Day Turned Dark Events (season 3: 23-33)

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Session 23:  A Missing Dwarf (11 Kiusta 780 to 14 Kiusta


  • After several months, Vega gets word from an associate named Berkror, that a dwarf has been kidnapped.  The dwarf is named Barret and he is the son of wealthy merchants.  Vega tells the others and they begin to search for him.

  • The group encounters a strange dwarf named Grizby while they search for Barret.  He tells them a story of his home town of Gevonshan that has been taken by Illithids.  The group tells him that they are busy, but that if he pulls his weight, he may come with them.  Grizby's stories of kidnapping in his town raise the suspicions of the group.

  • The group heads to the High City in the north of the town, the home of Barret.  It is there they run into the a cleric of Frostine who has heard of Koth.  The cleric attacks them with the help of dozens of ice mephits, but is easily defeated.  Koth sends him to the temple of Frostine with a warning to his master.

  • The next day, the high cleric of Frostine in Port Springs challenges Koth.  A grand fight in the northern arena is quickly arranged.  Koth versus the champion of Frostine, who is a Frost Giant.  The fight draws a large crowd that gets very upset when it ends in a draw.


Session 24:  A Missing Dwarf Found (15 Kiusta 780 to 21 Kiusta 780)

  • As they continue to

    search for Barret, the gruop is approached by a dwarf named Grabappel.  He says that he was freed from the control of the Illithids when the group killed them.  He has caught up with the group to offer his assistance in return for that deed.  The

    group accepts.
  • The group encounters Shemsher as the search for Barret.  Shemsher is a member of the Pale Beards.  He was nearly killed by a dwarf named Vex, who he believes is holding Barret.  Vex somehow cursed Shemsher before he could escape.  Shemsher collapsed in the road and was arrested by the constables for past crimes.  Montaron and Solaris heal Shemsher and he promises to help them after he is out of prison.

  • With the information from Shemsher, the group finds Vex.  When the find him, they are able to defeat Vex.  They soon after find Barret and return him to his home.


Session 25:   The Last Apprentice (22 Kiusta 780 to 30 Kiusta 780)

  • Having returned Barret and questioned him for information, the group continues to look for clues into the whereabouts of the remaining members of the Day Turned Dark.  They discover that the road south of the city has been plagued by wolves.  The group comes to the conclusion that it is worth investigating, thinking that the last apprentice may be involved.

  • Before they are able to investigate, Malek is taken from his inn.  The group learns that Ettude, the last apprentice, has taken him, and demands a payment and favors for his return.  The group instead decides to hunt down the apprentice.

  • It doesn't take the group long to find Ettude.  When they do, they are able to defeat him and his minions before Malek is harmed.


Session 26:  What Afraid of Big Bad Wolves? (1 Leenot 780 to 21 Leenot 780)

  • As Vega looks for more information in the city, the others head to the southern road to look for Ettude's lair.  They find the lair inhabited by fiendish lupine creatures.  They lore some out and kill them, but cannot get the others to come out of their lair.  They wait for a day, and then Malek summons over 70 creatures to charge in and finish the creatures.  The group collects the items from the cave and returns to the city to look for more clues.


Session 27:  A Bigger Bounty (22 Leenot 780 to 26 Leenot 780)

  • While the group continues to look for information, they discover that Solaris has a large bounty on his head.  They are forced to fight off several bounty hunters.  Finally, Grizby takes Solaris to the temple of Drunnbar, where they convince the cleric Garnit to allow Solaris to stay there.

  • All of their long investigation pays off and Vega discovers that the ship which they had known as the Three Ways Home is docking under the name Crest's Folly.  The group decides to board the ship, for the second time.


Session 28:  Driving Off Slavers (27 Leenot 780 to 2 Mafeeti 780)

  • Koth, who has become a deputy of the Dock Warden, enlists the help of his commander.

  • The Dock Warden leads the group to another ship commanded by Gno Gnub Grnoble, who recently put into port with heavy damage.  The ship he described was very similar to the Crest's Folly.  When the group talks to Gnub, he describes the symbol of the Day Turned Dark that he saw on some of the attackers.  Gno agrees to help.

