Rogues Events (season 1: 1-11)

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Return to Rogues of Port Talp

Session 1:  Gather and Plan (15 Leenot 786 to 20 Leenot 786)

  • The group meets for the first time.  Esme introduces everyone, discusses her plans, and then the group talks about what their first steps should be.  They decide to take on a young other guild to make an example of them and demonstrate their skill.

  • For three days, the members go out to identify a guild.  When they reconvene, Ayva has found several shops that are selling stolen goods.  The twins have found a new guild, that they had previously encountered, not far from the current canton, Belsun, where they are meeting.  The twins, Vincent and Maxim, and the two drow go out in three groups for two days to undercover more information.

  • The twins find nothing new.  The drow find a pick pocket, who they confront, interrogate, and rob.  Vincent and Maxim uncover another two members of the guild who manage to con a gem from Maxim.

  • They meet again two days later to discuss what they have learned.

Session 2:  First Target: Street Fishers (20 Leenot 786 to 28 Leenot 786)

  • Having learned some things, the group spends the next few days learning more about their target.  They gather and plan and gather and plan.  Finally, they discuss and decide upon a course of action.  They will set up one particular member of the guild, named Vit.  They will get him back to his place and set up an assault to get him arrested.

  • During the meeting, Maxim implies the Natsu is a pimp and gets Color Sprayed for his comments.

  • The night comes and they flawlessly execute the plan.

Session 3:  Finishing with Vit and Identifying Target (28 Leenot 786 to 1 Mafeeti 786)

  • In Vit's house, the group has him questioned.

  • Days later they meet to discuss what has happened and what their next target will be.  Esme tells them about a ship that has been docked for a long time and they look into it.

  • Remy and Istvan are attacked as they walk one night by a drow.  They eventually force him to flee.

  • The twins are attacked by a member of the Fisher's Guild after they confront evil Remy.

Session 4:  Second Target: The Janar'ito (1 Mafeeti 786 to 4 Mafeeti 786)

  • The group gathers to discuss the information collected about the ship.  Maxim returns half way through the meeting.

  • They plan to go on the ship and steal gems and magic items.  They will wait two days to allow Gansuhk to make the things they need.

  • The group splits into two groups (with Ayva not coming at all) for the mission.  Vincent, Schurke, Remy, Natsu, and Maxim will go onto the ship.  The others will come along below to unload the gems.  Remy and Natsu fly on, but Remy is almost immediately spotted.  He intimidates three crewmen into remaining quiet while they begin their search.  Maxim climbs into the ship and begins his search.  Vincent and Schurke head for the room where the gems were kept.  They get there, but unknowingly set off an alarm and are set upon by water elementals.  Maxim, who has been searching the ship, comes across the wizards in control of the elementals and attacks him, which draws the elementals away from the others.  The two head back into the room and begin to open locks and apply the paste to the wall to allow the others in to collect the gems.

  • As that part goes smoothly, Natsu and Remy begin to go through the crews items.  It is not until the wizard appears next to them, having been driven to the back of the ship by Maxim, that things go bad.  The crew begins to wake up and Remy is held by a snake.  Luckily, the two are able to flee.  Remy intimidates the Ship's Master as he chases them.  Natsu pins the archer in the crow's nest down and the two fly away.  The others load the gems into the ice canoes and psionically push themselves away.  Max knocks out the wizards and collects some items from he before escaping.


Session 5:  Helping to Start a War...Inadvertently (4 Mafeeti 786 to 9 Mafeeti 786)



Session 6:  The Safehouse Plan (9 Mafeeti 786 to 12 Mafeeti 786)



Session 7:  Third Target: The Red Point Safehouse (12 Mafeeti 786 to 13 Mafeeti 786)



Session 8:  Putting an End to the Fishers (15 Napay 786 to 20 Napay 786)

  • Ayva and Esme scout out a new resort target

  • The rest of the gang finds and takes out the last of the Street Fishers



Session 9:  Ambushed and Mugged (20 Napay 786 to 23 Napay 786)




Session 10:  Nearly Done in By Roaches (23 Napay 786 to 24 Napay 786)

  • Much of the group goes to find and question other Remy.

  • After leaving the inn, a short distance away in the rain, the twins, Istvan, Vincent, and Remy are set upon by raining roaches and shortly after the drow.



Session 11:  Putting an End to the Drow Threat (25 Napay 786 to 11 Progonust 786)

  • The group debates its next actions; deciding between going after the fisher's store, tracking Rik, getting the drow, and other things.  They decide that the drow has to be dealt with before they can proceed.  They decide to call him out and hope he engages them.  They pick a spot outside the city and prepare.

  • The group camps in the same field where the battle with the Sutyr followers took place.  They wait for the arrival of the drow.

  • On the second evening, as they wait, a red mist falls over the field.  A voice echoes over them, and they see a red cloaked figure on a hill to the west.  The Red Prince announces their doom and 18 giant wasps buzz towards them.  The group quickly applies Gansuhk's bug repellent.  The wasps attack, stinging some of the group.  Max kills two with his disc crossbow, which he unleashes for the first time.  Forza turns invisible and he and Istvan head towards the Red Prince.  Vincent hides at a distance.  The rest try to fend off the wasps.  As Istvan reaches the hills, 20 Horarians crest it and fire crossbows into the melee.  Istvan throws greek fire at the group of the, stalling their attacks as he flees.

  • Vincent notices the drow sneaking up and follows and then attacks him.  He yells to the group, who begin to come to his aid.  The drow kills Vincent's owl.  The Red Prince appears to help the drow.  Forza rushes in and smashes the drow.  Natsu magically holds the Red Prince, who then dimension doors away.  The drow surrenders and Istvan shocks him into a stupor.  Forza then kills the drow.

  • The others deal with the wasps, killing some and holding them off until the disappear, clearly summoned.


  • Other Remy disappears from his job at the Horizon View resort.

  • Forza is taken away and sent to prison for two years for killing 'Boomerang'

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