Grean Republic Events (season 4: 26+)

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Session 26: The Group Back Together

  • The group has been living their lives as constables and doing other tasks for twenty years. While not working together after successfully helping the republic prevent disharmony and infighting, they have not been estranged. The world beyond the republic has undergone a great deal or turmoil, but the republic, as it usually doesn't, has not changed.
  • Called together by a familiar naval face, although not the admiral, the are commissioned to look into a new problem. Counterfeit credits have been appearing in the city and disrupting the economy. Due to a lack of military, the group is needed to look into the issue. Joining them for this is a younger Gree named Anatoli, an expert in forgery.
  • Their first stop is the shop where a huge number of counterfeit credits passed through. They question the owner and his family.
  • The next stop is a mint.