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Session 12: The Sanitarium (14/12/816 to 17/12/816)

  • The pilgrims, Taye, Oz, and Arkah arrive at the temple of recovery. For two months, they learn and rest and encounter all manner of beings. During that time, they encounter a dwarf resident, a half-elf resident, and a human working off his community service; as well as many others. The arrival of a Goblin in the month of Baston Sun is a moment of interest and all look to meet him.
  • Several days later, the pilgrims and others are asked to visit a nearby town that was sent a Nightingale bird as a distress call. Eleven in total make the half day walk to the town. When they arrive, they hear yells and a creature familiar to some is seen; after Taye had scouted the place and confirmed it was there. The giant clawed centipede is trying to get into a house. The group rushes to help.
  • Akrah, Oz, and Taye arrive first. Taye psychically attacks the creature multiple times. Akrah wrestles with it trying to prevent it from hurting villagers. Oz starts ushering people away from the creature. The other begin to arrive. The couple begins a series of acrobatic martial attack, kicking the beast. Gareth charges in to attack. Arrows come in from their guide and Yoshi summons a spiritual staff to smash it. Damien lodges a spiked ball in its mouth, preventing it to biting anyone.
  • Finally within reach, Osrik hits it with a fire bolt. It immediately disappears and the villagers along with it. The groups wounds fade, although the pain remains.

Session 13: Fear and Illusion (17/12/816 to 18/12/816)

  • Finding the local pastor, the group begins to figure out the timeline of what happened. Last night, some townsfolk saw and reported the centipede creature to the pastor, who told everyone to remain inside. Shortly after, everyone was asleep, apparently by enchantment, until they were woken by the group...Damien in particular, after the battle. Everyone is in good help, but scared.
  • Scouting around, the group finds none of the animals and believes that this may have been a ruse to steal all the livestock. There is much debate and they decide to track down the animals. With Gareth leading, they head into a coming storm and for about an hour track the chickens and oxen. As thunder begins, they debate again and decide to turn around.
  • A minute after heading back to the town, lightning strikes and fear starts to reign down. The group is filled with fear and begins to scatter and flee, except Akrah. They get stuck in the mud, and only the bugbear remains defiant. Sensing evil, she find a red glowing figure and rushes towards it as the other do their best to regroup. She is drained of strength, but manages to grapple the dwarf like creature. Taye recovers and unleashes a mental blast which ends up driving off the creature but incapacitating him as well.
  • Moving back to the town, they learn that their message has been received and help should arrive soon. Hours later, a troop from the temple arrives and gets the story. After a debate and vote, they go back to the temple and rest. In the morning, they meet with Brett, the Master of Memories and later Ohen.

Session 14: Prophecies for All (17/12/816 to 10/1/817)

  • Ohen spends seven days giving prophecies to all of the group except Arkah, who does not find interest or value in the exercise. Ohen spends two nights on Yoshi, who provides him with such a rich and complete history that he is able to divine a detailed future. For the week after that, the group stays safely on the temple grounds as they wait for the Day of Darkness and discuss the prophecies given to them by Ohen. They come to the conclusion that they will go to the Orcish Empire, where three of them seemed destined to go. On their where there, they will stop in Tas-Tio-Horari where Gareth will meet with his allies.
  • After talking to Brett and others at the temple, the decide the best way is to charter a small ship to Tas-tio-Horari and the book passage on a large ship heading to the Main Continent. With little coin, they are aided by the kindness of the Mother of the temple who gives them a letter which will pay for any transportation throughout the nation. Brett devises a plan to get Damien's donkey and Taye to the fishing town while the others go there using a Wind Walk blessing and he conceals them. The trip takes a day longer than expected after Ozmodius gets lost, but all end up safely at the town. Fu the fey is with Taye when he arrives and will be going with them.
  • The town is friendly and the group is given a boathouse to stay in while they wait. Damien takes comfort at a local's house and ends up the potential betrothed of a local woman who then must travel with the group.
  • The voyage south aboard the Minami Sheru 2 to the south and west is aided by a storm which trails the ship and pushes them forward. A seven day trip is cut to five and except for a run in with some pirate spawn eels that hurts no one, they make it to the port of Red Beach safely.

