Day Turned Dark Events (season 5: 45-55)

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Session 45: 

Making Plans (Darkest Day 782 to 2 Coustus 783)

  • After a long conversation with the gnome known as Carpender, the group decides it would be best to split into two groups.  One group would chase after Dovan and is captors, while the other one hunted down the remnants of the Day Turned Dark in Port Springs.  Acyll, Gogenstern, Enzo, and Montaron agree to travel after Dovan, the other will remain in the city.  Montaron, however, will meet the other somewhere on the road, as he is needed for a day or two in the city.

  • The next morning, Daane and Vega, collect as much information as possible and head to Ye Old Watering Hole in the Low City to find a guide in the forest.  They are directed to a Frozensky dwarf named Hipolet, who is recommended by the owner of the tavern.  Daane convinces the dwarf to accompany the others for a fee and they agree to leave later that day.

  • After meeting Hipolet at the tavern, they party chasing Dovan gathers information about the group they are following; two dwarves and four humans who left the city two and a half days ago.  The group sets out quickly to avoid the New Year's Day rush of those existing the city after two days of darkness.  The group reaches the closest town of Firguson before anyone else and determines that their prey took the road to the northeast.

  • Following that path, the group goes for two days, finding the trail and encountering several other dwarven hunters.  On the third night out of Port Springs, while camping, frozen undead charge their campsite.  Although they nearly kill Enzo, the undead are destroyed.


Session 46:  Almost a Quick End to the Hunt (2 Coustus 783 to 5 Coustus 783)

  • The group rests for the night, and soon after they wake up, Montaron arrives via his windwalking spell.  They tell Montaron what has happened so far and begin to walk in the ever-increasing blizzard.  After several hours of uneventful travel, the group decides to use Montaron windwalk spell the next day to reach the next town on the path that Hipolet knows of.  They reach the town and begin to search for clues to the prey.

  • After spending the night, the group goes to the inn where they find many hunters and travelers waiting out the storm.  One group they find consists of six dwarves, led by Johan.  They are agents of the dwarven giant killer and guardian, Garanuf.  They tell the group that they passed the dwarves and humans they are looking for, but had no reason to stop them.  They also reveal they they are looking for cultists for Garanuf, which after some discussion, appear to be responsible for the undead the group encountered on there trip.  Later that day, they set out for the next settlement on the path, named Wailk.  Shortly into their trip, they windwalk again into the Wailk.

  • In Wailk, they investigate some more and discover their quarry is cannot be to the next town on the path.  They decide to search the settlement and then windwalk out to find them on the path.  After an hour, they overtake the group and ready for an attack.  In the darkness, Acyll yells out their intentions to the travelers, who are shocked and quickly teleport away, leaving to of their number behind.  One charges and is killed by Acyll.  They interrogate the other one and then set him free in the wilderness.  They discover that the wizard with the group they are chasing cannot teleport to the temple where they are going.  He could only teleport to Port Springs, the lair of the creature Belagrus, and the dwarven settlement of Felma.  The group decides to use Hipolet's direction and windwalk to a town he knows of closest to Felma, even though it is only half way there.

  • They reach the settlement and rest for the night.  When they awaken, they find that a group of guardians is waiting for them in the inn.  The group is led by Jelamni the Finder, an elven wizard.  He tells them of his plan to help find Dovan.  He will take is crew to the temple of Dresta, after being guided by Garanuf to its location.  They will wait there for the group with Dovan to arrive. Acyll and his companions will continue to track the group and either they will be caught or driven into the arms of Jelamni at the temple.  The group agrees, but Gogenstern requests to go to the temple, to be near the hated clerics of Dresta.  Jelamni agrees and in exchange sends his gnomish archer with Acyll.


Session 47:  Falling Behind (6 Coustus 783 to 8 Coustus 783)

  • The group soon leaves the small settlement and sets out for Felma.  After arriving via windwalk, they search the settlement and discover a home where their prey stayed.  They follow a trail out into the wilderness, resting after the windwalk expires.  They continue to follow the trail until they come upon a hill.

  • They soon discover something evil in in the hill and are attacking by wolf like creatures with a fiendish taint.  After a quick battle, they dispatch the creatures and search the hill.  They determine that their prey lead them out hear on a rouse.  They decide to head up a different road in hopes of finding their prey, but with no success.  They then head back into Felma and begin a new search.


