Mounted Events (season 3: 23-26)

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Session 23:  Who Fits the Profile (16 Mafeeti 784 to 29

Mafeeti 784)

  • Upon their return to Yellowia, Ty and Kovar go to Ty's family estate.  Once there, the two spend a week telling Ty's family their stories and relaxing after a long voyage from Icefia.  Meanwhile, at the Poed estate, Wilham gets a message that Ty has returned to Yellowia, after several years.  He leaves home to visit his friend.  Once he has arrived, they two spend a day talking and telling stories.

  • Lord Maxwell arrives at the Swiftwater Estate.  He tells his former allies and Kovar what has happened in the intervening years.  The king has continued down his path of foolishness.  The Battle of Muletvlen Gorge years ago momentarily showed the people of Yellowia the error of the king's ways.  However, the heroes of that battle, those that had stood up to the king, disappeared.  The nation had no figures to rally around.  Lord Maxwell suggests that now that Ty has returned, he and Wilham can once again become heroes by showing another of the king's decisions to be foolish and dangerous.  They agree to help, as does Kovar, who reveals that he was witness first hand to the king's foolishness is commuting the sentence of a clear criminal.

  • Lord Maxwell describes the situation of a town of freed Kobalds in Yellowia called Greck, on the lands of Lord Comanger.  The king has decreed that those Kobalds must be treated equally in every way to other citizens of Yellowia.  However, in Borkondof, there are ten of thousands of Kobalds that mean harm to the nation.  If Kobalds cannot be singled out and scrutinized, the nation is at risk from the many Kobalds of Borkondof.  Lord Maxwell suggests uncovering some Kobalds that do mean the nation harm and capturing them in the act.  To do this, the three will have to leave the nation and follow Kobalds in to be sure they are not from the town of Greck.  They agree to the plan.  Lord Maxwell leaves.

  • The next day, the three leave for the border to the west.  After a day, Wilham's owl Daring spots a group of ten soldiers approaching.  For over a day, the soldiers give chase.  On the second night, invisible to the watching Daring, the soldiers creep up to the three.  After words are exchanged, the three decide to flee to the west after entangling the soldiers.  In return, Kovar and Ty are entangled.  The soldiers charge.  A running battle ensues.  During it, Wilham is disabled by laughter for half a minute.  Ty is able to outrun them, but Kovar must stop to fight the Lieutenant and then another soldier.  The Lieutenant is knocked from his horse.  Ty tries to block the other soldier, but Hero and the other horse are knocked to the ground.  By the time Ty is back to riding, the other soldiers are close.  Arrows reign in, wounding them.  Ty throws healing potions to the wounded soldier.  The Lieutenant catches Kovar again, who fights him off his horse.  Wilham knocks several others, including the spellcaster, off their horses with his arrows.  The three are able to escape.


Session 23.5:  Of a Gnome and Kobolds (30 Mafeeti 784 to 5 Napay 784)

  • For three days, the three travel west, towards the estate of Lord Comanger and the border.  Near the estate, they encounter a Yellowia guide and his gnomish charge.  The gnome is out to find an elf named Ecari, who has been kidnapped and is begin held for ransom in Borkondof.  The group agrees to travel with the gnome to see if they might be able to help one another.

  • Shortly after the meeting, The Collector arrives.  He talks with the gnome, Gnax, and with the others.  Gnax offers a trade which it considers before leaving.

  • The group by-passes the Comanger estate and heads to the border.  They set up camp a mile outside of Yellowia and wait.  After two days, the see a group of Kobalds moving towards Yellowia.  They plan to stop them and asks questions.  Most of the Kobalds, when stopped, surrender and proclaim they are refugees.  One tries to sneak off.  Wilham and Kovar go to stop him and he attacks.

  • Kovar runs down and nearly kills the sneaking Kobold.  Wilham fails to entangle him.  The Kobold summons two Owlbears, one of which grabs Wilham and the other grabs Kovar.  Gnax subdues a second Kobold that turns to attack.  Ty rushes into the Owlbears, after herding the other Kobolds.  Ty kills both Owlbears.


Session 24:  Kobolds are Dumb, Hobgoblins are Greedy (5 Napay 784 to 14 Napay 784)

  • The group interrogates the Kobold, whose name is Kgoostr.  He explains that its mission was to enter Yellowia to cause mischief, with poison and owlbears and theft.  The other Kobolds with him aren't in on it.  They use a Zone of Truth to discover the name of his owner / master.  Kgoostr briefly escapes, but is recaptured minutes later.  The group decides to have Wilham fly Kgoostr to the Poed estate and have him locked up while they continue towards Borkondof looking for more evidence and the elven cleric Gnax is searching for.  They send the other Kobolds forward to Greck.  Ty gives them each a gold coin, to which they praise him and ask him what the should do.  Against his will, he responds "Praise the Collector".

  • For three days, the group waits for Wilham to return.  On the third day, in the evening, they are approached by Yellowian soldiers, led by Coronel Ganter.  After some discussion, Kovar knocking out one soldier, and the return of Wilham, they discover the the coronel is sympathetic to their cause.  He agrees to lead them to a contact of his in Borkondof.  They leave the next day with the Coronel, leaving his men behind.

