Fire Giants

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The nation of the ce.


ALIGNMENT: Fire Giants tend towards Lawful and Neutral, with a fair amount of evil giants. Chaotic Fire Giants are rare, even more so than the uncommon good fire giant.

RELIGION: Until the departure of Sutyr, the majority of Fire Giants worshipped him as their creator and as generally believed in the tenants of his faith. Tyrogatore was second in number of worshippers, and now claims the plurality of Fire Giants as worshippers. Dedestroyt, Wandle, Vishtoo and Draunnbar are the largest faiths after Tyrogatore.


All Fire Giants have the same base rules.

  • are large-sized
  • are immune to fire
  • are susceptible to cold
  • have a base speed of 40ft.
  • start with 30 hit points in addition to class levels
  • receive a +2 bonus to all Saving throws made against an fire or heat-based spell
  • any fire or fire-based spells cast have a DC of one higher
  • are immune to the effects of heat exhaustion
  • have a +8 natural armor class bonus
  • receive a +2 bonus to all skill checks when related to fire or heat; such as Survival in the deserts, Spellcraft of an fire spell, Craft (smith) using fire
  • have low light vision
  • favored class is Fighter
  • receive a +8 bonus to Strength; a +2 bonus to Constitution; and a –2 penalty to Dexterity
  • may select from the following racial feats: Iron Will, Power Attack, Rock Throwing, Weapon Proficiency (any two handed sword)
  • ECL +4