Session 48:  Information From All Sources (8 Coustus 783

to 10 Coustus 783)

  • While in Felma, the group discusses ways to determine where their prey went.  Hipolet and Gnellis go out into the settlement to buy and sell.  Eventually, the group determines they will have to wait the night in Felma and pray the next day for blessings.

  • The next day, Hipolet speaks with Chase and Montaron communes with Smofarf.  They determine that their prey have gone to Belagrus' lair and that they left several days ago from Felma.  The decide to go near to the lair and search for more information about the creature.

  • After Windwalking, they arrive at the settlement of Gemin.  There they learn from the Thane of the settlement and a ranger in the Inn that Belagrus is a beholder.  Later, Jelamni contacts them and confirms that fact having talked to Garanuf.

  • The group reaches a barbarian settlement that trades with Belagrus and begins to watch it as the storm that has followed them slowly clears.  On their first night, they are assaulted by lightning and an attacker.  After barely surviving the lightning assault, Montaron heals them.  Acyll chases down the attackers while the other use magic and arrows to attack the spellcaster.  Enzo is able to fly after and finally bring down the spellcaster, killing it.  The creature is a strange looking, winged humanoid with clothing.  They bring the body to a new camp they set up and rest.  Hours later, the 2nd attacker, who had escaped Acyll, announces himself and requests the body of his brother.  He is willing to give them information and his brother's items for the body.  Acyll agrees and learns that the two were contracted by Allar to hunt his anyone that killed him.  The creature, a tiefling, agrees he will no longer honor the contract and leaves.

  • The next day, the group is confronted by a group of twelve trolls who are agents of Belagrus.  The troll leader insists they come with them to see Belagrus.  The group convinces the trolls to allow them to talk to Belagrus, who speaks to the group through the troll leader's spear.  Belagrus agrees to let them go and give them information in exchange for the ring, potions, and backpack of the tiefling they killed.  The beholder tells them that their prey has left to meet with a giant and then to go to a temple of a cult of ice and cold, not to Dresta.  He tells them they are on a path that skirts the northern border of the forest below the mountains.  The trolls take the items and leave.


Session 49:  The Approach (10 Coustus 783 to 12 Coustus 783)

  • The group sets off for the Forest Edge Path.  For over two days they travel it magically and normally, tracking their prey.  They are forced to retrace steps as their prey uses magical concealment and movement to mislead them.  After using divinations, they are still not able to find them and they contact Jelamni.  They tell him that their prey is not heading to the temple of Dresta, but some other location to meet with a cultist of frost.

  • That night, the group is set upon by a pack of wild werewolves.  After a short fight, they kill all but one, who they put to sleep and capture.  The next day, they put the creature in the back of holding and keep it with them.

  • Using a new plan, the group scans the path with detection magic as they fly along.  A couple hours into their flight, their prey suddenly becomes visible just as the screech is heard in the area and their prey turns towards the group, which is in gaseous form.


Session 50:  

The Fight They've Been Waiting For (12 Coustus 783 to 13 Coustus 783)

  • The group flies into the forest and begins to form.  They do their best to watch their prey, who appear to be preparing for battle, not running.  Acyll and Hipolet get within sight of them, while the rest of the group waits in the forest.

  • When they take form, Acyll steps out and announces their presence.  Hipolet launches arrows at the wizard, who seems to be protected magically.  Acyll is confronted by three earth elementals and charged by a berserking barbarian.  As he destroys an elemental, the second barbarian attacks him from behind as well.  Montaron blesses the group a little before he is forced to turn to only healing the others.  Hipolet and Gnellis begin to attack until a powerful mountain lion engages them and Chase.  Enzo changes forms and swoops after the wizard.

  • The wizard lightning bolts Enzo, who is then hit with arrows from the dwarven ranger and falls to the ground.  Hipolet and Chase are beaten unconscious by the lion.  Montaron and Acyll do their best to keep pace with the barbarians and elementals.  Acyll beheads the berserker, then charges the wizard.  Montaron enlarges and engages the elementals and remaining barbarian.