  • After two days, they come to the town of Blackspot.  There, the group meets with Krdel, a hobgobin, who they pay for information about the kidnapping of the elf.  They learn that she is being held by a bugbear and hobgoblin team in a town they control just outside of Cleave.  Krdel offers to give them a scout to help them get to the town.  They are given three choices, and decide to pay for a Bugbear named Sah.  The Coronel leaves with Junior shortly after the meeting.  They ask him to deliver some messages.  His wishes them luck and the group heads with their guide deeper into Borkondof.

  • For four days, Sah leads them around a winding path, avoiding any entanglements.  They reach the outskirts of Cleave and within sight of the town to which they are going.


Session 25:  Rescues Sometimes Go Well (14 Napay 784 to 15 Napay 784)

  • Sah scouts the town alone for several hours.  Later, Gnax goes with him in disguise.  They get the lay out of the town, but do not discover any symbols or find out where either Sem or Bol are or where the elf might be kept.  Gnax is discovered but not caught and returns to the other to plan.  They decide, after some debate, to act as emissaries of a cleric of Tommimao from Yellowia, who they know has been offered the ransom for the elf.  Ty and Sah will go into the town, show gems as a sign they have the capability to pay and arrange a meeting spot outside of the town.

  • The two go into the town and meet with Sem and Bol.  They agree to terms, meeting for an exchange four hours outside the city the next day.  Ty and Sah return to plan with the others.  They decide to wait until Sem and Bol each the meeting point, at three large dead trees, and attack then,

  • The next day arrives, and Wilham scouts that over fifty humanoids and a wagon are on their way.  Ty goes out to meet them and arranges for an exchange of 1500 in gems for half of the force to return to the town.  Bol agrees.  Gnax takes the opportunity to try and sneak on to the wagon.  Bol sends a runner apparently back to the town with the bag of gems.  Gnax gets caught and thrown into the wagon after he is knocked out.  Wilham chases down the bugbear and discovers he does not have the gems, Bol has sent them secretly with another.  Wilham cannot reach the trees to inform the other of Gnax's plight or the missing gems.

  • As the band approaches the trees, Ty, Kovar and Sah ready and charge.  Wilham joins in quickly.  Ty's proficiency and skill on the horse are amzing and he begins to ride through wounding and killing the Kobolds and the leaders,  Wilham swoops in attacking and then begins to reign down arrows.  Kovar rides in, trampling and swinging.  Kovar is surrounded as the others pick off the band members.  Wilham arrows finally kill Sem.  Ty kills the Kobold spellcaster.  Sah reaches the wagon and frees Gnax.  Kovar, after taking a beating, kills Bol.  The others flee after their leaders are dead.  Kovar executes the unconscious Sem.  Sah claims the six living Kobolds that had been tied to the wagon to drag it.

 Session 26:  Rescues Sometimes Go Well (9 Trest 785 to 18 Trest 785)

  • After months of resting an hiding out on the Poed estate, Ty, Kovar, and Wilham have a visitor.  A traveler named Malek who says he has had a falling out with the king for failing to complete a mission.  They are suspicious, but he is convincing.  Wilham writes a letter trying to verify the story.  Before it comes back, they receive a letter from Malchia asking for their help.  They decide to travel north to speak with Lord Maxwell and then on to the wastes where the letter says Malchia is waiting.  They give Malek a horse.

  • One their travels, they drive away some wolves and Wilham kills a sleeping troll.  One night, two days out from the estate of Lord Maxwell.  Wilham is attacked.  Malek stands over him with bloodied weapons.  Ty jumps to to find himself trapped in a sphere.  Kovar is wrapped up and knocked out by a snake woman.  Wilham manages to flee into the air.  Malek drives off the horse Hero.  Malek fireballs Wilham and his mounts but they will not die.  Ty summons the Collector, who gets him out of the sphere.  The Collector asks for an item, when Ty cannot pay, he leaves with a warning.  Within moments, an agent of the Counsil arrives.  Malek appears and attacks Ty, but cannot kill him or Hero.  Kovar eventually gets to his feet.  The snake creature, who Malek calls Talia, stops Wilham from charging Malek.  The creature tells everyone not to flee.  They try, but only Talia and Malek are able to escape a spell.  Soon after, Malek too is caught.

  • The next thing the group knows, they are in the care of a Lord Maximillion, who tells them he is caring to them and that they have lost memories due to the servant of the Counsil.




Within a month of being taken in by the Lord of Meldrage, the group begins to leave his care.


Wilham is returned to his family.  There he is read the riot act yet again about his actions.  He is given a final ultimatum to hang up his riding gear and his lance and join the rest of the Poeds in their rightful family business.  Wilham relents, and while he still flies from time to time he gives up his adventuring.


Ty disappears one day after a short battle which none of the other witnessed.  He is taken by the Collector, who offers him again the position of herald.  Ty gives in and becomes the herald of the Collector.


Malek works for the Lord for two months before his benefactor, High Mage Wisker arrives to claim him.  Malek is taken back into the service of the kingdom.


No one comes for Kovar.  He begins to work in the city of Meldrage for the Lord.  His name becomes known as an agent of the law, outside of the law.  After several months, the Lord presents him with an item which is centuries old which bears a stylized skull on it to use in his mission as defender of the forgotten in the city,