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Session 1: A Ship Full of Characters (Wavery 6 to Trest 2 816)

  • In Newporton, the Gamelel Cruise ship embarks with its usual complement of crew and passengers.
  • On the ship, it takes several weeks, but the passengers get to know each other. Along with the normal assortment of travelers, there are some out of the ordinary ones on pilgrimage, one prisoner being banished, and a Sandoo that stays out of sight.
  • A few days behind, but not far from the destination, the ship is approached by a pirate ship of the Shelleshe Shark fleet. The captain and first mate mysteriously end up over board and the outmatched midshipwoman takes command, ordering an evacuation.
  • Before the pirates reach the ship, all of the lifeboats are away. One which includes a strange assortment of the characters heads towards a nearby island. When they arrive, a Janpinguhantāsame attacks and nearly drags one of the passengers away. Cyrus and Iwakasi jump in to save him. Breach drags them back and Oz heals the wounded man. The shark attacks again only to be attacked and driven off by Horatio.
  • After a night on the island, the lifeboat, with no pirates or other lifeboats near, starts off the to east.

Session 2: On Again, Off Again (Trest 2 to Trest 4 816)

  • The first day at sea on the lifeboat is uneventful until a flying Horarian finds them. He announces that the captain of the Shelleshe ship will allow them safely back on to the Gamelel Cruise. After some discussion, they decide to accept the offer and head to the awaiting ship.
  • Once back at the ship, they take time to get aboard, but Tay sneaks on and hides. Their weapons are mostly removed. The Shelleshe are in control and organizing the returning crew and passengers. Akra gets into an argument with the pirate watching her group and he eventually gets so mad he throws Oz overboard. She returns the favor and calls ring out for help. The group, assisted by few other begins to fight the pirates. Oz climbs back aboard.
  • Cyrus climbs to the crow's nest where he is able to subdue the pirate there and watch the battle. Tay hides before going to try and free the crew. He kills or disables the pirates guarding them but realizes that he cannot get the chains off of them. Horatio engages the fighting leader of the pirates and eventually defeats him. Oz, Akra and Iwasaki try to get to the weapons and end up in a fight with several other pirates. Iwasaki is knocked out and later healed by Oz, who spent a painful few moments in a bag. Breach is able to subdue several pirates, gets dazed, but after being healed tries unsuccessfully to free the crew.
  • With many of the pirates dealt with, the group is deciding on its next action when the pirate wizard arrives in a flash with a lightning bolt. He approaches the group as more pirates come to the deck and begin to surround them. They are joined by Kes, who charged in to help near the end of the fight. Off to the side, Warren and others knock a lifeboat off the side. The caster talks to Oz and Akra as Yinites. After a couple minutes of talking, he knocks them all out with a spell.
  • Conforming to some treaty with the Yinites, the caster gives the group a lifeboat and all of Oz's friends are allowed into it. Taye joins them, but Cyrus is nowhere to be found. Once aboard, they are sent off on a magical current to the north several miles.
  • Cyrus, still on the Gamelel Cruise, hides.

Session 3: A Treacherous Voyage (Trest 4 to Trest 14 816)

  • Cyrus spends the next few days away from the others. Once the Gamelel Cruise is clear of the pirates, he comes out of hiding and talks to the crew as the sail to Red Island. He volunteers to go on the rescue mission to find the remaining life boats, of which there are three. While preparing, they discover the Shalleshe have placed a bounty on the head of whoever killed one of their pirates gruesomely by exploding his brain.
  • On the lifeboat, the rest of the group huddles and tries to row south. For three days, their efforts are fruitless. Their only hope comes from Taye's ability to communicate with Cyrus and later Shal the cleric of Tommimao. During those days, they are twice attacked by a large shark, which steals and oar each time. On both occasions, Taye is able to drive the creature away.
  • The rescue ship finds one of the other lifeboats first and on the third day at sea they come across the boat with the rest of the group. Once there, Shal comes to the conclusion that the bounty is on Taye and warns him about going to Red Beach. A long discussion begins about options he has. It is finally decided that Shal with blessed the lifeboat with a sail and Taye offers to pay people to take him to the mainland of Kathow-tio-Horari, where the Shelleshe don't go.
  • Although Cyrus refuses, the rest agree either for pay or just to help. Ohen, Kes, Warren, the two Horarian maybe former pirates and a fisherman that was on the other lifeboat agree to join them. First, the rescue ship accompanies them to the coast, where they will wait out a storm. From there, they will sail north. The storm is a fierce one and they spend a miserable night sheltered on the beach. Luckily, the boat isn't seriously damaged. After a day delay, they set sail for a four day trip.
  • Once out to see, they get nervous as the crew is not well trained and makes little progress. But Tommimao's blessing apparently arrives in the form of a great sailfish which communicates with Taye and helps pull them in the correct direction. The trip goes well and the reach the mainland. Asking Ohen's advice on navigation, he directs them north and the being their way up the coast. For a day, the move slowly before seeing smoke from a chimney and go ashore.
  • Taye, Akra, Horatio, and Oz head towards a town where they discover it has been taken over by a creature which has forced the men into labor. A child draws a picture of the beast for them to see and they decide to help.

