Grean Republic Events (season 3: 17+)

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Return to Re-Making the Grean Republic

Session 17: In Six Months, A Lot is Forgotten

  • Six months pass since the activity under the archive. During that time, the group receives reports about what is taken out of it, but those reports are fewer and fewer as the time passes. Eventually, they decided to visit Ruselev to find out why.
  • It becomes apparent that anyone who know about the items and the events at the archive is forgetting or disappearing. The group decides to investigate the warehouse where the items from the archive were being held. The warehouse is empty when they search it.
  • The group is attacked from a lone figure on a building roof.

Session 18: Wanted by the Unwanted

  • The group pursues the attacker, with Sewurg and Razilav going in from the roof and the others making their way inside the door on the first floor.
  • To be completed...
  • To be completed...
  • They interrogate the conscious Gree who tells them that there is a bounty on anyone that goes into the Arka. We were the first to enter in a month, so there weren't many waiting to capture us. Those captured were taken to a location and handed over to people this Gree doesn't know for payment.
  • The unwanted are released after being given back their prominent items.

Session 19: They Went Straight for the Juggler

  • The group divided up most of the items they got from their last two encounters, had the house Tinker turn the Earthsense helmet into goggles, and we sold the rest.
  • After that, we decided to find out who owns the warehouse where all the shady activity happened. It was sold by a well known noble to a circus owner. We were going to do more research when Ilia received a distress letter from the mayor's daughter. She asked that he meet her at her fancy dress shop in district 1. We all left to go meet her and, while on the way, ran into the homeless Gree with the mechanical wing. He noticed the Marcanist belt Razilav was wearing and showed us old papers with the same symbol on it. We agreed to feed him in exchange for the papers.
  • Once we got to the store, Ilia was approached by her bodyguard and taken to a safe room. The girl was there waiting and mentioned that she feared for her grandmother's life. She said people were trying to kidnap her and steal her precious possessions that she keeps in a chest. At this point, the grandmother revealed herself to be the Grand Archivist. After searching said chest, we discovered her headdress was magic and tech.
  • We all agreed to help smuggle her to a safe location since she appeared to be genuinely senile. We decided to hide her possessions in dry cleaning bags and used her treasure chest as a decoy in case we were attacked. We loaded everything into a cart and set out in the morning in order to cross the checkpoints in broad daylight.
  • While loading the cart outside the shop, we were approached by a mime. He put on a brief act before opening some sort of portal out of thin air and several circus performers emerged. We soon found ourselves in the middle of the big fight scene in Batman Returns complete with jugglers, acrobats, trick throwers, and a unicycle rider.
  • The fight started immediately and we were assaulted with all manner of novelty items that caused us grief. There is even a big Gree wielding a large mallet like hammer facing off with Rusalev.
  • We managed to stop a few of them with magic and weighted net, but not permanently. Everyone is still alive and the unicycle rider escaped down the end of the alley where we're fighting. As he was rounding the corner, he was intercepted by Grey Vests, so he stopped and charmed them with what appears to be a Bardicly enhanced juggling act.
  • Disa managed to summon 2 badgers that are attacking the hammer wielding Gree.

Session 20: Wheel Gets Those Clowns

  • The battle continued, with more gree coming through the magic hoop. Two lions come out of the hoop as well as twins. Ilya begins to destroy the hoop to prevent others from coming through it.
  • One of the twins puts a clicker on the chest of the grand gree in the wagon. It begins to buzz and makes noise. Razilav moves into the wagon and is able to stop the machine for working.
  • Sewurg uses spells to knock down and tire the gree while Disa entangles them. Valeri takes the fight to the gree and claws them down. Razliav takes a position on the wagon and begins to shoot.
  • Realizing them are defeated, the circus gree collect their fallen and transport away. They only one left is the cycle riding gree, who flees.