Session 15: Sleepless Night (10/1/817 to 12/1/817)

  • The group explores Red Beach and finds it is made much easier thanks to the letter of passage. The harbor master clerk after thinking they are a circus is very helpful and pens them a letter of passage aboard a ship bound for the Orcish Empire. A visit to the ship gets them a room aboard it and it will leave in 5 days.
  • Splitting up, Yoshi and Gareth go to Tas-tio-Horari, where they find the temple of Tyrogatore and one of Gareth's friends, Marko. They spend the night at the temple after talking to him. Damien and Sama stay at an inn recommended by the ship's crew. Fu and Osric stay aboard the Minami Sheru 2. The rest stay at the temple of Quan Yin in Red Beach.
  • The night produces what the group thinks is Thorus chasing Osric through the city. Rushing to his rescue, coming from all places they find each other at an intersection in the city. As they go to retreat to the temple, a metal winged drow approaches. They ready themselves. Yoshi slows it with a prayer. When it gets close enough, after having been warned, Akrah grabs it. Gareth and Taye are left unable to act because Akrah is in the way. Oz's magical staff decomposes, the others unleash attacks. Taye mentally blasts it and the creature changes shape into a grey bearded dwarf. Driving his hand into the ground, five black tentacles appear and grapple most of the group. Oz disappears. Osric backs away and begins to attack with spells. Yoshi summons an ice beast. Damien and Gareth of crushed unconscious. Taye continues to assault the creature. Akrah is about to grapple it again and she disappears. The dwarf is dazed and the tentacles fade away. After Taye attacks again, the darkness lifts. The dwarf slips from a Osric spell. Taye vanishes. Gareth is grabbed by the dwarf right before he knocs it out and they all vanish.
  • Akrah, Taye, and Oz; having been woken, set out to find the others from what they assume was an attack in a dream. They find Osric and Fu.

Session 16: Hugs for Everyone, Except Maybe Damien (12/1/817 to 17/1/817)

  • Gathering the day after the dream sequence, the group discusses what they all remember. Realizing they don't have enough knowledge about dreams to figure out what happened, they decide to go into Tas-tio-Horari and talk to the clerics. They decide on a list of temples to visit and head that way, which Damien someone reluctant and coming and going as they are in the city. Yoshi goes to the temple of the Old Orc and stays there most of the next few days.
  • Akrah is accosted by children once they realize she is harmless and becomes a walking stuffed bear toy. The others, soon after accompanied by her, first the locations of several temples and decide first to go to the temple of Arsur'Anyodel where they are fortunate to meet Tomi the cleric who knows a lot about dreams. For a day, they stay at the Moon Tower temple and she instructs they and prays over them to determine what is happening. She educates them on Retrick, the divine power of the dreamscape and as best she can on how the dreamscape works. She finds that some of them have a magic sensor that allows them to be found in the dreamscape and she removes it. Before they leave, she reveals that she had been an adventurer in her youth and hands them some items she no longer needs.
  • The next two days the group spends in the cities resting and waiting for the ship to leave. On the last day, they Damien does not come to dinner and they find out that he has been arrested for poisoning Sama. They go to the temple of Quan Yin where he is being held and learn that he will be held for longer than they have before the ship leaves. Tomi also arrives and wishes them well, handing them some ioun stones to help them on their quest. Oz and Gareth decide to go to the ship, and Akarh and Taye join them. Osric and Yoshi debate whether to stay and help Damien.

Session 17: Bad Fortune (10/9/816 to 18/9/816)

  • Arriving on the Endless Bounty, the group meets their hosts and finds accommodations. They are cramped and have to take shifts as the space was not meant for passengers. One crew member ends up being their unofficial liaison and talks to and feeds them. The voyage is interrupted by a sea serpent attack, which the crew blames on the bad luck of having the group on board, as nothing similar has happened for many cruises. The ship escapes with only the loss of one crate of fish.
  • Once at Newporton, the group discusses what they should do. It is decided that they will find room and board, talk to the local clerics, and make their way back to Layraedia to meet the other members of Breach's group, including a thief. Once there, they will search for the cult again. The temple district proves useful. A shrine of Han~Sui offers to help Usuku repair his wings. The temple of Dedestroyt offers Breach shelter and information. The group splits up for the night as to where they stay, choosing not to take To'Ra's advice of staying at the lizardfolk inn.
  • Determining that they need coin to make the trip back to Layraedia, they look for ways to make that. Ssss'sss and Kes go into the Sailor's Guild Hall, which has postings of work. They read a half dozen posts and bring them back to the group. They decide that hunting Lycanthropes is they best one and head to a place called Hunters' Hall to get information on the job.