Session 4: Competing Plans (Trest 14 to Trest 16 816)

  • The group decided they will help and set up a plan to confront the creature on their terms. They are told it will return in two days to bring back some men and take those that are resting. Taye scouts the area between the village and the camp. They talk to everyone that has information about the creature and those that help it. Breach's plan is more aggressive and his gals a bit different than the others, but the manage to settle on a strategy.
  • Taye communicates with Cyrus and they arrange to build a signal on the beach so that he can find the village. The boat that brought the group leaves, since Taye is not going to pay them anymore. Kes, Warren, and Ohen remain with the group. The two days pass uneventfully as the group plans and waits. The second morning, the villagers head to the beach to get out of harms way. Cyrus arrives after lunch as the group is positioned in the village waiting for the creature and allies to arrive. When he arrives, Cyrus argues and debates with the group over the plan. He eventually agrees and waits with the others near the gate.
  • Many hours pass before finally a lone Horarian runs towards the village from the direction of the camp. When he arrives, he calls out and Cyrus begins to talk to him. The man flees after he is threatened with a bugbear and Cyrus gives chase. He is caught and interrogated and then let go. He flees away from the direction of the camp. The group heads towards the camp, knowing their plan is no longer going to work. Kes and Ohen join them. They arrive to see the blue creature sitting and waiting for them on the base of the shrine being built.
  • A conversation occurs. They notice Horarians waiting in the huts nearby. The creature reveals a bit of its intentions and the group and it seem to be coming to a conclusion after negotiations about treatment of the villagers its goals. Breach does not like the way its going and charges toward the creature, but he losing his footing and ends up causing the fight long before he can act meaningfully.
  • Arkah charges and is the only one to reach the creature, nearly being knocked out for her trouble. The Horarians rush from the huts and are met with Horario's pole arm and Taye's mental assault. Only on of 6 makes it to them and stabs Kes before she goes berserk and kills him. The creature flies into their midst and whirls a segmented long whip around: smashing and burning all but Taye and Ohen. The group converges but for a moment cannot deal with the creature. Breach is knocked down and so is Kes. Arkah and Oz rush back to the fight and Taye inches closer to help. Iwakasi takes a stance and directs everyone around the creature and things take a turn. Horatio and Breach both hit the beast, Taye assaults its mind and Cyrus entangles its weapon in a net. Suddenly concerned, it takes flight and leaves.

Session 5: Driving Off the Beast (Trest 16 to Trest 17 816)

  • The group splits, with Taye scouting the mine; Oz, Akrah, and Cyrus heading to the beach; and the other remaining at the camp. Taye gets a full view of the mine and returns with the information. After he reports, Breach and Iwakasi interrogate the guards to make sure the information matches. There is no sign of Zersisk. The villagers are told to wait an hour and return home and the other three make their way back to the camp.
  • Deciding to rest at the camp, the group takes shifts, heals, and plans for the next day. Several hours into their rest, Breach and Arkah are called to by Zersisk on the dark. After some discussion, which wakes everyone else, he attacks. Over the course of a several minutes, he flies around, hidden by darkness, trying to pick off the group. Breach and others are disabled, but finally Taye is able to drive it away. Delayed, but not defeated, the group goes back to resting.
  • Getting back to its plan, later than hopes, the group goes to the mine. They find the guards waiting for them, but they give no fight. The leader of the guards surrenders and the group tells them if they answer questions, they may leave, except the leader. After an hour, the villagers and guards leave. The group searches the area and questions the guard. Zersisk has a den on the other side of the hill, which Taye confirms. They head to the cave after readying themselves. They enter with torches, leaving Taye and Ohen outside. A noise is heard by Horatio and they ready for battle.
  • A green eyed, centipede scorpion rushes them. Horatio sets for battle and the others join in the fight. The creature is difficult to hurt and it incapacitates Oz. Only Horatio's armor saves him as the others are hurt and of little effect. A smite from Horatio causes it to ignore the others. Cyrus joins in and hurts it, only to be poisoned and incapacitated. Kes drags the wounded away. Iwakasi is able to get behind it and direct the battle, helping the others with his knowledge of combat. Taye joins the fray, but at first has no luck with his mental attacks. He comes upon one that appears to weaken the creature as its green eyes dim. The others pounce and it tries to flee only to finally be grappled by Breach. Unable to escape, they kill it.
  • It dissipates into a mist, leaving behind gems and a tablet. The group leaves the cave and heads back to the safety of the village.

