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There is only one type of Halfling that lives on Habololy, and they have made the great forest their home for so long that it has come to be known as the Great Halfling Forest.  Halflings are a race concerned first and foremost with home and hearth, family and friends.  They are a peaceful race, but are willing to fight for what they love. 

Most Halflings live in communities, which rarely grow in size to match the cities of most other races.  These communities are democratic.  A mayor and a sheriff are the elected leaders of the community.  Halflings are farmers, gatherers, and hunters.  All of these are done in moderation to ensure the natural balance of nature is kept.  The communities are very inviting to visitors.  In fact, Halflings take great pride in showing any visitor to their home a great deal of respect and hospitality.  One of the greatest offenses is to be ungrateful for any show of kindness or generosity.


If it were up to Halflings, and any Halfling will be sure to say that it should be, there would be no tall buildings, paved roads would be kept to a minimum, and disputes would be settled by contests, not battle.  Life should be filled with friends, food, pets, games, song, story, pipeweed, and only as much hard work as is necessary.  Some of these ideals have spilled over into the lands that the Halflings inhabit with others and taken root.  Halflings have been known to take their family and suddenly move to a new home for no better reason than it suited them at the moment.  This has lead to Halflings living in as many different places as any other race.


APPEARANCE:  Halflings are a short race, averaging just over 3 ft. in height.  They weigh in at a robust average of 60 lbs.  A thin Halfling is assumed to be ill.  Other races often ridicule their stature.  Halflings don’t quite understand this, as they see only advantages to being short and round.  Females are about the same height and weight, but they never look quite as plump as the males.


Halflings often have both brown hair, which is likely curly and brown eyes.  Blonde or black hair is not so common, and the same can be said of blue eyes.  Only the rare example can be found of red hair or green eyes.  While green eyes are considered a blessing, red hair is considered a curse.  Halflings’ skin is usually peach in color and even has a pinkish hue.  Their eyes are a little big for their head as their eyelashes are longer and thinner than one would expect to compensate.


Although a Halfling’s toes and fingers are stubby, most Halflings are quite dexterous when it comes to manipulating objects.  Some have even been known to write with their feet, which are rarely covered in any shoe or sock.  A Halfling’s feet are just as hairy as the top of his head.  They are very hard and calloused on the bottom.  With only the rare exception, Halflings do not grow facial hair, as it takes them far too long to grow any.


Clothing for a Halfling can vary greatly.  Comfort is very important, as is style.  A Halfling must also be practical and have clothes for all occasions.  To that end, most Halflings have a wardrobe that is large.  Although jewelry is common, piercing is not.


ALIGNMENT:  The vast majority of Halflings are good.  It is very uncommon to find a chaotic Halfling, and evil ones are even more rare.


RELIGION: The Halflings pay homage to Habastly as their creator and also as the provider of the common needs of life.  Many other deities are worshipped by the Halflings but none as widely as Habastly.



All Halflings come from the same stock, and no matter where they live, are roughly similar.


  • Halflings are small-sized with all of the usual benefits and penalties associated with that size

  • Halflings have a base speed of 20 ft.

  • Halflings receive a +2 bonus on all Knowledge (Geography), Listen, Move Silently, and Tumble skill checks

  • Halflings receive a –4 penalty on all Ride skill checks

  • Halflings receive a +1 bonus on all saving throws versus fear

  • Halflings may select one of their racial feats as a bonus feat at 1st level

  • Halflings are 'lucky' and may select two areas in which they always receive a bonus.  Pick two from the following list:

    • +1 to all saving throws

    • +1 to all ranged attack rolls with weapons (not spells)

    • +1 luck bonus to armor class

    • +1 to all Charisma-based skill checks

    • +1 to all melee attacks rolls with small (for Halflings) sized weapons and unarmed attacks

  • Halflings may not be Wizards

  • The favored class of the Halfling is Rogue

  • Halflings receive a +2 bonus to Dexterity and a –2 penalty to Strength

  • Halfling may select from the following racial feats: Crafting Tradition, Love of Food, Tiny Fighting, Wild Heart


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Halfling – “When you eat a round cake, do you begin at the center?”