Mounted Events (season 1: 1-11)

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Session 1:  Strange Riding Fellows (10 Smofena 781 to 14 Smofena 781)

  • Vor'Ruk and his fellow soldiers are ordered to track down several Bullette that attacked an orcish town, the home town Vor'Ruk's commander, Gor'Mot Hiver'Tuk.

  • Unable to track them of their own, the orcish soldiers hire on three Yellowian scouts: Ash, Wilham, and Ty.  While tracking, them soldiers and trackers come across Ajax and Malchia, who decide it is better to help the orcs than be in danger of being attacked themselves by Bullette.

  • The group and soldiers find the Bullette and attack it.  The massive creature fends them off and before it leave, takes Gor'Mot's arm with his sword.

  • Gor'Mot orders Vor'Ruk and the trackers to find and kill the creature, and to return with proof of its death.  The orcish soldiers return their commander to Hiver'Tuk, his hometown.  One soldier, a healer named Gress, travels with the group.

  • The group tracks the Bullette south, towards the wall of the empire.


Session 2:  Come What Bullette (14 Smofena 781 to 20 Smofena 781)

  • The group exits the empire and starts to hunt the Bullette in the waste lands between the empire and the Kingdom of Yellowia.

  • For days they hunt and track the creature, twice getting close enough to fight it, but never able to pin it down for long enough to kill it.


Session 3:  What a Muletvlen Is (21 Smofena 781 to 25 Smofena 781)

  • While camping, the group hears the sounds of drums.  Soon after, they are attacked by creatures that are orcish and humanoid in nature.  During the fight, Gress is killed.  After killing the attackers and placing Gress in a tomb, Vor'Ruk tells them that the creatures are called Muletvlen and the roam these wastes.  They are wretched creatures, lacking honor and tradition.  They were once orcs, but they chose to leave the homelands and breed with the lesser races of Borkondof.

  • The group travels south, looking for the Bullette when they see a camp fire on a small hill.  They discover that someone is trapped by a small horde of Muletvlen. 


Session 4:  The Wrong Shark (25 Smofena 781 to 1 Praemon 781)

  • Ash sneaks to the hilltop and discovers a human and a gnoll.  The human is wounded, and the gnoll is fending off the Muletvlen with deadly accuracy, but it is running low on arrows.

  • Ash signals the group, and they help the two break out of the hilltop.  The next day, the human agrees to help the group find and kill the Bullette.

  • The group finally overtakes the Bullette with the help of the human and gnoll, Alwidst and Bact.  The Bullette is finally killed.  After they skin and gut the creature, they discover that it does not have Gor'Mot's sword.  It is the wrong Bullette.

  • The group released Alwidst from his debt, and the human and gnoll depart.


Session 5:  One Hunter is Wanted (1 Praemon 781 to 7 Praemon 781)

  • The group leaves the wastelands and heads towards Yellowia, still tracking the Bullette.

  • Just before they reach the Yellowian border, they are ambushed by a Drow and his henchmen: a half-elf, a bugbear, a trogodyte, and several kobalds.  The group only barely managed to survive the ambush and drive off the assaulters.  Vor'Ruk is paralyzed by poison during the fight.

  • An orcish rider rushed towards the group from the north. He stops as he approaches and announces that he is Rompei Hiver'Tuk, a cleric of Habastly.  He is here to help the group find the Bullette, which had killed his father when it attack his town.  Rompei says he was assigned elsewhere during the attack, but that his commander has allowed him leave to find his father's killer.


Session 6:  Outdrawn by Threejacks (7 Praemon 781 to 19 Praemon 781)

  • As soon as the group enters Yellowia, they are accosted by a unit of Yellowian soldiers.  The soldiers tell them that they must come to Northguard, where General Threejacks will speak with them.  The group agrees reluctantly.

  • Vor'Ruk is magically held.  Refusing to be imprisoned, Ajax tries to fight his way out of the room.  He is eventually subdued and killed by the hundred of guards.