  • The group sets up an elaborate plan to get some of the crew off of the ship and then find the leaders.  With Gnub's help, they lore much of the crew off and then attack.  They subdue or kill most of the leaders, but as they go to search the ship, it blows up, nearly killing everyone.  The group interrogates the survivors and then turns them to the Dock Warden.

  • Two days later, Daane, Malek, Montaron, and Grizby are all arrested and sentenced to one month for the incident at the ship.


Session 29:  In-vega-stigation (3 Mafeeti 780 to 8 Mafeeti 780)

  • When the group's sentence is over, they find that Vega has discovered a great deal of information.  The Day Turned Dark was kidnapping dwarves, testing them, and then sending them out of the city on the ship.  However, some of the dwarves, for reasons yet unknown, were being sent to the Illithids.  For this reason, the group decides to go to Grizby's town and defeat the Illithids and hopefully learn more.

  • Before they go, Vega also discovers that there is a human spellcaster, supposedly named Dreggor, that is now running the Day Turned Dark in Allar's absence.  He is also fairly certain that after the death of Allar and all his apprentices, the destruction of the ship, and the defeat of Vex, there are no notable elements of the Day Turned Dark left in Port Springs.

Session 30:  The Dangers of A Re-traveled Road (8 Mafeeti 780 to 24 Napay 780)

  • The group starts off on the road east.

  • While on the road, the group encounters Magic Rusters, which destroy some of their equipment.

  • Days later, they are attacked by Ettin that appear to hold a grudge from the encounter the group had with their clan months before.  They defeat the Ettin.

  • Right before they reach the town, the group is attacked by Ropers when they fall into a cave trap.  They barely escape the creatures.


Session 31:  Illithids in Wait (24 Napay 780 to 25 Napay 780)

  • As the trip continues, the group its approached by two dwarves.  They claim to be representatives of the nation of Nomagrok that are going to Gevonshan.  The dwarves, Reik and Marheen, are to investigate the town as well.  The clerics of Drunnbar have said that there is a problem in the town.

  • When the group approaches the cave entrance that will take them to Gevonshan, they are ambushed by a group of Illithid.  It becomes clear quickly that the Illithid knew they were coming.  They realize, when he turns and attacks them, that Grabappel has been controlled by the Illithids.  Despite the well laid trap, the group is able to overcome the Illithids and prevent any from escaping to tell those that remain in the town.  Grabappel is killed in the fight.


Session 32:  Grizby's Gift (25 Napay 780 to 1 Progonust 780)

  • The group arrives at the town of Gevonshan and investigates.  They discover that the town is controlled by Illithids indirectly through many of the dwarven leaders who are dominated.

  • Grizby finds his brother Herzbur and rescues him.

  • After several days in the town, the group decides to attack the Illithid cave which serves as their base.  They hope that the Illithids they have already killed mean there are not many left in the cave.

  • The group charges into the cave and is confronted by a lake of slimy water, which they quickly discover is filled by tentacles.  At the center of the lake is an island on which stands an Illithid, who they quickly realize is a spellcaster as it unleashes fire and lightning.  The group desperately tries to get to the island.  Montaron and Malek aid the trip and fend off the Illithid's spells.  Reik gets stuck in the water, wrestling with the tentacles.  Grizby nearly kills the Illithid, but is killed by a lightning bolt.  The distraction was enough to get Koth to the island where he finishes the Illithid.

  • The group returns to the town, where the domination is lifted.  Reik reveals that he is a Sledgehammer Noble of some consequence and commissions many things for the town to help them recover.


Session 33:  A Saintly Act (1 Progonust 780 to New Year's Day 781)

  • Grizby is buried at a hero's funeral.  The town begins to regroup with the help of Reik' s leadership and the skills of the others.

  • On the road back to Port Springs, the group is accosted by the Stalker of the Dead, <a href="../NPCs/Vistrani%20Fell.htm">Vistrani Fell</a>.  He says that he has come in the name of Dedestroyt to claim the cheated lives of Montaron, Solaris, and Koth.  Before he attacks, Solaris offers to allow himself to be slain if the stalker will spare the others.  The stalker accepts and strikes down Solaris in a single blow.  Oddly Solaris' body disappears and the stalker is knocked down the mountain in a landslide.

  • The remains of the group return to Port Springs.  Reik leaves for Icefia.  Daane leaves the city to search the world for the remnants of the Day Turned Dark.  The others remain in Port Springs.