Intermission: Waiting for the Mother (Trest 17 to Leenot 8 816)

  • The group rests and enjoys the hospitality of the village as they await the arrival of a mother to consecrate the new shrine. The group keeps a look out for Zersisk and helps the villagers construct a new shrine. Breach is particularly helpful with both of those tasks.

Session 6: Part of the Group Goes to Layraedia (Leenot 9 to Mafeeti 2 816)

  • Cyrus and Iwakasi leave with two guides for Saususanbei, the port to which Cyrus arrived. With not boat, they walk there through the low mountains. The trip takes two weeks and is uneventful. Shortly after arriving, the two find a ship that will take them directly to Olan, the major port of Layraedia. Their guides bid them farewell. The voyage is also uneventful and the arrive in Olan. Once there, they look for a way to get to the Iron Tower. The fastest way is to hire a small ship to sail to the nearby village. By chance, another individual is looking for a way to the Iron Tower and after getting guidance from a local entertainer Joko, the traveling Wren joins them on the boat. The trip will take less than two days.
  • Near the end of their voyage, a sudden storm hits and tosses them from the ship. The four passengers end up on the shore, as the storm retreated shortly after the ship was tossed. On the shore, Joko and Cyrus wind up near each other, but the other two not within sight. Iwakasi is found by a islander named Reno. Wren is found by a Gree named Barek. The other two are found by a strange unnamed creature. After introductions, the two person groups start heading towards the direction they think the others can be found. Cyrus, Joko and the unnamed creature are waiting when Cyrus is alerted and a large eel-like creature comes out of the surf. They flee, chased by the roaring creature. The other hear the roar and rush to the sound.
  • The chase is on as the creature pursues the three inland. As it nears them, the others get within range. Reno hits it with an arrow and it charges, finding and knocking Iwakasi back with a gust of wind. It pivots back after Wren and Berak hit it from the other side with flaming arrow and bullet. Now Wren is knocked back and he flees. The creature chases them around as the Cyrus and the unnamed creature arrive back along with Joko. Everyone's weapons flame as Wren chants a deep melody. The creature spins and blasts the area with area as it is attacks from all sides. Finally, after a devastating arrow from Wren, it collapses and evaporated into jade and a token.
  • After healing the wounded, they agree to go to the closest place, Rano's home. The trip south takes a few hours and they see a small island rising out of the see thirty feet. A wyvern riding elf lands and greets them. He is Reno's father and after talking to them, he offers them refuge.

Session 7: Not Ready for Forest Travel (Mafeetu 2 to Mafeeti 5 816)

  • After a night of rest, the group is joined by two of the crew of the ship that also survived the storm. Rano's father, Lykosin, arrives to talk to the group. They decide that Rano will go with them north as a guide to the Iron Tower. The trip should take three days. They spend another day resting and preparing. During that time, Wren is taken to the village, as he speaks their language. The group fills Brent the captain and the gatori named Ess-ra'nagasthil.
  • With supplies in hand, the group of nine led by Rano heads north. They agree to walk in the treeline, where they are concealed from the beach and can see the sea in case the ship is still afloat. Barek does not move with the group, but rather guides them around from all around them, as he moves much faster than the rest. The first day is filled with danger. Rano is bitten by a snake and luckily is not permanently hurt. In the evening, they run afoul of a large boar. It mauls both Cyrus and Iwakasi, who both get healed by the figment. With bows and spears, they are finally able to kill the boar. Barek guts it and they begin to carry it for later.
  • The first night does not go well. Rain falls and while on watch, Wren sees figures moving in to the camp. Moments later, local tribesmen swarm the camp. Spells keep some of the sleeping and other held while most are beaten and netted. Seeing things going poorly, Brent tells Ezra to go for help and he flees. The slick, scaled gatori makes for the water and is able to keep just ahead of the assailants. Once in the water, he heads back to the village of Rano.
  • When the other finally wake, they are groggy. An elven woman, dressed as the tribesmen and baring the symbol of Wandle questions them. She tells them they are being taken to her lord, Belzari. Hours pass that day as the tribesmen rest before taking them farther. A roar rouses them and Lykosin and his wyvern arrive along with a number of Rano's people. They quickly free the group and head back to the village.

