st


Gain dark vision

Distrusting Nature

Elf (Desert), Sandoo, Gnome (Amatine)

+2 to Sense Motive checks, +2 saves

against Illusion and charm

Endure the Light

Elf (Drow), Dwarf (Crystal)

No penalties for being exposed to light

Fierce Defender

Elf (Jungle or Scaled)

Enter rage while defending a person or


Freakish Size

Bugbear, Orc, Vass, Gatori, 1st


Large sized


National or Racial (see description)

+2 to Survival skill checks, always a

class skill

Gift of Faith

National or Racial (see description)

Three 0-level divine spells per day

Goodly Aura

Pacyr, good alignment

+1 saving throws and armor class against



Racial (see description), 1st


+1 hit point per level, +1 Fortitude save

Living with the Arcane

String Mountain, Iott

Knowledge (Arcana), Spellcraft, Use

Magical Device class skill

Love of Food


Craft (Cooking) and Profession (Chef)

class skills, +1 bonus

Low Profile

National or Racial (see description)

See Description

Magic Sense


Detect active spells in 30 feet by

Concentration check

Naturally Quiet

Nipit, Sandoo, Gnome (Amatine)

+3 to Move Silently skill checks, always

a class skill, +1 Listen

Natural Linguist


1 rank for two languages, chance to

understand any language

Near to Monsters

National (see description)

See Description

Night Vision

Racial (see description), 1st


Low light vision

No Friend of the Arcane

National or Racial (see description)

Spell Resistance equal to level plus

relevant ability modifier

Noble Tradition

National (see description)

Noble becomes a favored class

Ordered Mind

National or Racial (see description)

+2 bonus against Confusion and

chaotic spells

Paladin Tradition


Paladin becomes a favored class

Prestigious Combination

One level in a prestige class

May take a 2nd relevant

prestige class

Problem Solver

Gnome (Plateau, Amatine, Tinker)

See Description

Professional Training

Destroytian, Grean nationals

3 ranks in Profession skill, always a

class skill, +1 synergy

Psionic Tradition

Hertoplowan national

Psion becomes a favored class

Punch Hardened

See Description

Subdual damage reduction 2

Raised in War

National (see description), 1st


+1 attack rolls, weapon and armor


Ranger Tradition


Ranger becomes a favored class

Renowned Health


+2 to personal Heal checks, always a

class skill, +1 save

Sea Legs

1 year spent at sea

+2 to swim always, +2 to Balance, Rope

Use, and Climb on ship

Seething Hatred

Racial (see description)

+2 attack rolls and knowledge against

selected enemy

Slavery Survivor

3 years as slave

Immune to intimidation, +1 to saves, +2

against fear

Sleeping Flight


Fly while sleeping

Slow Aging

Non-chaotic, Wisdom 13+

Live 10 years longer, +2 versus time


Song of the Wild

Bardic music, 8+ ranks in Perform

Bardic music effects animals

Spell Linking

2nd level spells, any

metamagic feat

See Description

Summons Extension

A summoning spell, any metmagic feat

Summoned creatures may remain longer,

costs gold and xp


Intelligence 10+, 1st level or

2 years

Do not suffer penalty when using clickers

Tiny Fighting

Gnome, Halfling

Considered tiny when fighting medium or

larger creatures

Touch of the Arcane

National or Racial (see description)

Three 0-level arcane spells per day

Tradition of Faith

Gnarland, Gnome (Ice)

Cleric becomes a favored class

Unarmed Tradition

National or Racial (see description)

Monk becomes a favored class

Uncommon Sense


+1 to all wisdom-based skill checks


Dwarf (Crystal), Elf (Desert)

+2 to saves with emotional involved, +2

versus Sense Motive

Warm the Blood


Survive in 10 degrees colder


National or Racial (see description), 1st

See Description

Weapon Master Trained

National or Racial (see description), 1st

Proficiency in 3 weapons


Gree, Elf (Northern), 1st


Born with wings

Wild Heart

Racial (see description), non-lawful

+2 saves against Hold,'Charms,

and Lawful spells

Wild Surge

Ability to cast arcane spells

See Description

Wizard Tradition


Wizard becomes a favored class


There are several new skills on Habololy. There are also new lists of what types of skills are available for ones where a specific area must be chosen, such as Perform. Go to the Skills page to learn abot those options.