  • Gnellis heals Hipolet and the two fight the lion off.  Acyll drives off the wizard and Montaron drives off the barbarian.  They quickly heal Enzo, but as they do, they ranger escapes in a mist.  The group searches the packs left behind and the beheaded barbarians as Enzo changes shape and searches for the others.  After more than ten minutes, he returns, having found them running east on the path.  The group takes wind form and gets ahead of them, setting up an ambush.

  • As the three targets approach, Montaron and Enzo dispel the area, revealing the barbarian and wizard who had been invisible.  Acyll steps out, but before anything else can happen, Gnellis and Hipolet hit the wizard with a volley of arrows and bolts, taking him out of the fight.  The barbarian tries to run, but he too is felled.  Acyll yells out to the ranger, who is hidden.  After a short parley, the ranger runs, leaving Dovan's body behind.

  • The group contacts Jelamni, who arrives the next day with Garanuf.


Session 51:  Gathering New Allies (1 Coustus 783 to 5 Coustus 783)

  • Having left Allar's estate after searching it and rescuing Daraph, Vega turns the site over to the constables.  While Brack and Keldaan rest, Montaron begins to heal everyone and examine what was taken from Allar.  Vega searches out information on the whereabouts of Allar's remaining allies.  Daane collects some new and old allies that he had arranged come to the city before the group went to confront Allar.

  • Daane gets Parker out of prison, a few days early and somewhat suspiciously.  The two wait on the docks for several others to arrive; a human bounty hunter named Kovar and a human bard from Icefia named Emmerik.  They also wait for another Silversword, but do not find him.  Daane explains the situation to all of them and then they go to meet up with Keldaan, Brack, and Vega.

  • After two days of discussion, information gathering, and getting to know one another; Vega receives evidence against Koddan.  Unfortunately, the representative is away in Icefia.  Vega then learns that Ponmot, the owner of Allar's estate, is returning soon from a week long trip to a nearby town.  The group decides to go and meet Ponmot before he gets too close to the city and realizes what has transpired, if he already doesn't know.  They collect supplies and set off on the eastern road.  Daane remains behind to watch for activity from anyone else and search for the missing Silversword.

  • Two days into their travel, which is slow in the cold wind and snow, the group sees a large group of dwarves traveling west on the road.  Keldaan sneaks towards them to watch as Vega announces their presence and tries to determine if Ponmot is with the dwarves.  The dwarves catch on, and Keldaan sees one of the dwarves begin to cast a spell.  He yells for Brack and the other to ready for battle and charges into the dwarves.

Session 52:  

Showdown with Ponmot (5 Coustus 783 to 7 Coustus 783)

  • Keldaan holds off a moment and Vega and two of the dwarves begin talking.  Everyone else on both sides prepares for the possible battle.  Vega tells the dwarves that he has a warrant for Ponmot, which he tries to show them before it 'blows' away.  They remain unconvinced.  tensions rise and finally, seeing Ponmot casting spells, Keldaan Glitterdusts Ponmot and the surrounding dwarves. The fight begins.

  • Keldaan is quickly tackled by several dwarves and spends the entire fight fending off the grapplers and then gets pinned.  Brack begins to unleash his spells and is confronted by the captain of the group, who cuts off Brack's arm before finally succumbing to his unsought.  During his attacks, Brack accidentally kills another dwarf that was coming to the captain's aid.  The second in command charges Emmerik, who barely survives, along with Kovar who comes to his aid.  The two eventually defeat the dwarf.

  • Parker moves in to engage several dwarves and skillfully fends off four dwarves by himself for the entirety of the battle, knocking one of them out in the process.  Vega moves in to find Ponmot, despite being the target of Ponmot, three wizards, and three other dwarves fighters, he reaches his target and beings to cut him down.  After a particularly vicious blow, Ponmot goes to his last resort, and successfully turns Vega into a mole.  He then disappears from the battlefield with Vega-mole.  The battle quiets.

  • The cleric of the dwarven group calls for parley and offers Keldaan in exchange for the captain and any others.  The group agrees and they heal the captain.  After some discussion, they discover that Ponmot had hired a company known as the Pikers to escort him to Port Springs.  They were paid well and have no idea of Ponmot's connections.  In exchange for some coin, the captain offers their services in tracking Ponmot, who one of the dwarven wizards says merely used Dimension Door to get away.  The many dwarves, Keldaan, and Kovar set off in different directions to find Ponmot.