Session 18: The Ratwere Hunt (18/9/816 to 22/9/816)

  • At the hunters' hall, a lodge on the south side of the city, the group meets with Alain and Jeff who tell them about the job hunting lycanthropes. After much discussion, the group agrees to take the job and will await the call to go out at night. The group spreads out in the city to stay at different locations. Rillain learns about lyncanthropes, Breach wrestles with the cleric of Tyrogatore, Jade and Kes have fun as teen girls in a new place would.
  • On the third day, after dinner, they get the call that tonight will be the night for a hunt. Gathering supplies, they follow Alain and Jeff. First, weaving through the southern half of the city and then into the scrublands to the south, they trek for hours. A mile outside of Newporton, Alain stops them and reports that ratweres are near. He sends Rillain and Sss'sss to scout. They find a den of marsh rats, creatures several feet long and covering an area of their den. The rats squeal and alarm.
  • Sss'sss reports back and Alain asks the group if they want to take on such a large swarm, which he guesses in near fifty adults. They agree and he lays out a plan. Rillain flies around and lights fires and curses the rats in preparation. Jeff protects them with blessings. The archers mass behind Horatio and the melee combatants ready for a charge. The volley into the nest and soon after the rats begin to charge out, transforming into hybrid creatures as they near the group. Arrows rain down on the rats as the charge in and Sss'sss endlessly swoops down slashing at them.
  • When the rats arrive at the group Horatio halts their charge and forces them to split. Breach and the girls step forward and meet the assault. The rest drop their ranged weapons and form the circle. For rounds, the group holds the line as the fliers dive in to help. Jeff transforms and begins to smash the rats. Breach cleaves through them, Eliot picks away with spells, while Alain and Chaster hack away with swords. Although the rats manage to bite and claw some, after a minute they flee to their den. The group spends some time smashes what is left of the regenerating rats.
  • Alain suggest they leave after he collects proof of what they killed. He will let the military know of the den and they can come finish it off, as the group doesn't have the energy or strength to go in and clear it out of the rest. The group agrees and they spend the night at the lodge. The next day, they clean up and spend most of the time at the lodge as the wait for Alain to return with the bounty and Jeff to wake up for the day. Around dinner time, he does and they talk about the fight and what to do next. Jeff does his best to determine if anyone is afflicted and suggest what they can do to help if they are.
  • Eliot returns, as he had been wandering the city that day. During his walk, he was accosted by constables looking for Breach. He misled them as best he could and returned to the lodge to warn the group. They prepare and begin to leave, worrying they've been set up, when a troop of soldiers arrive. They demand Breach, who walks out to talk to them. After some negotiations, the group agrees to lay down their weapons and go with them, as they are promised to be sent back to Kathow. Unfortunately, they are then told it will be as prisoners since their is a warrant out for their arrest in that nation. They are lead away. Alain assures them they will still get paid.

Session 19: Escape from the Stockade (22/9/816 to 24/9/816)

  • Horatio is taken to a different place than the others, who are taken to the military base west of the city and put in a stockade. They are given food and drink and not mistreated, but left out for a day with little communication or explanation. Horatio is taken to the constables' building, where he is locked in a room until the next day when a Vass arrives to speak with him. He tells the Vass, named Pitlit, his whole story. Pitlit responds by saying his friends are in danger of being deported and that he wants to help in order to thwart the plans of his political enemies, who are trying to curry favor with Kathow. He gets Horatio to a secure location and plans to get the others out of the stockade.
  • The next day, word arrives that the navy is coming to get the group and Horatio must move fast. Pitlit sends his agent Pezk with Horatio and tells him he will wait their arrival for one day at the river's bend several miles up the way to the west. Horatio and Pesk, now looking human, arrive at the military base and Pezk claims Horatio must stay here now. After getting him inside the stockade, Pesk, with some distraction help, is able to leave the key for them. The group listens briefly to Horatio and they moves not subtly to escape. The alarm is raised.
  • The group rushes towards the supply room, Breach and Eliot and Kes dealing with the few nearest guards with sleep and fist. They burst into the room and Kes fights off the one guard inside while the others grab and leave with weapons. Rillain summons monkeys to let the horses out of the stables. Eliot put more guards to sleep as others muster and begin to slowly close in, and some others head to the stables. Kes is knocked out, healed by Rillain, and finally knocks out and almost kills the feisty guard inside the store room. Breach tosses Horatio over the wall, and later Eliot. Chaster climbs over the wall and later Breach and Jade get over, but not before the are hit by several arrows. Once outside, the begin to run west. Rillain and Kes are still in the store room and they are forced to bar the door. Ssss'sss flies to their rescue and they make it out the windows being clipped by several arrows.
  • As they others flee, Breach smashes the front gate in hopes of delaying the horses from giving chase. After a mile, being trailed by horses and now tracked by a hippogriff, they slow to plan. Pesk, realizing the others have no idea of the area, takes charge and leads them to the river. They reach it and cross just before the soldiers arrive. Once on the other side, they move for a bit and hide. The soldiers watch from the far back and for hours they are tracked from the sky. Finally, the hippogriff leaves, The group exhausted heads through the dark to the bend in the river where they meet an agent of Pitlit who guides them into an underground cave.
  • In the constructed tunnels, they meet with Pitlit, who explains his motives and offers them help and payment for their efforts in stopping the agents of Kathow allied with his political enemies. Alain is there and apologies for his part in what could not be avoided. He has the coin they were promised. The group agrees and Pitlit offers them choices on where to go next.

