Unexpected Companions season 1

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Session 1: Timed Teleporting is not for the Feint of Heart (Leenot 8 to Leenot 11 816)

  • In his effort to find and rescue the heroes that defeated Kallark, the halfling Harmon ends up teleporting all over. After he goes to Archeron and finds Razk but is unable to rescue Daane, his ability to teleport is effected. He ends up seemingly randomly bouncing from place to place.
  • His first stop is in Grimhold in a cell where he encounters Cordaro. Hours later, a hooded figure enchants the guard and tries to take the magical basket. Taking the dwarf with him, Harmon magically flees. For the next several days, every almost nine hours, the hooded figure reappears and tries to collect the basket. He states that he is working for the Collector.
  • The teleportation takes Harmon and the others that start to join him to the String Mountains and the giant Grognoth; to an deserted island where the castaway Wake is marooned; the a ship in the oncean where Falcon is serving; to a prison in Olan where Gmax is serving out a sentence; and finally back to Grimhold and the shop of Gnickle.
  • The group as they wait in between teleportations tried to figure out what and why this is happening. The basket teleports a whole ship they are in and lands it between two buildings in Olan. They are watched by a Red Guard in Olan before taking shelter in the temple of Stasis which proves no refuge. Finally, in Grimhold, they convince Gnickle to craft a lead box to store the basket in hopes that it will prevent the agent, who is soon revealed to be Malchia, from finding them. It does not work and the group tries to fend the sorcerer off before fleeing again and immediately putting the basket in the lead box.

Session 2: From the Fire to A Pit (Leenot 11 to Leenot 12 816)

  • The group appear in a burning plain and fear they have arrived back in Razk's hell. Some investigation leads them to be sure they are not and later that there was a building a grove of tress recently burned down. Falcon finds a dead body and shortly after he and Gmax are approached by three horsemen. As the others approach, Grognoth tries to speak but his appearance spooks the horsemen who retreat only to return moments later under cover of catapult shot. Cordaro is almost smashed by the shot. Razk moves into action, killing three of the horsemen in a blink and Cordaro unleashes a fireball burning up another. The horsemen flee, leaving a catapult and several crew behind.
  • Gmax interrogates them, learning they had been paid to destroy a temple and grove of Habastly. The group lets the three go and looks over the bodies of the dad, finding the mark of a mercenary company. They decide to travel north towards what they hope is the Destroytian Republic. As they travel, Falcon eats some potatos they found in the basement of the temple, they grow in his stomach, making him sick and forcing the group to stop for the night. As they do, Gnickle arrives, having been transported a distance away from the group initially.
  • Shortly after starting to rest, Grognoth sees a giant boar nearing, he begins to wake everyone up and they toss some potatos to the beast, which ignores them. It then snorts as it nears and reveals an unnatural set of teeth. The group begins to spread out and ready as it charges and kills Grognoth. Razk draws it away from the group as they can gather and after Razk returns teleport away. The beast seemed impervious to many of their attacks.
  • They arrive next in a spider's web hanging in a pit surrounded by jungle. The deep pit is soon crawling with spiders and they try to get out of the webs. With some effort, they reach the edge of the pit and begin to light the webs which burn slowly. They do their best to grab Grognoth and the lead lined box. A giant sloth arrives and begins to help them pull. Once everyone is safe, the sloth changes into a grovetender of Habastly. Only speaking elven, he tells them they are near the put of spiders where the Spider Queen was ruled. He offers them safe haven and lets them rest as they tell him their story. After sleeping, they discover that he has reincarnated Grognoth as a Sylvan Ogre. He says he is going to take them to meet with the prince of the elves.

