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Harris Drake Travelerson was born in the lands of the Queen of the North of the Kingdom of Icefia. Like most Icefian subjects from a wilderness town he was one of many children, expected to follow in his forbearers’ footsteps, in Harris’ case as a timber farmer and lumber worker. Harris, from an early age, had a different idea. He aspired to win fortune for himself and fame for his family name. His grandmother told him and his siblings that they were destined for greatness as the Travelerson name had been handed down from great men. Except for his brother Markel who joined the church of Hemator, Harris’ other siblings ignored these stories and remained in their small town. Harris, however, left Nowm’s Run and enlisted in the army as a messenger boy at age 15. Always a large child Harris did well and was allowed to attend basic training a year later, the earliest age possible. Harris did well in the training and, due to his size and strength, was selected for rapid training for the Diamond Brigades. During his training a tragedy occurred. Harris and several other young men went out drinking to celebrate a successful exercise. While at the bar a brawl erupted between the recruits and a group of off duty marines. Harris possessed a quick temper that the army had not yet eliminated. During the fight Harris killed one of the marine sergeants. Harris was convicted of accidental murder and sentenced to five years hard labor in the northern mines. He was also expelled from the military.


Harris served his term and was released early due to good behavior and above average production. He has since become a mercenary seeking the fortune and glory that he had hoped to achieve in the army. Harris has found himself in strange company, a wandering pair of Sledgehammer dwarves, an Aasimar of the Guardian Temple, a deranged seafaring gnome, an orc templar of Ganrion and a cleric of Hemator who appears to be founding his own sect. Their travels have taken them back to the mines where Harris had been imprisoned, across the sea to Jaswap and the Plateau and even into the Horarian islands. Thus far Harris has seen little in the way of profit.  

Harris has little love for the government of the Kingdom, but is still proud of his homeland. The coming war with the Scaled Kingdom has provided him with an objective: to recruit a small mercenary army that he will pledge to the service of the Kingdom in exchange for land or treasure seized during the war. He is hopeful that the Sledgehammer dwarves will join him and perhaps bring some of their kin as well.  

Harris is a large barrel-chested man with ragged mutton chops and an unkempt head of black hair. He wears practical clothes and while he lacks the discipline of a professional soldier his equipment is always in good repair. Harris is never without his mighty great hammer, a disturbing weapon with a coffin shaped head that appears to have a thunderstorm raging beneath its face. The weapon is an appropriate symbol of his personality and a perfect implement for his fighting style- crush everything that doesn’t get out of your way.            

  Class:   Fighter (Footman) 9/ Berserker 2        
  Size: Medium Height: 6'4" Weight: 270 lbs.  
  Hair: Black Eyes: Grey Skin: Weathered  
  Age: 17          
  Str: 18 (+4) HP: 130      
  Dex: 16 (+2) Initiative: +3 Dex (+3)    
  Con: 18 (+4) Speed: 30 ft.      
  Int: 14 (+2) AC: 18 [20] Dex (+3);  Armor (+5) [Shield (+2)]  
  Wis: 10 (+0)          
  Cha: 16 (+3)          
            Notable Skills:  
    Notable Equipment:       Climb +8  
    +4 Thundering Shock Great Hammer       Intimidate +10  
    Short Sword       Jump +8  
    Breastplate       Swim +9  
    Large Steel Shield          
    Boots of Speed          
    Amulet or Resistance +2          
    Notable Abilities:     Notable Feats:  
    Rage       Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Great Hammer)  
    Uncanny Dodge     Iron Will  
        Human Quick Draw  
      Anti Bravado / Extra Rage  
      Anti Grudge Keeper / Combat Reflexes  
        Learned Self Sufficient  
            Great Cleave  
        Fighter 1 Weapon Focus (Great Hammer)  
        Fighter 2 Power Attack  
        Fighter 4 Weapon Specialization (Great Hammer)  
        Fighter 6 Die Hard  
        Fighter 8 Improved Critical (Great Hammer)  

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