Unexpected Companions season 2

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Session 7: Tit (Leenot 16 to Leenot 27 816)

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Session 8: Tit (Leenot 27 to Mafeeti 5 816)

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Session 9: Tit (Mafeeti 5 to Mafeeti 11 816)

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Session 10: Tit (Mafeeti 11 816)

Session 11: The Temporary Safety of a Cave (Mafeeti 11 to Mafeeti 18 816)

  • Having destroyed the platform, the group heads for the cover of the hills were they can rest and hide. They leave the sledge in the mud. Finding an alcove big enough to fit them all, the group rests for the night. In the morning, they decide to send Justene out to gather information for their next mission.
  • The days pass, and it rains as the group keeps taps on the platform and the activity near it. Nothing much happens as the days pass. For a week they wait in peace. On the seventh day, the weather changes to clear skies and soon after, Kowalc notices the airships approaching. He watches until they are near overhead and then he moves to reach the others.
  • In the alcove, the others see giants, ettin, and wolves round the bottom of the valley and get ready to attack. Miya unleashes her magical lightning assault and drives them back. Soon after the airship begins its bombardment. Lance and Maverick ascend to stop the assault. Levi gives them the cover of darkness.
  • The bombardment drives them out of the alcove and the planes defending the airship knock Maverick from the sky, killing him even after Ender rushes to heal the hippogriff. On the ground, Miya and Artur move out of the darkness to engage the ettin and giants. The others are bombarded by bombs, bullets and oozes.
  • Miya's magic drives off the ettin and giants for a time; but seeing their plight, Kowalc flees. Lance goes on a rampage, joined briefly by Artur into the etting. Ender summons fiend into the airship and tries to attack the planes. Levi is able to ground on plane, but is crushed by the oozes and then shot to death by the planes.
  • Rogath, after dispatching the oozes, has no answer for the planes and after being shot several times surrenders. Lance is beaten to death by the ettin after killing more than a few of them. Artur, tries to escape but is shot and captured. Miya, outnumbered and with no visible allies, flees; as does Ender.