Sutyr Wasn't Destroyed (season 1)

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Session 1: A Cloud Falls to Earth (8 Leenot 816)

• In the city of Ermaneo, outside the Low Bar tavern, a crash is heard on a stormy night. The call of man overboard is answered by many in the bar.

• Answering the call, the two sailors, Laz and Gnelson, answered the call. Heading into the water, the two found an unresponsive human. Getting him to shore, they began to aid him when a lightning bolt struck nearby and a storm giant demanded the unconscious human in the name of Stronmous. Many fled, but some stood fast to confront the giant. A fight ensued.

• During the battle, the giant dispatched the clerics and constables that stood in his way. Finn, Gnelson, W.G. shot at the giant. Isaac sang to inspire and help. Laz and an unknown female debated over the unconscious human. Zalthor charged at the giant and ended up in the water. An unknown assailant threw daggers, hitting the giant.

• Nearly dead, the giant called for help, driving his spear into the water. Desperate, he threw Zalthor, who had climbed out of the water, at Finn. More bullets hit the giant. Some tentacled creature arrived to aid the giant. Before it could get into the battle, Zalthor charged again, killing the giants and ending up in the water again, destroying tentacles in his rage. The creature grabbed the giant and withdrew.

• A drow revealed himself as the assailant with daggers. The female reveled herself as Wendy. Tam a cleric of Tommimao arrived to revive the human, who some said was the great wizard cloud.

• The ships sails out of Ermaneo and the group rests for the night.

Session 2: Stolen Memories (8 Leenot 816 to 14 Leenot 816)

• Cloud consults the stars and sends many members of the bardic college to get answers. After finding most unable to be contacted, he finally reaches the librarian, who is in hiding and far away. The stars tell him the Ekarude is mostly untouched and the decide to head that direction. Knowing the the Lastsouth cannot make that voyage, the group decides to head to Upflou to charter a larger ship, hoping that the port city is still standing.

• Six days into the trip, as Cloud is scouting high in the air, he is struck and begins to fall. The ship moves to catch him as his elemental slows his decent. He hits the water before the ship arrives and five dark shadows descend towards Cloud, but then the ship.

• The crew shoots at the blue spots until they reach the ship and drop a globe of darkness on it. Gnelson, in the water to rescue Cloud, is unaffected. The others are blind except for Emitx who tries to direct. Cloud's familiar, after summoning a large elemental to protect Cloud, attacks the creatures. He is able to hurt and delay them, but finally flees. They begin to attack the crew with spells and some of the group physically.

• Off the ship, Gnelson determines what he thinks happened with the darkness, aided by Cloud's familiar's insights. He climbs onto the ship and yells out what is happening in hopes someone can find an item. The battle on the ship has gone poorly, with the group trying to defend while blinded and the crew suffering from fear and fatigue. Emitx finds a globe and gives it to Laz to throw. Unfortunately, thinking it was glass, he throws it straight up and for a moment, everything can be seen. When it hits the ground, it does not break and darkness falls again.

• The next round, Emitx throws it off the ship and the group dispatches the remaining creatures, capturing one, although Laz nearly kills the prisoner.

Session 3: Resolved in Collection (15 Leenot 816 to 16 Leenot 816)

• For a day, the ship is hectic. The captain and crew have lost faith in the group and look to get them to Upflou and off the ship as soon as possible. Questioning the prisoner offers some information, but by the time they reach the city, his memories are gone. With no one to heal Cloud this time, they look to find help.

• Reaching the harbor, they find many ships out to sea anchored and waiting. Signaling them, the search for a cleric and information. Nova heads to the others ships looking. Before the elemental returns, the group has left the ship and heads to the city with the prisoner.

• Once in Upflou, they look around and find a city mostly abandoned and not destroyed. At the lighthouse, they learn giants are attacking from the east, the other side of the city. The lighthouse guard listens and agrees to send work to the general. About an hour later, he arrives with his entourage to find out what the group is doing.

• After some discussion, he agrees to have Cloud healed and they take refuge in a large home. After a short time there, Emitz and the military scout report that giants are on the way. 11 hills giants are moving this away. The group takes position in an street and flanking it.

• Well organized and anchored by Laz and Zalthor, bolstered by Isaac's singing, the group shoots at and attacks the giants as the charge. The group holds the giants off well and once Zalthor gets going, the giants begin to die. The leader of the giants dies, only to be quickly replaced. Nova summons a massive elemental to protect Cloud. Finn rushes through a house and a giant tears through it after him. Isaac frightens and heals. The giants are finally broken and the last few flee.

• Unable to stop, Zalthor rages and nearly kills the general. Isaac sings to the rescue as everyone else stays still and backs off and he calms the rager. The general leads the group to another home where they work on waking Cloud.

• Claudette heals Cloud and shortly after he comes to, Russell appears. After a long discussion, Wendy agrees to give the raven to Russell, but only if she can go with him. Taking the raven, Russell changes and the raven goes clicking. A nipit instead of Russell is there and Malchia teleports away with Raven and Wendy.