Day Turned Dark Events (season 4: 34-44)

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Session 34: 

The Trial of Parker Berko (21 Progonust 782 to 25 Progonust 782)

  • Daane, Keldan, Malchia, Montaron, and Acyll arrive in Port Springs.  Malchia and Nefario quickly part ways as the giant bat goes into the mountains while Malchia is in the city.

  • Daane leads the group to find Vega, who has moved.  They find Vega in a new home and he fills the group in on the events in the city since Daane's departure and Daane introduces the new group.

  • The next day, representative Matthias arrives to take Vega to a trial for a human that is accused of attempted murder of a notorious city judge.  The group decided to accompany him, as the judge is a suspected associate of the Day Turned Dark.  At the courthouse, Malchia would not remove his items and had to listen and watch magically from the outside.  Inside, the trial lasted the entire day.  Matthias and Dargoo, the chief constable, defended Parker.  A judge of Han~Sui was voted to preside over the trial.  Acyll was called as a character witness, as he apparently knew Parker from his days at the Bardic College of Icefia.  In the end, Parko was acquitted of attempted murder due to a lack of any motive.   He was found guilty of possession and use of an illegal item, a firearm.  He was sentenced to time served, a fine, and the loss of the firearm.

  • Vega and the group then confronted Parker and offered their help to him in return for information regarding whatever lead to his so-called assassination attempt.  Having no allies in the city, Parker agreed to join them.

  • The next day, the group visited the magic shop of Lantan Copperwick, and then went to the home and shop of a Guardian who Acyll had been told of named Sturop Frozensky.  The shop was closed, but Sturop's apprentice told them that his master had been arrested for Perjury and taken away.  After some discussion, the group went to talk to the constable, Thoffan.  They agreed to talk to Thoffan after his shift ended, around midnight.

  • Thoffan and the group met a the Gale's Break, where they were watched by several others.  Thoffan and the group came to the conclusion that the apprentice had no reason to be in Sturop's shop, as legally it wasn't allowed to open and the apprentice didn't live there.  They went to investigate.  Once at the shop, the group split up.  Thoffan, Daane, Keldan, Montaron, and Parker went inside.  They other were outside until Keldan came to bring them in at Thoffan's request.  Malchia remained outside and the other two went in to discover two Keldans.  Acyll attacked the one that led them into the shop.  Injured, the second Keldan stumbled outside, closing the door and springing a magical trap.


Session 35:  The First Puzzle (25 Progonust 782 to 28 Progonust 782)

  • The group, less Malchia, spent an hour in the magical trap trying to figure the way out.  With seconds left, they solved the puzzle and were released from the trap.

  • During that time, Malchia was tricked by the doppelganger and led around the city until the creature was able to slip away while Malchia was fighting some summoned creatures.  Malchia gave chase and ended up in a dwarf's home.  The dwarf called out the constables, who were suspiciously close to the home, and Malchia fled invisibly back to the trapped building and then to Vega's house.

  • When the group got out of the trap, they encountered constables who were searching for a burglar.  They eventually went to an inn to rest, where they were once again watched until they scared off the watching dwarves.  Malchia found them at the inn late in the night and the group discussed what had happened and their next move.

  • The next day the group with Thoffin's help searched the home that Malchia had entered, to no avail.  They went to the home of a Knight of the White Sword, who was said to be a friend to Sturop.  The knight told the group that there was a demon just outside the city that he had been trying to convince the city officials to fight.  He had not been able to convince them, but had sent adventurers and mercenaries.  They had all failed.

  • The group agreed to go and find the demon, as long as the knight joined them.  The knight agreed, but only if Daane remained behind in case they were all defeated someone could tell the story.


Session 36:  Bending

the Definition of Demon (29 Progonust 782 to 1 Baston Sun 782)

  • Daane decides to accompany the group and Vega stays behind.

  • Led by Daraph, the group travels into the mountains for a day.  After a night camping, they reach the entrance to the cave and discover a series of enchantments at the cave mouth.  For over an hour, they try to decipher the enchantments, when Parker finally finds another entrance and leads them into the cave.

