Gnoll Events (season 1: 1-6)

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Session 1: Cry Havoc and Unleash the Dogs of War (Progonust

4 to Progonust 7 786)

  • After the large pack is ready, the brothers begin the day by finding the path forward and leading the way.  Shortly after they begin, Razk finds a halfling.  He brings him to the brothers, who interrogate him.  The halfling says that the Fellos Estate has already been attacked and has fallen.  He fled when the order to evacuate was given.  Undeterred, the brothers decide to go there anyway.  The halfling turns invisible and puts Tox and Khraz to sleep.  Scratch, able to find the halfling, jumps in and knocks him, Drax then shocks the creature and Ozzle spears it.  As it dies, it appears and turns into a fey.  Immediately after, Scratch hears the distance sound of thumping.  The brothers move that way.

  • For minutes, they head towards the noise.  Drax sends his hawk.  It senses fear and danger and returns.  The thumping stops and yells begin.  The brothers move forward again, and soon are impelled to go faster by Khraz.  The rush for a minute before they see the estate.  After Tarkin kills a watching fey Killoreen, they rush forward, with three groups of brothers forming based on their speed and casting.  They avoid any more fey until they get to the edge of the forest within 50 feet of the wall of the estate.  They see smoke from a fire in the estate.  Tox, Khraz, and Razk reach there first.  They see a giant about to succumb to a horde of Killoreen.  The giant is defending a breach in the wall.  Tox and Khraz charge in and Razk is not far behind.  The hit the side of the killoreen force and kill a few.  Grozik and Scratch join the fight soon after and the cleaving begins.

  • The killoreen regroup and begin to fend off the brothers.  Arrows rain in and the brothers go on the defensive.  The giant falls and the killoreen begin to move into the estate.  Tox grabs his brothers, except Grozik and they are transported into the estate.  Grozik moves back to Draz, Ozzle, and Tarkin.  The killoreen form a defensive wall against the brothers outside.  Tarkin stands out and exchanges arrows with the horde, allowing his armor to ward off most arrows.  Grozik and Ozzle move in, with Ozzle burning away the shield wall and Grozik cleaving more of them.  Inside, Toz creates a block of wood that closes the gap and the brothers inside are left to fight nearly thirty killoreen.  Razk retreats to cover as the others fight.  Three groups of Killoreen split off and go deeper into the estate.

  • Outside the wall, Drax creates a horde of gnolls and the killoreen move back.  The other brothers continue to press forward into the now retreating killoreen.  Inside, Razk rejoins the fight and they four push the few killoreen back.  Arrows come from behind them, and giant eagles fly overhead.  A bloody elf comes to aid those inside.  Outside, the killoreen regroup and the brothers make their way of the block.  The brothers take cover behind the wall as the killoreen begin to volley arrows into the estate.


Session 2: An Elf of Many Talents (Progonust 7 786)

  • The group remains pinned for a minutes against the wall.  Sarvonis calls the giant eagles back and the brothers agree to send Razk to the large pack to tell them what is happening.  The eagles carry him out, with only two of the five making it away with Razk.  The brothers continue their debate until they are attacked by fey.  Stunned, blinded, daze, confused, and put to sleep; the fey almost defeat them until Drax hides them from the fey.  Scratch manages to catch one and the brothers tear it limb from limb.  They all head quickly into the dark wood and Dryoll's Keep.

  • In the wood, Sarvonis tells them more of what happened before they arrives and also tells them about the keep.  The wood is safe from the smaller fey so for the moment they are safe.  They eventually call to Dryoll and the drawbridge lowers.  They see the ghostly lizardfolk and Tarkin makes his way inside.  Tox trips him to try and stop him but he rolls forward.  Tarkin is fired upon by Killoreen that were hiding as soon as Tarkin reveals himself by moving away from Drax.  He returns fire and the brothers charge into the woods.  Khraz forces one to laugh uncontrollable, but the others flee from the assault.  Tox pushes the laughing one towards Dryoll who feeds the fey to the creatures of the moat.  The group leaves, going to the edge of the wood where they can see the castle and most of the estate.  Needing healing, Tarkin sneaks across the field to the castle trying to get aid.

