NPC's for the Young New World

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Return to Young New World

Season 1

- Ma'rati, the older cleric of Quan Yin that tended to the many female passengers on the Cruise.

- Kes, the half-elven dark haired poor singing female that sat at your table during dinner. She offers to cast some minor spells such as light on the island. She travels with the group after the break up deciding to go with Breach on his mission of cult hunting rather than to the temple of recuperation with Taye.

- Ohen, a human male from the Destroytian Republic on the cruise to do research into navigation. He has lots of spotting and measuring tools.

- Warren, a large human that sits at the table with you after being tossed from other tables.

- Sorel, the crewmember assigned to lead the lifeboat you are on, he is younger, fit and reasonable competent and confident. He is a human in his mid twenties.

- Louanne, the midshipwoman who welcomed everyone aboard and took command when the captain and first mate went overboard.

- Lister, the first mate

- Shal, prelate of the ship, cleric of Tommimao

- Sakori, fisherman who is hired off the Gamelel Cruise to help

- Zersisk, blue winged creature constructing a temple to an unknown entity near a Horarian village by used the villagers as forced labor

- Si'amta, elder of the village of Tikalati

- Gak-een, Horarian that was sent to talk to the group in the village and was sent away after he was defeated and questioned

- Yuri and Kamato, two former Shelleshe pirates that join the group on the lifeboat and get paid to help them reach the mainland

- Tomi'gee, cleric of Quan Yin that had been captured and was rescued from the mine camp.

- Ka'rali Umantsi, Mother cleric of Quan Yin who comes to the village to sanctify the rebuilt shrine

- Joko, entertainer who gets paid by Wren to find a ship who ends up travelling with the group

- Brent, captain of the fishing boat Fairweather that the group hires to take them to the Iron Tower

- Pakotos, greeter for the Dagones at Lenoat.

- Peopeo, shaman of the Golden Mother in Lenoat.

- Tiskayai, leader of the village of Lenoat.

- Ana, captain of Ana's Ship, a ferry boat for the Ikutsu Kano Sutepu islands

- Kalan, human temple cleric of Tfop in Mika-Dola

- Heshuma, Horarian cleric of Dedestroyt in Mika-Dola

- Duan Nokido, Shichō of the city Mika-Dola

- Usuku, Sakor'akai prisoner whose wings have been sliced for not agreeing to chose the new cult. He travels with the group to Yellowia after being rescued.

- Haebar, Sakor'akai cleric of Long Wan on the island of Daucu

Season 2

- Yukori, the overseer of the nearby towns who asks the group to visit a town that sent a distress call.

- Fuw, a pale fey resident of the temple that is asked to go with them

- Kiat'i, the ranger guide that lives at the temple that takes them to the town

- Sien and Muira, a married couple that is staying at the temple for aid who is also asked to aid the group at the town

- Brett, the Master of Memories at the temple of recovery who helped Osric for many years

- Kawani, Overseer of exorcism for the temple of recovery

- Kanna, pastor of the town that the group goes to investigate the magical beast that attacked

- Thorus, dwarven wizard that is after his relative Osric in order to relieve himself of a lower planar burden

- Sama, village girl you Damien spends a night with and then accompanies him on the voyage

- Kyozo, captain of the South Shell 2 boat that takes them to Tas-tio-Horari

- Inove, Pastor of Sato'Ru, the fishing town from which the group sails off of Tsubi

- Marko, a short strong human orphan friend of Gareth who meets them at the temple of Tyrogatore in Tas Tio Horari.

- Tomi, female half-elvan half-Horarian cleric of Arsur'Anyodel who knows a lot about dreams. She is in residence at the temple in Tas-tio-Horari and has been for three decades.

- To'Ra, a middle aged sailor who takes care of the group while on the Endless Bounty.

- Alain, ranger of Yellowia and head of the hunting lodge in Newporton tasked with hunting lycanthropes.

- Jeff, cleric of Arsur'Anyodel a the lodge in Newporton. Tattoo-armed with the ability to transform into a bear at night.

- Pitlet Silt, member of the Silt family of Newporton. He helps the group to escape from Newporton in hopes that they escape will help thwart the efforts of the government forces he opposes.

- Pesk, retainer of Pitlit who is able to change shape and helps the group escape the stockade.

- Avia, Amatine gnome agent stationed near the Iron Tower to collection information. He engages and later agrees to travel with the group that has arrived there.

- Yorkito Solarson, an apprentice of the Iron Tower who comes to meet with the group as a spokesman and ends up being forced to travel with them to Amatom.

- Ina, and ambiguous invisible fey who the group saves from ogres and whose village the group rescues from the same ogres.