Session 3: The Chase Leads to Chase (Leenot 12 to Leenot 13 816)

  • After being haunted by a weird dream of a Sylvan Ogre, but that was just what it was, a dream. They bury Grognoth. They collect his stuff, which included about 4K gold, and rope. The group started walking to see Dedaryl, prince of the elves. On the way, Kamari was alerted by the trees and animals and started casting, by the time he finished his spell, an anti-magic sphere. Malchia - the devil incarnate - was standing outside of it. Demanding the basket. He then noticed and recognized Wake. The killer of his only friend Nafario when he stole the Guardian of the Tide. So he demanded both, Wake and the Basket.
  • Not wanting to challenge the group in the sphere he pulled out a heavy crossbow and started shooting people one by one.. paralyzing them with poison. Gnickle volunteered once in the sphere that he was Dominated, and shouldn't trust him when the sphere isn't there. That created and answered a few questions.... The group planned an escape, Kamari moved the sphere forward and they used the basket to teleport again. They apologized to Kamari for the death of a giant sloth.
  • They appeared at some tropical looking resort on the beach, 1/2 in the water. A drow in lounge wear approached us from one of the tents on the beach. They had arrived in Magentia, and Chase knew the former members of the Guardian of the Tide. He did took then to a cleric of Tfop, Elaina, who broke the Dominate on Gnickle and guided us a temple of Habastly, The Great Palm and a powerful cleric who might be able to help us with the Basket, Tansin. He communed with Habastly and they discovered they need to being the basket to the city of Habastalai to restore it's connection, which was broken when it was brought to Hell. After shooting down other plans, they hope to use the basket to bounce around the world hoping at some point to land close enough to make the journey.
  • Chase offered before they left to go into the city and get magical weapons for Razk to use, as he had used his powers to identify Malchia's defenses.

Session 4: A Pit Monster and an Amatine Gnome (Leenot 13 816)

  • The teleport drops the group in a dark a rainy place where all but Chase fall into trees and down a short rock slope towards a pit of mud and sludge. Gmax and Harmon end up in the pond while the others grab hold of trees to stop their fall. Chase flies above and lights up the area. As the other slowly descend, Gmax is attacked and tries to get out. Harmon is nowhere to be seen. The group starts shooting at and tries to rescue him. Razk runs along the shore, drawing the attention of tentacles. Chase pulls Gmax out as the group drives off the creatures.
  • A giant maw and massive tentacle spring out of the muck and begin to attack. Grabbing, slapping and spitting acid. Falcon and Wake unleash arrows; Rask slashes away, Cordaro, Gnickle and Chase cast spells. Gmax is almost dragged into the muck as Chase and Wake are battered. They are able to drive the beast back into the muck and Gnickle's summoned mephit extracts a barely living Harmon. The group breaths a sigh as they put the basket in the box and Cordaro begins to mend it. Chase heals some of them and they drink potions.
  • Several minutes pass before Gmax is warned to tell them all to drop their weapons. He does but the other don't listen. Gmax yells out to the voice he heard as the other don't drop their weapons. An Amatine gnome steps out laughing and applauds their spirit. Razk flees the area. After a short discussion where the gnome offers to not capture them for a healthy fee, Razk attacks him from behind, revealing an illusion. Bolts rain in, knocking out Harmon. The group takes a defensive position, obscuring the area and trying to wake Harmon. The bring him to after a potion from Gmax and he tries to teleport to no avail. Feeling the area must be enchanted, Cordaro dispels but fails. Wake is killed by more bolts; Razk and Falcom are knocked out by them. Entangles and webs are throw up to try and protect the group with begins to withdraw. More bolts come in as they drag themselves away. A wind blows away the mist just before Harmon again tries to teleport to the Bardic College of Icefia.
  • A successful flash of light brings them to a beach and two females; Evanni and Veronika.

Session 5: Escape on an Island (Leenot 13 816 to Napay 12 816)

  • Arriving on the island, the group hopes that they will finally find rest. Evanni calls upon Nathan, who arrives and agrees to help. First he reincarnates Wake and then he travels to Habastalai to let the religion what is happening. Returning to the island, they have long discussions about what to do and finally decide to sail to the island where the will travel on it to Habastalai. Evanni captains a ship paid for by Chase they delivers them to the island of Lakius and leaves.
  • After several hours on the island, Malchia arrives and threatens them. He does not attack the island but warns Nathan about the consequences. The island then begins its long voyage. Two safe months end when they reach the holy city and meet with the high cleric of Habastly.

Session 6: A Rest a Long Time Coming (Napay 12 816 to Napay 29 816)

  • For several days, the group discusses its options with the clerics of Habastalai. They learn more about the basket and tour the city.
  • Razk heads home to collect his brothers. After several weeks, they arrive back at the city to the amazement of the rest of the group. They begin to consider a plan to collect others to help and lay a trap for Malchia.