  • Once inside, the group travels for nearly an hour, avoiding many pitfalls and Acyll's near death at the teeth of a large worm.  They finally reach the cavern where the knight detects the presence of a great evil and magically lights the cavern.  A darkness envelopes the far end of the cavern and begins to move towards the group.  They notice the ceiling is covered in hundreds of giant bats.

  • As the group magically prepares, Montaron covers the floor of the cavern in stone, allowing the group to move freely without dealing with the pits.  After many other magical protections, the darkness arrives and the creature within attacks.  The group dispels the darkness and it reveals a beaked and armored creature with shadowy legs and a disc with the symbol of the Day Turned Dark on its chest.  Daraph flees, and later Daane does as well.  The bats descend and attack.  After a minute of desperate combat and magic, the group knocks out the creature, who is obviously their old friend the Hook Horror, Bender.


Session 37:  Nobody Has All the Answers (1 Baston Sun 782 to 4 Baston Sun 782)

  • They remove the disk from Bender's chest after dispelling it several times.  When they remove the disk, Bender's shadowy legs and the disk disappear.  They then spend the next day traveling via spells and with the help of Nefario to get Bender to a safe cave where he can recover.  Montaron and Nefario remain in the cave with Bender to protect him while the other return to Port Springs.

  • When they get to Vega's house, Vega informed they of all the information he had gathered while they were gone.  The group decided to look for the now missing Daraph.  To do that, they went to talk to his friend, a cleric of Falan, Verrin.

  • The group as usual was followed, and when they accosted the culprit, they learned he was a constable and that he was watching Parker for firearms.

  • Later, Parker and Vega went to talk to Lantan about the many jobs Lantan had hired Parker for, and later the entire group met with Lantan, who agreed to tell them everything he knows about the Day Turned Dark in exchange for a disclosure by Malchia about his powerful linked items.

  • As the group walked back to Vega's, they were stopped by a Vishtoo who pointed to Malchia.


Session 38:  The Vishtoo Reveals Little (4 Baston Sun 782 to 8 Baston Sun 782)

  • The Vishtoo quickly attacks the group, draining their life and pummeling them.  Malchia's spells have little effect and Acyll's attacks fail to stop the Vishtoo.  Keldan's amazing sword skills are displayed and he nearly destroys the creature before it unleashes its fury on him.  The group continues to attack the Vishtoo, and Vega severs its leg as it retreats.  The constables, having heard the battle arrive and take a report on the incident.

  • The next day, the group goes to meet with the healed Bender and Montaron.  Bender tells them of his captivity and his jailers, who are in league with the Day Turned Dark.  To safely move Bender, Malchia turns him into a Badger.  The group returns to the city.

  • Once in the city, they gather more information over the next two days.  Acyll discovers that his sword from the guardian temple was intercepted and is now in the hands of their enemies.  Matthias delivers a writ allowed the group to talk to the imprisoned guardian at the northern prison.  Vega determines the Daraph must be at Allar's estate.


Session 39:  The Guardian Reveals More (8 Baston Sun 782 to 12 Baston Sun 782)

  • The group spends two days in the city before traveling to the prison to meet with the guardian Sturop.  Matthias has written them a letter allowed them to have a meeting with the prisoner.

  • During those two days, the group researches spells and talks to Lantan.

  • Montaron Windwalks the group so they can reach the prison quickly, but half way there they are dispelled and ambushed.  They are stopped at the exact location where Vega and the others were ambushed years ago while being taken to the prison as convicts.  They are set upon by dozens of Displacer Wolves and a hidden wizard.  The battle begins to go poorly, Keldan is knocked out by lightning; while Montaron and Daane are sent tumbling down the mountain.  Malchia transforms into a dragon, scaring most of the wolves and most of his companions away.  Malchia is then killed by a fireball, leaving Montaron to deal with the remaining wolves and several summoned eagles.  After dispatching them, Montaron heals Keldaan and waits for the others to return.  Parker, who had managed to remain in Windform from the spell, returns quickly.  He begins to remove Malchia's item when his body becomes possessed.  Montaron and Keldaan twice subdue the possessed body before placing it in the bag of holding.  Shortly after, Vega, Daane, and Acyll return and are told what happened.  The group decides to press on to the prison.