Session 8: A Spirited Journey (Mafeetu 5 to Mafeeti 12 816)

  • After a few days of recovering in the cave near the Rano's village, and after talking to the leaders of the village, the group decides to best course of action is to head south and look to the Dagornes tribe for a ride north to the Iron Tower. Collecting their gear and provisions, they walk south along the beach. In the first day, they cross the mouth of a river but not before they are seen by a posted tribesman, likely of the Nohskites. Getting across the river is not easy, but they manage. Once there, they make their way out onto a nearby island and watch for anyone following them. Seeing none, Barek scouts farther. He finds an island they can reach and they head farther from the mainland. Barek encounters some fishers of the tribe they are looking for an arranges a meeting for the next day. The group sets of a dummy camp on one island and rests on the next.
  • The next morning, a boat arrives for them with five tribesmen. The speaker, Paktotos, questions them before determining they make board and come to the village on a nearby island. On the short trip, one of the tribesmen is spooked when he sees figment preforming tricks. After a brief pause, they continue they trip. Once on the island of the village, figment is forced to wait on the boat for three hours while a woman is brought to check it. Peopeo is her name and she determines that it is safe enough. The group is lead to a building for guests and they spend the night.
  • The leader of the village, which is called Lenoat, arrives to share a meal with them and talk. His name is Tiskayai. He knows of many of the group but where they are from and is pleasant and helpful. He tells them that the ship ran into the shallows and is stuck there. Two more crew are alive in the village and they are brought. He asks some favors of them and offers supplies to help. The group decides to try and fix the boat, after some pleading by Brent the captain before hiring the tribesmen to take them to the Iron Tower. Tiskayai warns them that tentacled beast are near the boat and killed one of the crew. These creatures live only in the shallows.
  • The group decides to try to free the boat. Getting a ride to the far side of it, they scout and see only one beast near enough to the boat to bother them. Rano and Iwasaki keep it at bay and drive in back while the captain and crew repair the ship. Once it is seaworthy, the push it out into the water. Thanking their hosts, the group set out for the Iron Tower. Three days later, they arrive.

Session 9: Breach's Mission Gains Allies (Leenot 9 to Mafeeti 6 816)

  • Leaving on the day they planned, Breach and Horatio along with Kes and the mother and her entourage head north to the city of Mika-Dola. The trip is long as they stop at several places along the way for the mother to visit. Nothing bothers them. Unbeknownst to them, Kes is helping a young girl from the village called Jade follow them. More than two week later, they reach the city, where the mother settles them into the visitor's town where they wait.
  • After several days, the Shicho of the city agrees to see them and they meet him at a fish market where he talks to them. He informs them that their evidence is not what they claim and is slay. Breach blames Cyrus and rages. The Shicho mostly dismisses their claims and say he will consider their request for help. Breach does not help his cause. Back at the inn, one of Yellowian theme, Kes introduces Jade and Breach deems her smart and able to join. Shortly after, a human man approaches, having overheard their conversation and says that his village was attacked as well and that he would like to join them. Breach agrees.
  • Several days pass and they group is summoned to meet the Shicho again at an event at the Kayfabe Arena. That same day, several other are asked to join the meeting. When everyone arrives, they are ushered to the Shicho's booth where he is watching a performance of athletic talent. His booth is shielded from the crowd. When there is a pause in the action, he speaks with them all. Saying that he has received word from an island nearby under his protection that a similar event has occurred, he now believes their tale and wants to send them to the island to investigate. They agree and he says he will arrange transport and equip them.
  • A week later, after they have introduced themselves to each other and collected equipment and trained, they are taken to a barge which takes them down the river to the sea. There, they are lead to a boat which will take them to the island. The captain, Ana, sets sail. Not more than two hours hours, a storm rolls in on the horizon and they head back to land to wait for it to pass. The next day, they again head out to sea. Two days sailing are uneventful. They never get out of site of some land. On the second night, a siren song awakens several of the group. One flies out to answer the call and Horatio, once awake, follows suit. Arrows, magic missiles and a bolt lash out at the creature. Eliot is put to sleep by an arrow. Breach calls upon divine power to reach out across the water with his claws. One more arrow knocks the siren from her perch and they recover the others.
  • the next morning, they reach the island.