Session 20: Arrival Near the Iron Tower (12/9/816 to 16/9/816)

  • After arriving in the port town near the iron tower, Iwakasi goes by himself to the iron tower while the rest wait in the town. Staying at the mostly open air Foreign Breeze Inn, the group encouters a lot of distrust from the locals and a curious Amatine gnome merchant. He talks to them more than the rest and gives them some information and advice. Barak almost gets them all thrown out by pulling out a firearm, but eventually they all get to sleep. The next day is a quiet day, one the town spends in prayer and the group is not disturbed as they talk and look around. Cyrus, blending in better than the rest, looks through the town. They receive word that Iwakasi is fine and will meet with them the following day.
  • When Iwakasi returns, he is accompanied by another servant of the iron tower named Yorkito. He is in communication with the masters of the Iron Tower as they speak and after dismissing Avia from the conversation, he places a crystal ball at the center of the table. He says it will allow them to speak freely and allow the master of the tower to see and hear. Figment, curiously touches the crystal and is stunned for a half hour. The strange magic allows the masters of the tower to view his dreams and after he snaps out of it, they discuss everything. Figment is a warrior spirit of the planar organization known as the Celestial Bureaucracy. That organization includes many members, of which 93 have come to Habololy to invade, according to the masters of the iron tower.
  • Much of this is overwhelming and not understood by the group, who are mostly young and not well traveled. The masters, who believe greatly in fate, ask the group to help, because only fate could have brought such a collection together. They agree for a variety of reasons and are given gifts to help them reach their next destination, the nation of Amatom. Before they get there, the masters agree to let the group stop at the monastery in Cyrus' homeland. Avia will travel with them as a guide, and Yorkito as the spokesman for the masters. They arrange the fishing boat that brought they to Soba'Mirato to sail them away.

Session 21: Travel through Ekarude (16/9/816 to 29/9/816)

  • The group went to Cyrus' home island and he informed them of what they have found up to that point. They supplied the group and they set out on foot to Amatom after stopping back near the Iron Tower. The days on the island beach were uneventful for all but Cyrus.
  • The short trip back from the island to the mainland was interrupted by the appearance of a strange looking flying creature that reminded the group of the eel or earlier the centipede that they had encountered. A chimera of sorts. As it descended and the ship fled, the group fired arrows at it. Avia prepared himself and when the creature got close enough, he lept intothe air, growing to a large size and drove his pick into the creature. They tumbled into the sea and the boat circled. Barak and Esra dove in to find the gnome and Esra brought him back, now in regular size. They found no trace of the creature.
  • The group decided to walk to Amatom instead of sail. On the way, they were set upon, fought and defeated a basilisk. Suring the journey, they also walked past two towns, which they decided not to visit.
  • After waiting out a storm in the hills before heading into the lowland, they encountered a creature fleeing from ogres. The creature hid during the battle and remains invisible to all but Rano. The group killed one of the ogres, while stopping the other two and allowing them to leave. Figment feasted on the entrails of the dead for a moment before stopping.