  • When they reach the prison, the meet with Sturop and learn what he had been doing before his arrest.  He had discovered that the Day Turned Dark's plan is set for the upcoming Darkest Day at the end of the year.  He gave they the name of a friendly cleric who could raise Malchia and the group left.

  • As soon as they returned to Port Springs, the high constables arrived and arrested Parker for violating his probation by creating a new firearm.


Session 40:  Revelations (12 Baston Sun 782 to 15 Baston Sun 782)

  • The group goes to the shrine of Tfop and talks to the cleric.  The clerics tries to speak to Malchia's spirit, but instead speaks to the spirit that had possessed Malchia (even though they didn't realize it until Malchia was raised).

  • During a conversation about what to do next, the group uncovers that Daane is related to Allar and that his reason for going after the wizard originally was that Allar betrayed and killed most of their family and adventuring group.

  • Vega spends most of the next day collecting information, while the others talk to Lantan about the skins they collected and trade them for items.  They all meet up late in the day to talk to the 'oracle'.  After dispelling all of the scrying so they could not be watched, the group entered the oracle's tent and began to talk with her.  After several minutes of questioning, the group became suspicious and the oracle revealed herself to be Allar and sprung a riddle trap.  Luckily, Vega quickly unraveled the riddle and the group escaped unharmed.

  • Vega returned late in the night and told the others on the next morning that he had discovered that none of the missing dwarves were feared dead or considered to be in great danger.  He also told Acyll that he thinks he has located the stolen  sword from the Guardians.

Session 41:  One Sword to Help the Cause (16 Baston Sun 782 to 17 Baston Sun 782)

  • After a day of investigation into the warehouse which holds Acyll's sword, Montaron goes to get a warrant from the judge in the Port District.  After some convincing, the judge agrees and says he will have it tomorrow.

  • The next day, the group goes to the warehouse to investigate.  When they arrive, they serve the warrant to the guards who are awaiting a delivery.  Acyll, Montaron, Vega, and Keldan go inside to look around with one of the Horarian guard.  After a lot of searching and overcoming a Maze spell trap, the group finds the crate that must contain the sword.  When the guard opens it, several fiendish lions jump out of an extra-dimensional space and attack.

  • Outside, Malchia tracks a guard on the rooftop and Daane distracts the guards who are about to unload a shipment into the warehouse.  When the lions are heard, Malchia begins to launch spells at the roof and eventually drives off or kills the guard who is up there, who began to throw lightning bolts at the group inside.

  • The lions kill the Horarian guard and attack the others.  Acyll is nearly killed several times and Montaron's healing saves them all.  After a fierce battle, the group overcomes four lions and recovers the sword.


Session 42:  Chasing The String (18 Baston Sun 782 to 21 Baston Sun 782)

  • For three days, the group scours the city looking for clues.

  • They are told that Matthias has been arrested, and most likely set up by the doppelganger, charged with molesting a dwarven girl.  He is in the jail.  The group goes to talk with him and confirms all of the information they had.

  • Tracking down the origins of the crate of swords they found at the warehouse, the group discovers that the usual moving company for the Darnius's Greatswords company wasn't used for the shipment.  The new movers allowed the crate to be 'inspected' by an unknown dwarf before it was delivered.

  • Vega is informed and then relays to the group that a Dragonslayer has arrived in the city, and he is looking for a draconic sorcerer that has been reported in Port Springs.

  • Vega recalls the other associates of Allar and begins to look into Judge Cromnar and the unnamed dwarf with the carpenter's box.

  • On the morning of the 21st, the high constable arrives at Vega's door.  He tells the group that he has been tracking Parker's former group in hopes that the people that set them up will reveal themselves.  His plan has worked and Parker's old group is about to be under attack.  He asks Vega and company to come with him and save the other group.  They agree and are teleported to the slopes of a mountain where they see familiar wolves charging down towards a group of four.