  • Tarkin makes it across after minutes and is almost to the castle when he trips over invisible creatures.  He is attacked by a swarm of Kobalds, that fail to hurt him but slow him down.  Sarvonis kills many of the ones hanging on him and the halflings lower a rope.  Tarkin gets to the top and meets the captain of the guard.  He sends Tarkin underground with a badger with a pack of healing potions.  Once he reaches his brothers, they decide to have the badger take them out to meet the pack.  Savornis says goodbye.  They eventually meet up with the pack and Razk.

  • As they make their way towards the estate together, a Sokar'akai flies towards the pack.  He hails them and lands.  He is Tali, the estate's wizard and he tells them more of what lead to the attack.  The main culprit was another Sakor'akai spellcaster named Lantiva.  He asks them to track the spellcaster down because he still poses a threat.  He has fled east now that they know what he has done.  THe brothers agree and are given a blanket that belonged to Lantiva.  The brothers get a tracking dog from the beastmaster and leave.


Session 3: Death Comes as Expected (Progonust 7 - Progonust 15 786)

  • The brothers begin to track the traitor east through the forest.  Each day, something comes to kill them.  Unicorns, boars, spiders, owlbears, pixies, and finally trolls.

  • The unicorns come first.  Charging in from one side and then the other, the brothers fend them off and barely survive, killing two before the others retreat.

  • The boar is not problem to kill.

  • The pixie ambush the group and put everyone but Tarkin and Scratch to sleep.  The two battle the pixie and try to wake everyone.  Finally, Drax makes them all invisible.  However, Tox doesn't understand and knocks him out.  Ozzle is forced to burn down the trees to drive them away.

  • The owlbears give chase for over a day.  The brothers are going to outpace them when they come to a shell of webs.  They burn and cut through them in time to outrun the owlbears.

  • The trolls attack at night, moving in and battering the brothers.  The fight is going poorly and Ozzle engulfs himself in flame, creating walls of fire as he moves.  Drax makes everyone invisible, but it is not enough and Khraz is torn to pieces, saved somehow by Grozik's powers.

Session 4: Duped (Progonust 15 - Progonust 19 786)

  • The fight with the

    trolls does not last long, as the 'undead' Khraz chops the remaining trolls up with the help of Tox.  The fire begins to burn up the forest and threaten them all.  Ozzle collapses in an effort to put out the fire and creates a rain storm that does just that.  With two brothers out, Scratch tries to prevent the death of Khraz, and seemingly does by healing the unhealalbe wound.  Khraz then collapses, but is breathing.  With few choices, the gnolls

    hunker down for the night.
  • In the morning, they make litters and carry off Ozzle and Grozik, continuing the hunt for the traitor.  Within a day, they come across an orc and his two celestial companions.  Fortune appears to have smiled on them all, as the orc is hunting a vampire halfling that has escaped him.  Razk is able, at the cost of collapsing, to point them in the direction.  In thanks, the orc's companion creates a magical building for them to rest in for the day.  By the next morning, the orc and companions have returned and all of the brothers feel better, although Grozik and Ozzle are still barely able to function.  In thanks, the companion named Heera transports them in the wind ahead of their prey so they can lay a trap.  Tox, in saying goodbye, horrifies the creatures and drives it off by offering it a unicorn horn.

  • Waiting for their prey, the gnolls set a line hundreds of feet across, knowing that is is coming in their direction.  They hear something after several hours, and Drax confirms that it is a Sakor'akai.  When it gets close enough, Drax hits it with entangling magic missiles and they all rush it.  Arrows, claws, and more spells hit the creature, which turns into a quickling fey.  Scratch is able to grab a hold of it and Tox joins in to make sure it is secure.

  • Questioning the quickling, they learn that they have been set up somehow.  It is leading them away and the traitor is elsewhere.  Tox squishes the fey in a fit.  The brothers head back towards the Fellos Estate for answers.  They discover also, that the blanket given to them to help track the traitor is enchanted with divination.  They look for a way to dispose of it.  That night, they are attacked by three were bears.  Amazingly, Tox grapples one and pins it long enough for Razk to cut its throat.  Scratch and Drax team up to disable another, while the last flees.  They question the disabled one and learn that it was called to them.  After they stuff the blanket into the creature's mouth, they send it on its way.