  • On the road to Port Springs, Kovar and a dwarf from the company find Ponmot's tracks.  The dwarf, named Korn, convinces Kovar to find Ponmot themselves so they can save the loot.  Korn runs along the road, while Kovar moves on horse off the road. Korn is caught in a spell, but Kovar ambushes Ponmot.  He does not kill the dwarf and after a fiendish wolf is summoned, he retreats.  Korn berates him and continues to chase while Kovar returns.

  • After returning, Kovar tells the other what happened and take Keldaan, Emmerik and Parker forward.  They come across a wounded Korn, who yells at Kovar.  Leaving him, the catch Ponmot.  Tired and low on spells, the dwarf fireballs the group, knocking out Kovar and his horse.  The others charge and subdue Ponmot.

  • They return to the other, telling what happened.  After a night's rest, the two groups separate.  Reaching Port Springs, the group sends messengers to let those who need to know that they have Ponmot.


Session 53:  

Next on the List of Targets (7 Coustus 783 to 11 Coustus 783)

  • The group questions Ponmot.  They confirm much of what they knew: he was a front-dwarf and was involved minimally in the devious goings on of the Day Turned Dark, although he had figured some things out.  Without Allar, he doubts the other would work together.  Allar had a contingency set up in case he failed, and each remaining member had a role to play.  Ponmot was to return to the city with a Resurrection scroll and bring Allar back to life.  He knows little else of use.

  • The group spends three days planning, gathering information, resting, learning spells and such.  During that time they learn that Cromnar, the judge, is planning to leave the city.  They learn that a shadowy force, likely Vex, is killing a members of a guild or turning them into shadowy killers.  Dargoo tells them that the high constables are trying to talk to Allar's spirit.  The high constables also let them know that they discovered a skeletal dwarven hand wearing a ring in the house on the estate.  The hand is in a magical box that was extremely well hidden using both mundane and magical means.

  • The group finally decides to try and discover information from Cromnar.  Daane will disguise himself as a laborer helping Cromnar with his wagon out of the city while the others follow behind on the road.  After several hours, the others, who had rented their own wagon, catch up to Cronmar's wagon and subtly freeze the wheel and stop the wagon.  Emmerik and Kovar go to Cromnar's wagon and offer assistance.  Vega sneaks inside the wagon, with a disguised Daane's help and locates a journal.  However, as the wagon is begin repaired, Cromnar recognizes something is wrong and begins to confront Kovar.  After several spells, and all of the other watching and preparing for battle, Kovar runs.  Cromnar summons a planar creature to stop Kovar and then demands to know what is going on, giving Kovar and his unknown accomplice 30 seconds to reveal themselves or be judged.


Session 54:  

What Constitutes Murder? (11 Coustus 783 to 14 Coustus 783)

  • As the countdown continues, Kovar has had enough.  He quickly draws his sword and attacks Cromnar, who begins to defend himself with spells.  The rest of the group moves into action, although only Keldaan, Brack, and Daane actually attack.  The dwarven guard and Kovar engage in combat, with the guard getting the better of the fight until Daane springs into action and evens it out.  Brack unleashes a barrage of spells upon Cromnar until the cleric is able to magically hold him.  Keldaan charges and destroys the summoned constructs in one mighty blow.  Vega begins to dispel Cromnar and the guard's defenses, while Parker sneaks around to the back of the fight.  Emmerik soon steps away from the battle all together.

  • Cromnar dispels many of Keldaan's spells, preventing the elf from dealing a killing blow to Cromnar at first.  Daane and Kovar finally take out the guard, and move out of the way so that a recovered Brack can unleash magical death upon Cromnar, but the cleric's defenses are too powerful and he cannot be felled by magic.  Parker finally makes it to Cromnar and trips him from behind as the rest of the group moves in to surround the now lone dwarf.  Keldaan gets to him first with a deadly charge.  He impales the cleric through the heart, killing him and soaking the ground with his blood.

  • The group, after a great deal of bickering, tracks down the other dwarven laborer, who had run off at the first sign of a fight.  Daane convinces him with coin to return to the city and never speak of anything he saw, which did not include the end of the fight.  The group spends the rest of the day searching Cromnar's belongings, finding some valuable writings.  The writings include correspnodants between Cromnar and his family, many dwarves of Port Springs, and other clerics of Everentual.  They also include a listing of every dwarf that went missing in Port Springs due to Allar's research.  They then destroy the wagon with Brack's spells.  Kovar and Emmerik properly entomb the cleric's body in a cave, which Brack seals.  The send Cromnar's horses back to the city and shortly after go that way.