Session 43:  Hopeful for Allies (21 Baston Sun 782 to 22 Baston Sun 782)

  • The four individuals being assaulted: Brack, Enzo, Gogenstern, and Sunjata; desperately fight for their lives, not knowing help is soon to arrive.  They put up a variety of spells to fend off the dozens of wolves.  For nearly a minute they survive before Sunjata is torn apart and Brack knocked unconscious.

  • Daane and companions begin to descend down the mountain to help.  Montaron arrives with another constable.  Before they are able to do anything, Malchia transforms into a dragon and scares most of the group.  Klek the constable does not run and manages to dispel and then berate Malchia.  The group loses several precious seconds fleeing before Klek can recover them.  Right after they recover, a fireball explodes in their midst, forcing Klek to Teleport the other constable and himself away.

  • Malchia unleashes lightning bolts, while Daane boosts everyone's morale, Acyll and Keldaan begin to cut through the wolves and Montaron begins to heal.  After several vicious spells descend on the group, Klek returns and lightens the area.  The groups start to overwhelm the wolves.  The hostile spellcaster sees the tide turning and the wolves begin to howl then explode, nearly killing all of the group.

  • When the smoke clears, only Sunjata has died.  Vega remains frightened and hidden.  Klek suggests they all begin to walk to the city and the next day he will Teleport them there.

  • While the are resting for the night, a strange winged elf appears flying overhead.  She says that she is searching for the bearer of strange items that were also sought by a Vishtoo.  She claims to be from a land to the north, the home of the owner of those items.  The group is suspicious and sends her away after she answers several questions.  She leaves them a ring that when worn she can track.  She also warns them that another more powerful Vishtoo is sure to come after the bearer of the items.

  • When the group is teleported back to Port Springs, Klek leaves.  Montaron takes the body of Sunjata to the temple.  The other go to Vega's home to talk.  Shortly after they arrive, the Guardian that they had been waiting for arrives, his name is Dovin.


Session 44: 

The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow (22 Baston Sun 782 to Darkest Day 782)

  • After several hours of discussion, Vega and Malchia break into a heated argument.  Vega demands that Malchia pay for Sunjata's rasie dead spell since he feels Malchia caused the warrior's death.  Malchia disagrees.  After some threats and a near fight, Malchia leaves, summoning Nafario and departing the city.

  • Over the next two days, the group collects information on the known associates of the Day Turned Dark.  They are told Vex is back in the city and.  They learn that anyone even remotely associated with the Day Turned Dark is disappearing.  They tell the cleric Verin of their plans and that he should act if he doesn't hear from them again before the Darkest Day.

  • The group goes to the shop of a carpenter, who is a living known associate of the Day Turned Dark and Allar.  Vega talks with him and although he is convinced the dwarf knows something, he is too clever to reveal it.  The dwarf invites Vega back to see his 'showroom' in four days.

  • Montaron regenerates Bender's legs and Vega gets a 'permit' from the constables to allow Bender to go into the city as long as he is accompanied.  Bender waits at the shrine to Treetop.

  • After several days pass, the group decides to go into the carpenter's shop right before it closes.  They find that he is not there and search the building.  Finding nothing of note on the first floor, they descend into the basement showroom.  There they find a hidden door and a long tunnel that goes in the direction of Allar's estate.  They cast many spells and begin to travel down the corridor.  After ten minutes, they realize that they have been magically transported and doubt they can turn back.

  • Continuing forward, they see that the corridor opens into another room and the corridor continues.  Entering the room, Vega and Dovin see and cloaked dwarf waiting at the far end of the room.  He calls the group out and soon after the fight begins.  Although they put up a valiant effort, Allar is far too prepared for a group he knows well.  After several minutes, they are all captured.

  • An unknown number of days later, the group awakens chained to a wall in a familiar summoning room.  A massive demon appears to be being summoned in front of them.  However, a gnomes, clearly of Amatine stock stands before Vega and tells them he shares their goal.  He will free them if they help defeat Allar and the demon.  The group agrees.  Once free, Vega kills Allar, but in his dying act, Allar frees the demon from is bonds.  The group acts quickly and in unison, unleashing their most powerful spells.  It is just enough to defeat the emerging demon.