Session 5: Escaping from a Toxic Mistake (Progonust 19 - Progonust 29 786)

  • The group marches back towards the estate, encountering no resistance on the five day journey.  All of the brothers except Grozik are recevoered from their magic use.

  • Reaching the estate, they scout it out first with the animals and then Drax.  They discover that the estate has been taken.  Kobalds are dismantling the walls.  The fey grove is ash.  The mansion is covered by a huge mound of dirt.  No fey are around, but many Kobalds and their scaled masters are there.  The brothers decide to get closer.

  • Ozzle and Tarkin take the lead, but after a few minutes they are spotted.  Kobald cries go out and the group rushes towards the castle.  On their way, they cut through several packs of Kobalds.  Once near the castle, a call to surrender is heard, followed by a volley of lit arrows in the forest where the brothers are hiding.  The Kobalds charge towards the forest and a hydra roar is heard.  Tox tells Tarkin to hide well and transports the brothers to the castle.  Unfortunately, the effort incapacitates him and leaves not only Tarkin, but Drax and Grozik behind as well.

  • Inside the castle, the five brothers hide Tox in a room and search for a way out after finding the the castle as fallen and no allies are inside.  They find a tunnel leading south and take it.  The tunnel comes to a dead end after a mile and they think on their situation.  The others sneak into the estate and find Tox's body surrounded by Kobalds and a scaled master in the castle.  Grozik is able to frighten most away, while Drax and Tarkin kill the few left.  Grozik collapses.  The two remaining search the castle, finding little until they hear more enemies approaching.  Tarkin manages to shrink both large brothers down and he and Drax drag them into the tunnel.

  • The two groups meet up and after much discussion, Drax uses a scroll to summon dire badgers to dig them out.  They flee south until Tarkin finds them a place to hide.  For three days the rest.  On the fourth day, a Halfling named Terry and Tarkin find each other scouting and he talks to the brothers.

 Session 6: The Fey Come for the Brothers (Progonust 29 - Baston Sun 1 786)

  • After several hours talking to Terry, the halfling wishes them well and leaves.  The gnolls continue their resting.  The next morning, they are attacked by shadow cats, which they kills without much issue.  Before the sun rises, they are again attacked, this time by werebats.  They kills the creatures and begin a bat and cat feast, but are worried about the two early attacks.

  • Shortly after the sun rises, a cloud of smoke comes into camp, causing Razk and Tarkin to cough, the group takes cover and are soon attacked by volleys of arrows.  They see groups of Killoreen moving in to their camp.

  • Tarkin remains safely in a tree, launches arrows down upon the Killoreen while being protected by his armor from their arrows.  Drax climbs down, using magic missiles to attack the Killoreen.  Razk leaps down and kills one.  Seperate from those three, Khraz is forced to take cover and recoup while Tox and Scratch move forward.  Ozzle begins to return fire and Grozik heals his borthers.  The arrows continue, followed by charging Killoreen with spears and boars goring them from behind.  Brothers begins to fall.  Tox keeps the score even as he decimates the enemy.  Brownies begin to rain darts down putting some brothers to sleep.  Tarkin begins to kills brownies, shooting them out of the trees.  A leader of the Killoreen arrives and begins to cut Tox down with a halberd.

  • The battle begins to slip away from the brothers.  Every one verges on death, except Tarkin in the trees.  When Tox falls once, then again after begin healed, things look dark.  Ozzle, in his second attempt, drives a fey slaying arrow into the Killoreen leader and he dies, ashen in color.  Khraz finally rushes forward, huge and anger, cutting through several Killoreen.  Razk kills a boar he was wrestling with and finds a healing potion to revive Grozik.  The group then hears the calls of a pack of gnolls.  The fey retreat when they hear that.  Tox, Tarkin, and Khraz give chase to no avail.

  • At the camp, a gnome walks out and greets the gnolls.  Dark skinned and commonly dressed, he introduced himself as Foost and explains that he helped the gnolls because the fey and Scalehome are his enemy as well.  After some discussion, they agree to help each other.