Session 10: Sliding Into a Trap (Mafeeti 6 to Mafeeti 8 816)

  • The group heads to the rocky shore. Once there Rillain makes a spectacle and waits for Sakor'akai to arrive. First a scout talks to him, then two arrive to speak at length. They direct the group to a path that leads to the enclave where they can all talk to the leader. The group, since night is about to fall, waits until the next day to start the day long accent into the forested hill. Although they can fly, Rillain and Sss'sss agree to travel with the others.
  • More than half way up the hill, and several hours into the trip, a sudden mudslide catches the group and throws all of them except Jade and Chaster into a ravine. The all land in a web and come to horrible conclusion that they are spider food. Horatio manages to fend off the four large spider for a bit, but soon everyone in the web is paralyzed. Chaster and Jade soon follow as the spiders charge they after getting shot at by arrows.
  • Rillain and Sss'ss wake in a pit, where they are trapped with another Sakor'akai named Usuku. He tells them that the enclave has be taken over by a cult and he refused to accept the cult which is why he is in the pit. Rillain tries to trick a guard but other than talking to him and getting some information, he does not escape. Sss'sss patience gets tried by his antics. They are visited by a cleric of Quan Yin who checks on their condition and later the cult leader who offers them enlightenment. When they refuse, he warns they that they will end up like Usuku.
  • The other come to in a hut, bound. Kes remains unconscious as the others come to and meet with the cleric of Quan Yin. She checks on their wounds and talks a bit before leaving. The group sets about breaking out of their bonds. And searching the area. No guard stops them and for a few minutes, no one seems to spot them. After surveying the area for a while they begin to discuss their next step. Then, a group of Sakor'akai arrive, led by the cult leader. He warns them and makes them an offer. They refuse and try to attack and enspell the Sakor'akai, who soon leave. Having heard the action, Rillain and Sss'sss find their cage unlocked and head towards the noise where they find their companions.

Session 11: Island Chase (Mafeeti 8 to Mafeeti 10 816)

  • The group, heavily injured and drugged, put their minds together to figure out a way out of the mess. Breach set fire to the prison hut and the rest of the group gathered weapons from the smithy and their other belongings as they found them. The Sakor'akai Cleric of Long Wan and his entourage fled the scene briefly to gather allies and prepare to hunt for us. The group decided to go through the forest to the caves to benefit from tree cover. The journey proved successful up until the point where the group had to cross an area of open space to get to the other side of the forest where the cave entrances were located. The Sakor'akai attacked with nets from above trying to ensnare us. Horatio put a quick end to their attempt, but the rest of us were snared, slowed, or wounded further in the scuffle. We eventually made our way toward a deep crevasse that led directly to the cave entrances, but it was a steep drop 60 feet down. We tied the nets we recovered from the attack and formed a rope net ladder down to the bottom. Unfortunately, the cultists cornered us and approached from the other side of the forest. At that point, most of us made it down, but a handful were caught in another fight or failed to climb down successfully. Chasker got caught in a Hold Person spell and Breach was assaulted at the top of the ridge. Eventually Chasker broke free and made it to the cave entrance. Breach, on the other hand, got into a savage grapple and eventually decided to leap off the ridge to the bottom using his grappled opponent as a bean bag. The plan was ugly, but it worked. Breach knocked himself out, but managed to survive the fall, while his opponent felt the full forces of gravity, terminal velocity, and 800 pounds of Breach.
  • After combat settled down, they took refuge in the caves. The opening was very narrow and it was hard squeezing an unconscious Breach through. On the brink of death, with several knocked out including Jade, Kes, and Breach. Usuku, the prisoner Rillain and Sss'Sss were holed up with, was along with them still to act as guide and to escape. He turned out to be a Cleric of Han-Sui. Once safely in the cave, they found a place where it opened up and made camp. The cultists threatened to wait it out as we starved.
  • Rillain received a sending from the High Cleric of TFop in his home town and let him know we were in trouble, what they discovered about the cultists, and that they were in need of escape. He Air Walked his way into the cave and provided food and healing as well as a masterwork short sword for Usuku so he could cast again. We all recovered for a night of healing/leveling up, then forged a plan to escape. We all agreed to book passage on a ship heading far enough away from the islands that we would be out of the Horarian Governor's jurisdiction and influence, but close enough that the High Cleric could still travel to us and communicate with us. In the end, we settled on the "Endless Bounty" which is headed for Yellowia. The High Cleric paid passage and they are sailing to our next destination where they can regroup and try to figure out what's what with this rising cultist power.