Plateau Events Season 1: sessions 1-8

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Return to Wild, Wild Plateauia

Session 1:  (Wavery 779)

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Session 2:  (Wavery 779)

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Session 3:  (Trest 779)

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Session 4:  (Trest 779)

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Session 5:  (Huenti 779)

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Session 6:  (15 Kiusta 779 to 19 Kiusta 779)

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Session 7:  (20 Kiusta 779 to 27 Kiusta 779)

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Session 8:  (20 Kiusta 782 to  30 Kiusta 782)

  • During a celebration honoring the constabuary service of Rodiosha, Gneblin, and Finn; Several elves and a human appear magically teleported into the hall.  The elves appear in the wall and the floor, dead; while the human appears alive but unconscious.  A minute later, three dwarves and two drow appear and attack.

  • The dwarves activate a magnetic device, fire their Rockshots, and pull out wooden hammers.  The drow pull out crossbows followed by daggers and swords.  It becomes clear they are trying to take 'Father', a gnomish tinker attending the celebration.  One dwarf and both drow are killed with the help of Marcus Underbright, a member of the Order of the Sunlight Below who was also attending the celebration, and the returning Luther.

  • The living dwarves are arrested and questioned the next day, when it is revealed that they were paid to capture 'Father'.

  • 'Father' asks Rodiosha and the others to go find one of the 'Brothers', who has flown off in a kite and is long overdue.  The group agrees, since 'Father' has been helpful in the past.

  • While traveling north on the path which 'Brother' flew, they come across a tinker that is trying to rebuilt a Habastlian cursed rail wagon.

  • Father north, they come to a town.  While asking for information about a possible sighting of the kite, the local sheriff attacks a woman for stealing.  Luther and Finn step in to stop him.  They say they are constables from the Co-op and the dwarven sheriff laughs saying he has killed many of them.  A firefight begins with two others joining the fight on the sheriff's side.

  • The sheriff is pinned by Gneblin's mechanical lion and they others overwhelm one of the other attackers.  The last attack flees.

  • The gnomish mayor rushes out from a tavern and immediately makes Rodiosha the sheriff.

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