  • Realizing the death of a paladin is a bad event to have on his head, the general has Ajax raised from the dead and then imprisoned.

  • The group is magically imprisoned in a pocket dimension known as Banishment.  Upon arriving, they are immediately greeted by two individuals: a human scout and a dwarven bard.  The scout takes note of them and runs off.  The dwarf introduces himself as Daane Silversword and offers to that them to Tanaek, a town in banishment controlled by a orc, also named Tanaek.  The group agrees to go with the dwarf.


Session 7:  Somewhere Over in Banishment (19 Praemon 781 to 11 Wavery 781)

  • While in banishment, the group makes every effort to stay alive and get out.  They ally themselves with Tanaek against the crime lord of Banishment, a bugbear named the Rip Ear.  They have only one encounter with him, which ends when Tanaek, a slow old orc, arrives and intimidates the bugbear.

  • During their time there, the discover that Daane has also been wrongfully imprisoned.  He had attacked the Vagr and his allies, believing them to be associates of a group he is hunting called the Day Turned Dark.

Session 8:  Bullette Battle (12 Wavery 781 to 15 Wavery 781)

  • The group arrives at Lord Maxwell's estate, where they seek his counsel and rest.

  • Lord Maxwell informs them that Vagr is searching for them.  The animal guard will find them, so it is better that they fight him here, on Lord Maxwell's lands, where his word is law.  The group agrees.

  • The group meets Vagr in the fields of Lord Maxwell's estate.  Vagr has several Bullette with him.  The battle is close, but in the end most of the Bullette and Vagr are killed.


Session 9:  When Everyone Wants You Dead (15 Wavery 781 to 12 Trest 781)

  • Immediately after the battle, a human and an elf walk onto the field of battle.  They begin to talk and makes demands when Ash fires an arrow at the elf.  A new fight begins.  Ajax and Wilham don't know what to do, as the elf is a cleric of Arsur'anyodel who summons an angelic creature to fight for him.  Vor'Ruk, Ash, and Malchia are defeated.

  • Lord Maxwell arrives and demands the elf and the human leave his land.  They agree, leaving with their friend's body and delivering a warning to the group.

  • The group leaves Lord Maxwell's estate to the west towards the Bardic college. 

  • While on the road, they are ambushed again by the Drow and his henchmen.  They are able to repel the attack..


Session 10:  From Drow to Liche? (12 Trest 781 to 16 Trest 781)

  • The group finds an inn at which to rest.  During the night, they are awakened by a commotion.  The inn is on fire.  They rush to help the others staying there, when they are attacked again by the drow and his gang.

  • This time, they not only defeat the gang, but they capture the drow and kill the half-elven wizard  who accompanied him.  Before they can collect the bodies of the others, the half-elf rises as an undead and magically travels away.

  • The next day, the group hastens to the Bardic college, trying to stay ahead of the authorities.

  • It takes them only one more day to reach the bardic college.  They do research into a variety of things.  Malchia meets Susanna, who seems to have an interest in his artifacts.  She tells him that he has one of the pieces to to Adornment of Quentin, a set of items that were created by a powerful spellcaster over 500 years ago.  She agrees to travel with the group to help Malchia.


Session 11:  A High Noble Ending (16 Trest 781 to 2 Huenti 781)

  • After learning all they can from the college, the group heads south to Lord Poed's estate.

  • The group reaches the Poed Estate, where the meet a collection of High Nobles.  The gathered nobles hold a meeting to discuss the Muletvlen and the king's lack of response.  Lord Maxwell does most of the speaking, telling the group that he and the other nobles gathered there will back their efforts to fight the Muletvlen and bring the issue to the forefront of both orcish and Yellowian minds.

  • Lord Maxwell gives the group several choices of what they can try to accomplish to help with the cause.   Lord Poed offers to host them at his estate for a time while they rest and decide.