Session 21: Next Time Try the Back Door

  • An intern at the law firm is sent to the circus to make sure the circus performers are the same ones that the group fought, and to the best of his ability, he confirms they are.
  • The group investigates the elderly Gree which have been disappearing. They find a list of missing Gree reports and find the ones belonging to elderly Gree. They analyze all of the locations and try to find some connections based on wealth, district, profession, etc. Razilav notices a name that is familiar and suggests they go investigate that family. Since he knows them, he can verify whether the group gets accurate answers.
  • In disguise, and with Sewurg, Razilav finds the house and meets with the family. It becomes clear that they have forgotten their missing elder, but begin to remember after prompted.
  • As the group goes to other homes, Razliav notices they are being trailed by a young Gree with a yo-yo. They confront him and discover that he is being paid to track their movements and the yo-yo is a device which signals location. Ilya pays him to stop and tells him to return the yo-yo to its owners. The group follows him in order to find out who was paying him.
  • They follow him to a brothel. Razliav and Disa stay outside while the others enter. After a discussion, and finding that the young Gree is indisposed, a fight breaks out between the group and the bouncers and workers. Sewurg's spells and Valeri's attacks are too much for the employees to handle and eventually the matron is forced to answers questions. Razilav miserably fails to help after hitting the ground while swinging in. She sells information and is being paid to be inform on the group.

Session 22: Investigations Take a Lot of GRIT

  • We researched the missing elder Gree and found a pattern of disappearances that led us to G.R.I.T. We charmed our way into the teacher living quarters and searched for the missing professors. We found their published works to be stolen from their rooms (all skilled trades) and we also discovered an invisible box that contained ancient tech from the same era as the stuff in the cave from a season ago. We then met an old professor at the library who is completely of sound mind and he filled us in on the disciplines of each professor. He gave us copies of the books that were stolen along with a complete set of all his published works. Afterward, he said he was going to have lunch and summoned a rickshaw. Dissa summoned an owl to follow him and he went on his way. As we were getting ready to follow him, the Unwanted Gree with the anti-gravity belt walked down an adjacent building and confronted us. Instead of fighting us, he said he "owed us" since we spared him or something along those lines. He tipped us off that the box we took was a hot commodity and that the items inside were being tracked. He suggested we keep them hidden in extra-dimensional space and get out while we still could. He then said we were "even" and climbed back up the building.
  • We then trailed the professor in the rickshaw and met up with him at the restaurant he was eating at. After his meal, the professor stepped into the rickshaw and started to move, so we followed. Upon investigation, we saw purple smoke billowing up in the rickshaw and noticed the driver was no longer the same person. Saewurg cast Drug Resistance on Ilya then Baleful Transposition and switched Ilya with the professor. We caught the professor who had been put to sleep and Ilya confronted the driver. He pulled a sword on him, but ultimately ran down an empty alley. Ilya dimension leaped in front of him and we flanked the other side of the alley. He surrendered and we coaxed information out of him as to who hired him. It turned out to be a cleric of ill repute associated with Arsenal. He also told us the rendezvous point was about 5 blocks away and to look for an over-sized wagon. Razilav scouted the location and confirmed the wagon was there and noted three enforcers. One wearing massive metal armor, another with an over-sized mechanical jaw apparatus, and a third with baggy pants. The wagon and these Gree are all covered in some sort of mist. We stopped at this point to discuss our next move.

Session 23: Ambush of the Machine-Gree

  • The group plans an attack. Ilya and Valeri will go disguised as the old professor and his kidnapper; Disa will wait back; and Razilav and Ilya will take to the roof and descend when needed.

Session 24: A Trap for the Machine-Gree

  • The group lays low for several days, waiting for all of the information about the criminals they had encountered to make its way to the constables. When it becomes clear the constables have done all they can do with that information, the group decides to lay a trap for the machine Gree and their leader Scorpinox. They determine that group is a better target than the carnival or the unwanted. Using the yoyo trackers, the group will set off that signal at the now abandoned warehouse that had held the old clickers and wait for the arrival of the machine Gree. Razilav and Sewurg wait on a building across the street, made invisible by a clicker. The other wait inside, while a summoned mephit by Disa activates the yoyo. After an hour, the machine Gree arrive.
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Session 25: Top of the Food Chain

  • The interrogation of Scorpinox gives the group the next link of the chain to the Gree in charge of the disappearances of the elder-Gree and the clickers.