  • As soon as they reach Port Springs, Keldaan insists on going to find an elven ship and staying there until the legalities are sorted out.  He makes it to the ship with Daane's help and after some arm twisting, convinces the captain to let him come aboard.  The rest of the group spends the next few days talking to: Mathias to determine the legal trouble they are in; Thooma to find the bardic spell that can erase the unconscious dwarven guard's memory; and eventually Vega's contacts to get a Sending spell so that Emmerik can contact the Bardic College.


Session 55: 

As the Law Closes In (14 Coustus 783 to 18 Coustus 783)

  • The group spends four days trying to uncover more information.  During that time, Keldaan stays mostly on the elven ship, wary that the constables will arrest him.

  • On the 2nd day, Montaron and Acyll return.  Montaron spends his time at his temple, while aiding the group with spells when needed.  Acyll spends his time searching for Dovan's lost items.  Brack researches at the temple of Smofarf.  Parker aids the high constables with identification of a ring of the skeletal dwarven hand found at the estate.  The others rest and wait at Vega's house.

  • The bardic college, as requested by Emmerik, sends information about doppelgangers, which turns out to be of little use.  The high constable, Klek, arrives with information from the soul of Allar, which reveals the relationship between Allar, Vex, and Lejelter, but doesn't help the group determine the latter's goals.

  • On the 18th of Coustus, Vega, Brack, Kovar, and Emmerik are in Vega's house while the other are doing varies things.  A messenger knocks at the door, and when Vega answers, attacks.  Brack is quick to illuminate the area and drive the shadow cloaked attacker away.  For a few minutes, the four search the home.  When they reach the basement, their light goes out and they are attacked.  Luckily, Brack is quick to re-light the area, and stun everyone.  When the attackers are revealed, it is Vex along with six of the dwarves he has tainted.  Well prepared, the group anchors and glitters Vex, as well as heavily lights the room.  Emmerik and Kovar fight off the dwarves, while Vega and Brack concentrate on Vex.  When the last of the other dwarves is killed, Vex makes a break for the upstairs.  The group gives chase, finally trapping him in the room above.  A combination of spells and attack weakens Vex enough so that Emmerik is able to Death Touch him.  Just as the group relaxes, Vex 'living' cape tears itself from Vex's body and tries to flee.


Session 56: 

Only a Matter of Time (18 Coustus 783 to 23 Coustus 783)

  • The living cape proves to be a Cloacker of an abyssal nature.  It assaults the group, which is unprepared for such a creature.  Only Vega's magical weapon proves adequate in killing the creature.  The group then searches the rest of the house and calls for the constables.  In searching the house, Emmerik is attacked, but Parker and then the others arrive to drive off the shadowy dwarf before any permanent damage is done.

  • The group sends messages to everyone, alerting them of the events and asking them to come.  Acyll, Dargoo, Keldaan, Daane, and others come to the house and are told of what happened.  Dargoo collects the bodies and tells Vega he will have some of his specialists come in and clean up the place.

  • The next day, High Constable Klek arrives and tells the group that the hand and ring that Parker and he had been examining, the ones found hidden on Allar's estate, are gone.  He believes, and Vega later confirms, that the hand somehow came back to life along with the dwarf the hand belonged to centuries ago.  Klek and Parker admit they may have caused that to happen when they opened the magical box in which the hand was stored.

  • The group spends the next few days resting and researching.  They discover, with the help of a professor from the Bardic college, Russell, that the dwarf was the father of a dwarven wizard attached to the Guardians named Corus.  The dwarf is a powerful wizard and once was possessed by a Balor, probably the one Allar had tried to summon.

  • Dargoo arrives with a young dwarf and tells Vega that the dwarf will be his new apprentice / assistant, if he wants one.  He also has bad news, that somehow the clerics of Everentual have begun to sniff out the truth of what happened to Cromnar and that most of them should get out of the city.   Vega agrees.  Daraph arrives and tells the group that Koddan has gone into hiding in Port Fiam and cannot be found.  The group decides that everyone except Vega and Brack should leave the city.  They will go to Icefia and search for Koddan.