Plateau Events Season 2: sessions 9-12

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Return to Wild, Wild Plateauia

Session 9:  What Do Tinkers Do With a Year? (Baston Sun

785 to 29th Mafeeti 786)

  • .After returning from the rescue of Emmerick, Marston, Gnevil, Artemus, and Harrick spend several months at the University in Mydir.  They learn a lot and stay safe from prying eyes.  At the beginning of the fourth month, they are returned; or in Harrick's case sent, to Grimhold.

  • In Grimhold, they are welcomed back.  They learn that the city has been fine while they were gone and they get back into the swing of their lives.  They become minor celebrities because of their time away and their new skill at defeating undead.  With daily, if not normal jobs, they go on living their lives.

  • After their skill at defeating undead is revealed, the sheriff offers them a job 'on call' for when threats of undead arrive that those on patrol can't handle.  Several times in several months they are called out, but never is the threat more than they can handle.


Session 10:  Beware Traveling Gnomes Selling Services (29th Mafeeti 786 to Napay 786)

  • The group heads to the new wizard's shop the next day to discuss spells that effect clickers.  He is pleasant, but the group is not diplomatic.  The wizard, Sylvestor, does learn from them about the night patrols and hires himself out to them over the next month.

  • The group and the wizard Sly are called to a town meeting, along with nearly 100 other prominent town folk.  They are introduced to Gneon Atelwave, a gnome who has a proposition for the town.  He wants to finance their clearing of the undead so that his company and search for ore, metal, minerals and other things in the land now controlled by the undead.  He offers a percentage of the finds and also work for the townsfolk.  There are many questions, and afterwards, he meets with a select few townsfolk, including the group.  His guard, a human warrior named Jeremiah, is at the meeting as well.  After a great deal of back and forth, they agree to continue discussions.  The gnome and his guard leave the mayor and the group and others to discuss.

  • During that discussion, Artemus senses undead outside, they go out and soon find a creature in the crowd.  They give chase and the sheriff clears the crowd.  Harrick hits it with a bone fiddle.  Marston shoots it several times.  Artemus tries to turn it and also hits it with bolts of light.  Sly hastes the group and webs and glitterdusts the vampire.  Kelvan the church purifier is with them and he charges it as well.  Finally, they banish the creature, which leaves its magic cloak.


Session 11:  Beware Traveling Gnomes Selling Services (Napay 786 to Napay 786)

  • Two days later, Sly is attacked in his shop by a mugger.  He manages to survive and capture the man, who is taken into custody by the sheriffs.  The others are alerted by various sources that Sly was attacked and they go to the sheriff's office to find out what happened.  Once they are all there, they hear the story and eventually get to go inside with the station sheriff and judge, Morton.  They all go into a room to talk to the prisoner.  After realizing that he is enchanted, the put him in a circle of protection and communicate with him, although he is still very afraid and gives them little information.  It is agreed that he should be moved to the First Post.  The group signs off on taking him there.

  • Half way through the transport, the group detects an undead presence in a building they are walking by on the main road.  They begin to investigate it when a bolt of darkness hits Artemus, the prisoner, Harrick, and Sly.  The group springs into action.  Sly and Marston rush to the building.  Harrick and Artemus casts spells.  Gnevil sets his sites on the window from which the bolt came.  A lightning bolt comes next, and despite Gnevil's hot and Artemus' blessed sword attacking.  Harrick is knocked to the ground, the prisoner rolls out of the way and runs.  Marston can't get into the room which is locked to get to the attacker.  Artemus heals Harrick and moves after the prisoner, as do Sly and Gnevil.  The prisoner rushes down an ally only to be waylaid by an arm and killed by some form of undead.  The other move in, but the undead and grabs the prisoner and flees into the shadows.  The group returns to Morton and explains what happened.

  • Several days pass.  The group goes about their usual business.  A new meeting is called with Gneon and the Mayor and other town leaders.  The group is invited, not as a whole, but as representatives of the sheriffs, Falan, and the merchants.  At the meeting, they discuss the latest draft of the contract between Grimhold and Gneon's company.  They final settle on it after a letter from the well known 'Father' that puts the minds of the tinkers at ease.  They also agree to scout the area before they finalize.  Gneon offers the use of his flying ship.

  • The five gather outside the side, along with five other representatives of the city, once the weather clears.  They board the Gnalaways.


Session 12:  Up,

Up, and Away (Napay

786 to Progonust 786)

  • The voyage aboard the ship is uneventful for many days.  The land they survey is devoid of animals and buildings.  In places where they expect ruins, they see nothing.  After three weeks, they decide to head back, re-supply, and head toward the one time base of the Skull Lord.  After re-supplying, they head out but are delayed by a storm.

  • Finally, they reach the Skull Lord's keep.  It is surrounded by a crevasse.  They near the crevasse, and finally inch over it at a mile high.  Undead skeletal creatures of all shapes and sizes swarm out of the crevasse.  The ship retreats.  Harrick flies down to investigate after the creatures descend back into the pit.  After a bit, he begins to fly back.  Before he can reach the ship, The others detect undead presences near the ship.  Most of the crew is ordered below deck, and after the undead are revealed, Sly flees below deck, but not before Glitterdusting a wraith riding a skeletal mount.  The group moves to attack it and two others like it around the ship.  Gnevil uses his trap and destroys one mount and rider, but the others prove more difficult.  The winged elf is badly hurt and forced to flee.  Gneon and Artemus are both badly hurt.  The gnomish ship cleric works hard to keep everyone alive.  After a few tense moments, the turn the tide in their favor.  The final wraith appears and is quickly destroyed.

  • Below the ship, Harrick is found and attacked by the undead mount and rider.  He turns invisible and escapes.  The undead move towards the ship and Harrick pursues.  He blasts the creatures with spells and they turn and attack.  Harrick unleashes another blessing, destroying the wraith.  The skeletal mount is dispatched soon after.

  • With the undead defeated, the ship sets a fast course away from the Skull Lord's keep.


Session 13:  Around and Down (Progonust 786)

  • After several days of travel and more scouting as well as recovering, the group decides to first investigate the ground and then circle the lands of the undead to determine what is on the other borders.  Along with Naroso and Alfans, the five travel down on Gneon disk and scout the land for a day.  The ship watches from above.  The first five hours are uneventful, as Noroso finds nothing, and the group sees nothing and detects nothing.  Then, he finds a cave and Marston and Gnevil sense the presence of undead below.  Noroso goes to investigate, after receiving some helpful spells.  He returns and reports that there are several dozen undead down there, skeletal bodies of different size.  They did not detect him.  The group decides to test themselves and try to destroy the undead.

  • After preparing with a few spells, the undead come charging out of the crevasse.  The group ascends on the disk a few feet to make it difficult for the undead to reach them.  The creatures appear to be skeletal creation with six or eight legs and tails and heads in a snake-like manner.  Sly webs the entrance and prevents the mass from emerging at once.  For a few moments, the group shoots and destroys those that emerge with spells.  Eight, ten, twelve are destroyed before some leap and climb over each other to reach the disk.  Once aboard, they begin to throw people off.  The group continues to fight them off.  Marston hits again and again with his firearms.  Harrick uses fire and lightning to batter the undead.  Gnevil uses his lightning and Artemus enlarges and smashes them with his fist.

  • The fight begins to turn against the group as the twenty fifth undead emerges.  Most have been thrown of the disk and are fighting in close with the undead.  But they have won enough time to allow the ship to get closer.  A cannon shot collapses half of the cavern.  Gneon and the winged elf descend and attack.  A sacred flame strike descends and clears undead from Marston and Artemus.

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