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Return to Troubles in Icefia

Naavialek - A Sokar'akai warrior who was nearly killed.  His near death experience left him with visions and a lack of control.  He followed his visions until his demise. (sessions 1-3)


<a href="../Player%20Characters/Jonathon.htm">Jonathon</a> - A pious monk follower of Hemator and Saint Solaris.  He was sent to the plateau to deliver a message and search for an ally of the guardians.  He returned to Icefia to help find and defeat the demonic organizations that the guardians were fighting against.  He was not present when most of his companions were slain. (sessions 1-13, 19-25)


Brevis - A half-elven wizard warrior from the plateau.  He traveled to Icefia where he was swept into a fight against a demonic cult.  He perished fighting that cult. (sessions 1-9, 15-16, 58-66, 77-90)


Rastan - A human cleric of Tfop from the plateau. He was obliged by his faith to help against the evil forces on the plateau, but refused to travel off of the plateau and was left behind. (sessions 1-3)


<a href="../Player%20Characters/Avegneer%20Eversharpe.htm"> Avegneer</a> - A drug addicted gnome from the great plateau.  He and Adien were captured by tinkers and eventually rescued but taken to Icefia.  In Icefia, he became involved in trying to track his former captures and in the process, fought against a demonic cult.  He died fighting that cult. (session 4-16)


Adien - A female Gree on the run from her nation that sought to follow tradition and remove her wings.  She was also captured as Avegneer was and followed the same path to her death. (session 4-16)

<a href="../Player%20Characters/Zalthor.htm"> Zalthor</a> - A former slave and massive bugbear with virtually no moral compass.  He traveled with Avegneer and others simply because they would have him.  He was nearly killed by one of the demonic organizations, but instead enslaved and then finally rescued. (session 9-16)


Leon - Younger brother to one of the kings of Icefia, Leon was sent to safeguard an ancient sword.  He has at times joined the others in their fight against the demonic organizations. (session 9-12, 26)




<a href="../Player%20Characters/Asinjin%20Al-Davourin%20El-Turok.htm"> Asinjin</a> - A half desert elf wizard whose master was captured by some demonic force.  The guardians found him and offered their assistance in tracking down his master.  He fought against and defeated some of the forces, but has still not found his master or those responsible. (sessions 17-35, 38-56, 66-76)


<a href="../Player%20Characters/Rubius.htm"> Rubius</a> - A halfling farmer that was forced into adventure to rescue his kidnapped wife.  He went to the guardians for assistance and ended up helped them track down the demonic organizations that kidnapped her.  After rescuing her, he agreed to continue to help the guardians until such a time when his family would be safe from them. (sessions 17-35, 67-76)


<a href="../Player%20Characters/Tolan.htm">Tolan</a> - A winged Grean soldier that escaped his homeland with the aid of the guardians.  For that assistance, he agreed to help them in their goals.  He has fought against a variety of demonic organizations since then. (sessions 17-34)


<a href="../Player%20Characters/Ari.htm">Ari</a> - A paladin of Tfop from the islands.  He was sent by his church to aid the guardians, but then recalled when it was discovered that he was needed elsewhere. (sessions 18-20, 27, 29-35, 38-56, 63, 66-76)


Harrick - A cleric and wizard of Falan.  He too was sent by his church to aid the guardians, but then recalled when it was discovered that he was needed elsewhere. (sessions 18-20)




<a href="../Player%20Characters/Sordor.htm">Sordor</a> - A dwarven noble of the Mountainmagic clan living in Icefia.  He has lived almost exclusively below ground and has developed a deep hatred of the mind flayers and their ilk.  He trained as a ranger and apprenticed to the Order of the Sunlight Below. (sessions 36-37)


Grim'Nag - A blind goblin ranger.  Shortly after entering the underdark with his companions, he was stuck down with illness and forced to remain behind.  (session 36)


Gnorris -  An ice gnome who is a member of the Icefian military.  He is their official representative in the efforts in the underdark to find and track the Neo-Illithid.  He is a psion.  (sessions 36-37)


Ravagon -  A Drow mercenary that is hired as a guide to take Gnorris, Sordar, and Grim'Nag through the underdark.  He is a skilled rogue. 

(sessions 36-37)


Adarik -  An associate of Ravagon's who the group finds after Grim'Nag falls ill.  He is a half-elven mercenary wizard.  (sessions 36-37)




<a href="../Player%20Characters/Parker.htm">Parker</a> - An Icefian native that returned to Icefia on the heels of the last member of the Day Turned Dark, Allar, and where he met Asinjin and Ari on their quest. (sessions 38-56, 66-76)


Thadyus - A pseudo-knight from the future. (sessions 38-56)




Belisarius - An orcish cleric of Stasis that has traveled to Icefia at the request of his king to find Leira and a Feyalin that was guarding her.  (sessions 47-49)


Maleek - A human that has traveled to Icefia at the request of his king to find Leira and a Feyalin that was guarding her.  (sessions 47-56)




Robert Axson - A human native of the Icefian cities that has finally found a well paying job that he is good at as a constable.  (sessions 57-66, 77-90)


Udarik - A dwarven cleric of Arsur'anyodel.  He was saved by the religion of Arsur'anyodel from the cult of Dresta and has followed her faith since. (sessions 57-66, 77-79, 90)


Vassilli - A grean psion. (sessions 57-66, 77-90)


Ramsey - A human wizard native of Icefia.  He became sick after his transfer to Phiam and was sent back to Messada.  (sessions 57-58)




Quarol - A scaled elven warrior that has been assigned to a constable unit in the city of Portet as a liaison (sessions 77-89)


Gheentah - A gnomish warrior, following the footsteps of his mentor Brenton, who is assigned to a new constable unit which is sent to Portet. (session 77-90)


Ruby Aileen Humperdink - daughter of famed hero Rubius, she has set out to learn the skills of an adventurer after the disappearance of her father and attack on her brother.

Dylan - The latest member of the drow Summerlight family.

Lachlan - A barbarian noble from Icefia.

Uther - Dwarven prince and devotee of the planar faith of Geiro who seeks to destroy Vestilion's new divine status.

Godric - an Icefia Vishtoo paladin of the old ways