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Symbol of Celetal

Pronounced [sel' a tal]

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Celetal is the silent dispenser of wisdom and intelligence.  She brought to the Counsil a level of thought matched by none.  Her logic and reasoning helped to create most

of the rules that govern the Counsil.


Although none argue that she existed in the form she has today when Habololy was created, she has always been with the world.  With the existence of more and more sentient beings, Celetal came into being.  She helped the first psions understand and develop their powers.  When the Counsil was created, Celetal was chosen as one of the three judges, the judge of the mind.


The faith of Celetal revolves around thinking through every problem.  Her followers are encouraged to do research and take time to make decisions.  Impatience and being overly emotional are the worst traits.


Celetal believes all of the other religions have their place.  The true dangers lie in the cults, especially those of Chaos and Loomashyn.  It is uncommon that any religion or cult targets the faith of Celetal.


Power:  Lesser God

Symbol: A crystal diadem with three-pointed star at the front.

Alignment:  True Neutral

Aspects:  Psionics, Silence, The Mind

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Introspect, Judgment, Knowledge, Prophecy

Prayer Time: Immediately after waking up

Favored Weapon:  none

Turn Undead:  Telepathy as psion power (number of times per day equal to number of times a cleric of the same level could turn undead)

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  Psion


High Temple Monastery of Thought

High Cleric:  Ugenna Shallon

Number of Faithful:  500,000

Associated Groups: none


            Dogma:  Thought carries on though all other events.  Thought has more power than any other elements.  Words clutter the purity of the mind.  Thinking through problems will always produce the best result.  Be wary of anything that might interfere with clear and rational thought.  Only those who allowed emotion to dominate their lives have to fear death. 

            Feast Day: 4th Leenot