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Many scholars argue that Corahakar is the ultimate example of cause and effect.  When Stasis struck down the Spider Queen, her elves were left with few places to turn.  An opportunist and a visionary, Corahakar stepped in to pick up the pieces, but not before he allowed years of civil war and weakening rulers to soften the resolve of

the drow.


Like Loomashyn had begun to do, Corahakar stepped into the void left by the Spider Queen’s death.  His appeal was and is directed at the long-subjugated male population.  Male dominance is his goal and the goal of his faithful.  A goal they will pay any price to achieve.


Corahakar found a quick adversary in the form of the cult of Wandle, which had also siphoned off some former followers of the Spider Queen.  The two cults have been at each others throats since the moment they recognized each other’s existence.  It is likely neither will gain any more power until the other is eliminated.


The Counsil, while mindful of Corahakar, pays him little attention.  He has no intention of joining the Counsil and his feud with Wandle and competition from Loomashyn keep him at bay as well as any crusade or persecution could.


Symbol of Corahakar

Power:  Demi-God' 

Symbol: A bat-winged, spider-legged mask.

Alignment:  Chaotic Evil

Aspects:  Drow elves, Thievery, Male Dominance

Plane of Existence:  Carceri


Domains:  Darkness, Hatred, Trickery

Prayer Time: Any time between midnight and when the sun rises

Favored Weapon:  Short Sword

Turn Undead:  Control Undead

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  Rogue


High TempleHistown

High Cleric:  Haessell the Mask of House Kaitta

Number of Faithful:  500,000

'Associated Groups:  The'Nightmasks


            Dogma:  Females are the poison that looks to sour the souls of males.  Males must do whatever is necessary to keep females from rising to power.  The drow elves realize this better than any, and must show all other races the truth.  Death comes only to the weak, and is torment to those who do not follow the path of their deity.  No female can be saved. 

            Feast Day: 28th Trest (Spider Queen’s Defeat)


Corahakar – “He, who does not lie, does not age.”