Session 22: Travel through Ekarude (29/9/816 to 4/10/816)

  • Rano is the only one capable of seeing Ina and understanding the hybrid Elven it speaks. The group determines it's home, family, and friends are under siege not too far from where they are. In a display of altruism, the group decides to help Ina and try to rescue those in need from the Ogres, although it would be fair to note that Esra was not fully onboard with the plan.
  • Once they approached Ina's home, they came into a hilly pass. There was some sort of landslide or other natural disaster that crushed the side of the hill where Ina's home was built. It was invisible until the landslide dislodged the structure. As we approached on the ground, we could hear the Ogres grunting and speaking to each other. Barak and Figment decided to try to approach the Ogres and root them out so they could ambush them. This was not discussed, but rather spontaneously decided that it would be "fun and more exciting" to lure the Ogres out and engage them where we stood. As the rest were planning strategy, those two darted off in the wide open and got the Ogres' attention. Barak yelled to alert them and then fired an arrow at a resting Ogre. He struck it with critical accuracy and nearly killed it. That got the rest of the looters out of the half invisible home and then seven of them charged up the hill towards Barak. Figment blessed the two before the Ogres approached. Since Barak is fast, he was able to shoot and run while outpacing them until he reached the spot we were.
  • It was at that point that Barak came around the hill and yelled to get ready. The rest of the group positioned on the side of another hill across an open area so that they would have high ground. The Ogres were far enough away where it would take them a minute to arrive. While this was taking place, Rano told Ina to go and rescue it's family and friends while the ogres are distracted. Ina zipped off and the group made a stand.
  • It was at this time that the group noticed a platoon of Ogres marching in formation with the two lead Ogres holding large hide shields to block our arrows. After the platoon rounded the corner of the walking trail, another Ogre revealed itself. This one rose from the ground and floated up in the air roughly eye to eye with us on the higher ground, but it was about 200 ft. away on the other side of the adjacent hill. The archers among us took pot shots, but didn't connect. The others prepped spells and set reach weapons for a charge. Eventually the battle was upon us and the floating Ogre got close enough to see in greater detail. It was well dressed in some sort of combat robes with arms folded and covered in muscle and liquid filled pustules all over it's back and chest. It had an unrecognizable symbol prominently displayed and had long black hair in a pony tail. It also had yellowish skin and Horarian attributes, but the most defining feature was a full length Fu-Man-Chu sculpted set of eyebrows that appeared to form a mighty unibrow. He raised a single eyebrow in our direction then disappeared.
  • The group continued to prep then several rounds later, five mirror images appeared of the lead Ogre holding a mighty longbow and we began taking shots. We picked off the images one by one until there was one left, but not before several of us took serious damage from the bow. Rano hit it squarely with a Planar Bane arrow, but it was just a ruse and another image shattered. Rano was able to see through the creatures' invisibility and spotted it 50 ft. away; this time with a giant two-handed Katana in hand and his sights set on our Gnomish friend. He came streaking down with an attack, but narrowly missed him and cut into the rock. At this point, Barak got off a nice shot with his pistol and Rano stuck him with a planar arrow.
  • The rest of the group continued prepping. Rano took a near lethal arrow, but was saved by Figment with another tremendous healing spell. After another few moments, the platoon encroached us and we were in a bind. Also at this time, Fu-Man-Chunibrow activated an effect from his sword that caused most of us to flee in fear. As they scattered, Wren was able to counter sing and Rano broke free of the effect. Fortunately, Avia was able to cast an illusion of a squad of Amatom Gnomes wielding crossbows and that scattered the ogres. Esra was also able to hit the shield bearers with a flaming oil and burn the shields away. In the chaos, the Gnome cast a Glitterdust on Fu-Man-Chunibrow and then everyone else could see him.
  • With that, Rano plugged away with planar arrows and the rest of the group fired whatever they had at him. He eventually fled. We waited a minute of so for the rest of the Ogres to scatter and the effects of the fear spell to fade, but by the time we went to check on the body, he was gone and we could see his trail of blood dry up, so he regenerated or healed himself before escaping. After the battle, we gathered ourselves and went back to check on Ina's home. They saw some Ogres gathering there, so we left and went back towards Amatom. Once out of immediate danger, Rano spotted Ina in the woods and went over to see what happened. Ina reported that everyone was saved and that the Fey would like to thank us. We found one that spoke Common and translated for the rest of us. They agreed to take us through the wilderness on a safe route to Amatom. We made it to the border of Amatom without incident and dismissed the Fey so they wouldn't be placed in danger.