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The lizardfolk are not one race, but a collection of races that are grouped together because they all appear reptilian in nature.  To ask most other races, they are all very similar, but to ask one of the lizardfolk, each race is quite different.  There are four dominant varieties of lizardfolk: the Wugs, the Gatori, the Vass, and the Sandoo.  The other races know them as; Frogmen, Gatormen, Lizardmen, and Chamelemen, terms that the lizardfolk do not like.

The origins of the lizardfolk are unknown.  They do not keep records and care little for lineage.  Stories are proverbs and lessons, but never involve names or dates.  Other cultures have records of the lizardfolk that date back at least two millennia.  Some legends even tell of a Lizardman nation, which ruled the Great Forest nearly fifteen hundred years ago.  Whatever the truth of their origins may be, the lizardfolk now live in every non-arctic part of Habololy.


The four races have few traits that extend to all.  The Wugs are a brutal tribal race that pollutes and uses up any area that they inhabit.  Their lives are the shortest of the four lizardfolk and are dominated by fighting for both pleasure and survival.  They focus on immediate gratification and rarely look to the consequences of their actions.  Wugs despise all other races, including the other lizardfolk.  The Wugs prefer swamps to all other terrain.  They are never found in mountainous or rocky areas.


The Gatori are also brutal, but have learned to live in harmony with nature.  They have ravenous appetites for food, drink and sport.  Gatori understand that with these things must also come work.  They build settlements to last and attempt to emulate the culture that is nearest to help accomplish this.  Gatori are a simple race of simple pleasures.  They prefer hot jungles.


The Vass are the most numerous of all the lizardfolk.  They can be found throughout the main continent and in southern Icefia.  They have adapted to living in most climates and terrains.  They are also the most diverse of the Lizardfolk.  Vass can be found in all professions and religions.  They have mingled with the other races and live in their cities. 


The Sandoo are docile and nervous.  There are fewer Sandoo than any other of the lizardfolk.  They are a nomadic race, which has never had a home.  Their focus is on survival.  This focus has led them to avoid the other races if possible.  They prefer hot climates, but will adapt to whatever climate is necessary.


APPEARANCE:  Each race of lizardfolk had earned its nickname because of the animal they most resemble.  The Wugs, or Frogmen, are hunched over, which make them appear to be only 4 ft tall.  When they stand upright, they are closer to 5½ ft.  They weigh on average 120 lbs.  Their legs are thin but extremely strong with large webbed feet that have four digits.  Their arms are short and end in four fingers.  Their eyes are big and can track independently.  The tongue of a Wug is as long as its body and can be launched out that distance.  Their skin is smooth and soft to the touch.


The Gatori are the largest of the lizardfolk.  They average 7 ft. in height and they weigh no less than 400 lbs.  They have a tail, which can grow up to 5 ft. from the base of the spine to the tip.  Gatori are best known for their long snout, which conceals rows of razor-sharp teeth.  Their skin is covered in hard scales.  Both the arms and legs of a Gatori are short and end in four clawed digits.


Vass usually stand just over 6 ft. tall and weigh about 225 lbs.  Their tails are at most 3 ft. in length.  They have a partially defining nose and eyes that are fully on the front of their face.  Their mouth has defined, but scaled, lips.  All Vass have a small row of fins that runs from the top of their head, down their back, to the tip of their tail.  Their arms and legs are well proportioned for their body and end five digits on each.  Their bodies are covered in scales, which are only as hard as a human’s skin.


The smallest of the lizardfolk are the Sandoo, who stand only 4½ ft. tall and weigh only 80 lbs.  Their eyes are on either side of their head on the end of mounds that allow the eyes to move in any direction independently.  Their nose is at the end of a short snout, which contains their mouth, filled with dull teeth.  Their arms and legs are proportional but thin.  They have only three toes per foot and four fingers per hand.  Their scales are hard and rough.


All lizardfolk have black eyes.  Their skin and scales are always some shade of either green or brown.  The Sandoo have the natural ability to change their skins color based of the colors that surround them, making it easy for them to hide and stay unnoticed.


Clothing among the lizardfolk is limited to what is necessary to keep warm, stay safe, and carry what is needed.  They do not wear any footwear or headgear.  With the only exception being when armor is worn.  Animal hides are the most common material used, unless another race with which to trade is nearby. 


Weapons and armor are of simple design, unless bought or stolen from another race.  The Gatori prefer large weapons and heavy armor.  The Sandoo prefer small weapons and light armor.  The Vass and the Wugs will use anything.


