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More than any other race, the half-elves have grown in population since they first came to exist on Habololy.  The first half-elves lived soon after elves and humans first came into contact and they learned that their races could produce an offspring.  Since that time, elves and humans of all types have mated and produced half-elven children. 

The Half-Elves do not have a culture or nation of their own.  They mingle with the humans and elves that they live with and become part of that culture.  They are generally accepted by most nations.  More often than not, a Half-Elf will live with his or her human parent.  That trend has come about more because of the life span of the Half-Elf, which is closer to that of a human, than anything else.  There are exceptions to acceptance.  The Drow and Desert elves will usually eliminate any of the half-elven bastards, as will the Umanin.


The typical Half-Elf will be easy to pick out upon a close look.  Their ears are not as dramatically pointed as an elf’s.  Their height and weight vary, but they can resemble the tendencies of either parent.  Hair and eye color can be any that either parent might have had.  The Half-Drow are the only truly distinctive Half-Elves, as their skin is ashen in color.


Half-Elves can be found in every profession and are known to worship nearly every religion and cult.



Half-Elves share many of the same traits.  There are some differences depending on what type of elf was a parent to the Half-Elf.  The type of human does not seem to matter accept in appearance.


  • All Half-Elves are medium-sized

  • All Half-Elves have a base speed of 30 ft.

  • All Half-Elves receive a +2 bonus on any saving throw against a sleep-like effect

  • AllHalf-Elves receive a +1 bonus to all Listen, Spot, and Search skill checks

  • Half-Drow have 30 ft. darkvision.  Half-Desert Elves have only normal vision.  All other Half-Elves have low-light vision.

  • Half-Elves may have any favored class

  • Half-Desert Elves receive a +1 bonus to Intelligence and a –1 penalty to Constitution

  • Half-Elves may select at most two elven racial feats based on the ones available to their parent’s type of elf.