The females of all of the races of lizardfolk are subservient to the males.  On rare occasions, a female will rise in status because of her size, but this is uncommon.  They are generally smaller in stature and lighter in color than their male counterparts. 


ALIGNMENT:  The Wugs are never lawful or good.  More often than not, a Wug will be chaotic and evil.  The Gatori are usually neutral in both their ethics and morality, with some lawful communities.  The Vass also tend to be ethically neutral, but their morality swings toward whatever cultures are most influential on a particular group of Vass.  The Sandoo are chaotic in their wanderings.  They also have little concern for anything but survival, and this leads them to be neutral in their morality.


RELIGION:  All lizardfolk see Tyrogatore as their creator and give him the proper respect.  The Wugs are known to have many members of the cult of Loomashyn, the master of hatred and slime.  The Gatori revere Han~Sui as the master of combat and place him just below Tyrogatore.  The Vass have the most diverse worship of the lizardfolk.  Dresta and Habastly are among the most worshiped, Dresta by those who tend towards power and control, and Habastly by those who tend towards nature and health.  The Sandoo follow only Tyrogatore and Tommimao devotedly.  Frostine, the bringer of winter, is the devil to all races of lizardfolk.



Each race of lizardfolk has traits that make them unique.  The similarities are what cause most other races to lump them into one group.


  • All lizardfolk are medium-sized

  • All lizardfolk suffer from exposure to cold in greater effect than other races.  When the temperature drops below 50 degrees, they must make a fortitude save DC15 +1 per previous check every half of an hour.  When the temperature drops below freezing, they must make the same saving throw every five minutes.  In either case, a failed saving throw means that the lizardfolk suffers 1d6 points of subdual damage that cannot be magically healed.  If reduced to zero hit points, they go into a coma.  This coma ends with their death after an hour if they are not brought to a warmer environment.

  • All lizardfolk receive a +1 bonus to all saving throws against poison

  • All lizardfolk receive a –2 penalty to all saving throws against cold or ice-based attack (this does not include the exposure rule form above)

  • No lizardfolk may take the Technology feat

  • No lizardfolk may be a cleric of Frostine

  • Gatori

    • have a base speed of 20ft.

    • swim at 25ft.

    • have Swim as a class skill

    • may hold their breath for a number of minutes equal to the Constitution score

    • receive a +3 natural armor bonus

    • receive a +2 bonus to all Swim, Balance, and Intimidate skill checks

    • receive a -2 penalty to Disable Device, Open Lock, and Sleight of Hand

    • may use their bite, claws, and tail as weapons, they do 1d3, 1d8, and 1d6 points of damage respectively

    • favored class of the Gatori is Berserker

    • receive a +3 bonus to Strength and a +2 bonus to Constitution and –2 penalties to Intelligence, Dexterity, and Charisma

    • may select from the following racial feats: Freakish Size, Night Vision, Scent, Warm the Blood

  • Sandoo

    • have a base speed of 35ft.

    • have Hide as a class skill

    • receive a +8 bonus to all Hide skill checks

    • because of the positioning of their eyes and their ability to move them independently, cannot be flanked from the sides

    • favored class is Rogue

    • receive a +2 bonus to Dexterity and a –1 penalty to Wisdom and Charisma

    • may select from the following racial feats: Distrusting Nature, Naturally Quiet, Night Vision, Warm the Blood

  • Vass

    • have a base speed of 25ft.

    • swim at 20ft.

    • have Swim as a class skill

    • receive a +2 natural armor bonus

    • receive a +2 bonus to all Jump, Balance, and Swim skill checks

    • may use their bite, claws, and tail as weapons, they do 1d4+1, 1d3, and 1d4 points of damage respectively

    • favored class is Cleric

    • receive a +1 bonus to Strength and Constitution and a –2 penalty to Intelligence

    • may select from the following racial feats: Freakish Size, Night Vision, Scent, Warm the Blood

  • Wugs

    • have a base speed of 20ft.

    • swim at 30ft.

    • have Swim as a class skill

    • have Jump as a class skill

    • may select one of their racial feats as a bonus feat at 1st level

    • receive a +1 natural armor bonus

    • receive a +2 bonus to all Swim checks

    • receive a +6 bonus to all Jump skill checks

    • favored class is Ranger

    • receive a +2 bonus to Constitution and a +1 bonus to Strength and Dexterity; and a –1 penalty to Wisdom and Charisma and a –2 penalty to Intelligence

    • may select from the following racial feats: Blend, Night Vision, Warm the Blood, Waterborn, Weapon Proficiency (any Spear), Weapon Proficiency (Blowgun)